Quick review: Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lip Butter & Foot Butter

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lip Butter & Foot Butter

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s products have been my staples ever since I discovered the brand two years ago. The Lip Butter (I previously shared some limited edition Rocky Mountain Soap Co. products here) is something I can live without. It is easily my all-time favourite Rocky Mountain Soap Co. product as it is super emollient, but not sticky or heavy, and very moisturizing. I slather a thick layer of this stuff on my lips before bed and my lips stay moisturized and protected throughout the night. I also enjoy using this during the day because it’s still light enough to use underneath a lipstick. My favourite flavour of the Lip Butter is the Lemon Lime, and the Peppermint flavour is pretty good too. I’ve shared some with my brother and boyfriend and they really love it too, despite their low maintenance statuses, which is really a tribute to how well the product works without fuss.

The Foot Butter is something I love using when my feet feel dry or in need of a pick-me-up. It’s convenient to use in a solid bar form that you can just rub all over your feet. I’m not a frequent user of foot creams because I find them to be too greasy, but this one isn’t greasy at all and absorbs quickly. You can also easily control how much or how little you want to apply. It’s great for taking on beach trips to keep your feet looking good without the hassle of it being a liquid. I use this mostly in the summer when it’s sandal weather (and when my feet are more exposed causing them to become dry quickly), but it’s also great in the winter right before you put on your socks.

Lastly just as a quick plug, I’ve purchased several of Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s bath bombs as gifts for my boyfriends mom and she absolutely adores them. In addition to using them in baths, she keeps them stashed away in her car and in other areas of her house to help keep the air fresh. I can definitely see myself purchasing more of the products as presents because they’ve just been so popular with everyone I’ve gifted to in the past!

Have you tried Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s products?

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