Keeping skin sweet and smooth with L’Occitane en Provence Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars, Ultra Soft Cream, and Hand Cream with shea butter

L'Occitane en Provence Melting Honey shea butter collection

For October, L’Occitane en Provence is introducing a new line of Shea Butter products – Melting Honey – combining the moisturizing benefits of shea butter from Burkina Faso with the softening properties of honey from Provence. First off, this line smells absolutely divine. If you are a fan of sweet decadent scents, then you will love this. Secondly, this is L’Occitane’s annual Shea Butter collection where all proceeds from sales of the limited edition Shea Butter Gentle Soap go to benefit the women of Burkina Faso.

The three products I have to share are the Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars, Melting Honey Ultra Soft Cream, and Melting Honey Hand Cream.

L'Occitane en Provence Melting Honey shea butter collection

Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars contains 5% shea butter, honey, and uses natural exfoliants sugar crystals and ground walnut shells to gently exfoliate the skin will keeping it supple. The texture is like a melting balm and feels incredibly rich and creamy on the skin. I’m a fan of L’Occitane’s exfoliators because I find that the exfoliants don’t melt as fast as other exfoliators I’ve tried, and this one is the same. The sugar and walnut shell mixture ensures that I have enough time to massage this into my skin, leaving my skin feeling silky smooth.

L'Occitane Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars review

Melting Honey Ultra Soft Cream is a light, whipped body cream containing 10% shea butter and honey. This is my favourite of the bunch and one that I’ve already used up in just a few short weeks! It is a beautifully soft cream that glides on the skin like a dream, absorbing quickly, and leaving a light trail of the sweet honey scent. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, without a sticky after-feeling. I absolutely love the L’Occitane Ultra Soft Cream formula because it is so lighweight but packs a punch in terms of hydration. Definitely recommend for those who aren’t fans of moisturizing but have dry skin.

L'Occitane Melting Honey Ultra Soft Cream review

Melting Honey Hand Cream contains 25% shea butter, combined with honey, to create one of my favourite variations of the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. This is my least favourite of the three here, not because of the formula (which is divine, as always), but because of the overwhelmingly sweet scent.  I prefer lightly scented hand creams because I tend to apply a lot of it and apply often, so when it’s too heavily scented then it’s almost headache inducing. Despite this, I truly love this formula and also enjoy collecting limited edition scents of the Shea Butter Hand Cream. It’s my #1 recommended hand cream for those with dry skin, so if you like honey or sweet scented products and have dry skin, this is the hand cream for you!

L'Occitane Melting Honey Hand Cream review

The one downside I can think of is that depending on the product, the honey scent is quite overwhelmingly sweet, which I’m not too fond of. Otherwise, I really like these products and would recommend them to anyone looking for luxury bath and body products and also love the honey scent.

You should be able to find the Melting Honey collection in stores and online at L’Occitane en Provence as of October, 2015.


Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars ingredients
L'Occitane Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars ingredients

Melting Honey Ultra Soft Cream ingredients

L'Occitane Melting Honey Ultra Soft Cream ingredients

Extend your beach hair and skin with John Frieda Beach Blonde and Jergens In-Shower Moisturizer for Wet Skin

John Frieda Beach Blonde review

Summertime is amazing in Vancouver with the gorgeous weather and nice beaches. Unfortunately now that summer is over, I am hopelessly trying to keep that summer, laid back style for as long as I can. For this purpose, I’ve been completely obsessed with John Frieda’s Beach Blonde collection and Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin.

John Frieda Beach Blonde review

John Frieda Beach Blonde collection is comprised of the Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo, Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner, Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Masque, and Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray. The great thing about this Beach Blonde colleciton is that you don’t have to be blonde to use it! I’m not blonde (clearly), but I’ve been really loving certain products in the set; my absolute favourites are the Detangling Conditioner and the Deep Conditioning Masque. The Conditioner smells AHMAZING!! It’s just lightly moisturizing and works great on fine hair because it doesn’t weigh down hair. The Conditioning Masque works great for that extra boost of moisture, again without weighing hair down. I haven’t used the Purifying Shampoo though because I have dyed red hair and I’m wary about using clarifying shampoos in fear of it stripping the red out of my black hair. The Sea Salt Spray is great for a night out when you need an extra boost of texture.


Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin is the absolute body moisturizer for those beauty aficionados that are low maintenance (or lazy, like me) and just want something convenient to provide light moisture for the summertime. It comes in two formulations – Green Tea Oil for the antioxidant properties, and Coconut Oil for it soothing, refreshing properties. I have the Green Tea Oil formula and I just can’t say enough good things about it. It’s ultra lightweight, never greasy, but leaves my skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft. All you have to do is slap this on right after you turn off the water in the shower (while your skin is still wet), and then gentle towel dry. The entire process takes around 15 seconds to do my entire body, which is a huge cut-down in time from my usual moisturizing regime. The moisturizer sinks in almost immediately to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. The green tea scent is light and refreshing for the summer, and dissipates after a few minutes so this is great for those scent-sensitive folks.

I highly recommend the Jergens In-Shower Moisturizer – it’s a lazy person’s saviour! I haven’t been using this into the winter months so I don’t know if this will be enough for my drier skin, but I know come next summer, I will be bringing this out to use again.

Review + swatches + look: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch

One of my most anticipated launches this year is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation (C$50). The popular HD Foundation was reformulated with 4K technology in mind, it comes in a whopping 40 shades to accommodate any skin colour. The new Ultra HD Foundation contains:

  • Amino Acid Coated Pigments—reflective particles that blur flaws and provide translucent, invisible coverage
  • Hyaluronic Spheres—hydrate and plump the skin for a longer, more comfortable wear
  • Sericite—a fine grained mica that adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant and luminous effect, mimicking the vibrancy of naturally beautiful skin

This foundation is probably the most high maintenance foundation I’ve ever used. If applied correctly, you will get beautiful, flawless skin that looks amazing off and on the camera. If applied incorrectly, you will get a greasy mask that clings onto your dry spots and slides off the rest of your face. The shades I received were Y325 (original HD foundation shade 118), Y245 (original shade 120) and R300 (original shade 135). I was matched to shade 120 in the original HD formula, and I’m happy to report that the new Ultra HD shade Y245 matches my skintone perfectly.


The texture is a very light fluid that feels lightweight and provides sheer to medium coverage that’s slightly buildable. It’s great at covering my redness, but doesn’t work too well to cover dark spots or any dark areas around my chin. The lightweight formula just melts into my skin and blends in seamlessly.

The trick to using this foundation is that your skin needs to be hydrated properly, but with no leftover cream residue on the surface of your skin. I normally prep my skin with about a dime sized amount of Kiehl’s Iris Extract Treatment Essence, about one and a quarter pump of Estee Lauder New Dimension Serum, then one pump of Reversa’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF30. This amount of product, when used in layers, absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves it plump and moisturized. If I followed that with the Ultra HD Foundation, then my foundation will look amazing with a slight glow, stay put all day without smudging, sliding off, et cetera.

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch

On the other hands, on the days that I use a quarter pump more moisturizer, or a tinge bit more of the treatment essence, then the foundation not only will cling to any dry spots on your face, but also mixes with any oils to create a greasy mess that eventually just slides off. With the layer of moisturizer on top of my skin, the foundation ends up clinging to the moisturizer and not directly to my skin. Once the moisturizer gets absorbed, the foundation continues to sit on top of the skin without being blended in.

When this foundation looks good, it looks so incredible, but when it looks bad, it just looks terrible, so I’m on the fence about how I feel about it. I think for a mid-luxury foundation that costs $50, it shouldn’t require so much effort to pull off. It really takes a lot of trial and error to get it right, and that’s too much trial and error for this girl who prefers ready-to-wear makeup. In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

You can purchase Make Up For Ever at Sephora in stores and online.

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch

The swatches

From left to right: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Y245, Y325 and R300

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch

The look

Wearing Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Y245

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch
Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation review and swatch

Beach vacation-style footwear featuring Reef

Reef 1

As you’re reading this, it will be the morning of me leaving for Hawaii for one of my best friends’ wedding! Over the last few weeks, I frantically searched for cute, beach-appropriate shoes to pack to Hawaii. I normally try to pack light when I’m travelling – one pair of sandals and one pair of walking shoes, such as boots or sneakers. For vacation-style footwear, I generally prefer sandals that are relatively easy to remove (not too strappy with lots of buckles!); lightweight so that it packs well without weighing down my luggage; and of course comfortable so I can wear them around all day without foot pain. 

I was introduced to the brand Reef, which specializes in footwear for men and women who live a sporty, fashionable and eco-friendly lifestyle. They have both shoes and sandals, and I fell in love with their casual sandals for women. I picked a selection of my favourites from the website to show you. All of these I’d wear on my Hawaii vacation because they’re casual enough for the beach but comfortable and practical enough for walking around the city, sightseeing, or shopping. 

Reef utilizes a unique Swellular technology in their footwear that features three innovative layers in the footbed – a contoured soft foam upper sole, with a medium density mid sole, supported by a pronounced traction outsole for extended durability. In addition to the sandals shown here, Reef also makes great-looking casual walking shoes that also feature their Swellular technology, and are lightweight and great for packing on long trips.

Firstly, I LOVE these Reef Rover HI sandals (C$56) because they have that Swelluar technology, making them incredibly comfortable. There’s an elasticized ankle strap to keep your feet in place comfortable. Also I love that they have that pop of yellow colour that makes them look sunny and happy – perfect for a sunny, relaxed vacation.

reef rover hi

These Reef Sun Honey sandals (C$30) feature faux leather and braided straps that look great for living that island life.

reef sun honey

Lastly, these Reef Paseo Norte sandals (C$60) come with a thick, cushioned sole for comfortable walks around the beaches and the city. It features faux leather straps, and a rubber sole that contains recycled car tire scraps mixed in.


This post was sponsored by Reef.

Review + swatches + look – Lise Watier EYEvolution collection for fall 2015

Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches

Fall 2015 at Lise Watier is all about the eyes. Lise Watier’s eyeshadows are one of my absolute favourite eyeshadow formulas, and this season’s new releases aren’t any different. There are so many winners in this collection; and despite that this collection is all eye makeup, it’s quickly jumped to be one of my favourite releases this season.

Lise Watier Eyevolution Quartet review and swatches

The limited edition Eyevolution Quartet (C$37) is the star of the collection, featuring a new cream-like powder formula that yields high colour payoff with an irresistibly smooth texture and extended wear time. It contains four shades – a satin light pink, a shimmery sand, a shimmery medium purple grey, and a shimmery charcoal. These eyeshadows feel amazingly soft and silky, almost like a cream. Pigmentation is incredible, one swipe and you get intense colour payoff to create a beautiful smokey look.

Lise Watier fall 2015 CC Eye Primer review and swatch

The Extreme Hold CC Eye Primer (C$27), new and permanent for fall 2015, is a tinted eye primer that helps to improve colour intensity and wear of your eye makeup. It comes in a matte beige shade that blends in perfectly with my NC25 light medium skin tone. I have very oily lids and I found that this does help to extend the wear time of my eye makeup to about the 10 hour mark and then I will see minor creasing. It doesn’t really improve the colour intensity of my eye makeup though; the colours apply more or less true to colour as when I apply on bare skin. The CC primer just provides a slightly tacky base for the powder eyeshadow to stick on. My biggest dislike of this product is the applicator – I found it extremely hard to control how much product I want dispensed. My eyelid area isn’t very big, so this product dispenses way more product than necessary. I also dislike using the specially-designed zamak alloy applicator as I prefer to use a brush or my fingers to blend this on my lids.

Lise Watier fall 2015 Ombre Velours Supreme review and swatch

Also new and permanent for fall 2015 is the Ombre Velours Supreme (C$25), the matte sister of their highly popular Ombre Souffle Supreme. As with the Ombre Souffle Supreme, the Ombre Velours Supreme contains the powerful anti-aging Labrador Tea extract, packed within a creamy eyeshadow. The shade I have is Sable Velours, which is a nude-y, light pink shade that makes a great eyeshadow primer, or to create a, easy, natural daytime look. The Ombre Velours Supreme is more creamy than the gel-cream texture of the Ombre Souffle Supreme, and it dries down to a matte finish. Colour payoff is quite good, being mostly opaque in one swipe.

Lise Watier Mascara Dramatique Intense 3D

Lastly, we also have the Mascara Dramatique Intense 3D (C$24) and the Intense Waterproof Eyeliner (C$22). The Mascara Dramatique is a regular collection item but repackaged for the Eyevolution collection. It contains a really fat, pyramid shaped brush to create drama, volume, and definition. The Intense Waterproof Eyeliner comes in eight new and permanent shades for 14 hours of water-resistant, smudge-free wear.

Lise Watier Intense Waterproof Eyeliner

Lise Watier Fall 2015 collection is available from now to end of October, so be sure to check this out in store while it’s still available! My recommendations are the Eyevolution Palette and the Ombre Velours Supreme.

Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches

The swatches

From left to right: Lise Watier CC Eye Primer, Ombre Velours Supreme in Sable Velours, and Eyevolution Quartet

Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches

The look

Wearing Lise Watier CC Eye Primer as a base, and Eyevolution Quartet on the eyes

Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches
Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches
Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches
Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches
Lise Watier fall 2015 EYEvolution collection review and swatches

Paula’s Choice Empties

Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 review

I previously wrote about the Paula’s Choice products I received for review. Today I’m here to share with you my favourites of these products – those I used up until the end! As a beauty blogger, I find it extremely hard to finish up anything because I’m always testing new products, but these Paula’s Choice products have stayed with me until the end.

Paula's Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster review

Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster (US$45 for 20mL) –  This liqui-gel treatment contains a specialized mix of hyaluronic acid plus other key repairing ingredients which work immediately to visibly plump skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. I love that I can use this product on its own, or mix with my usual serum to boost its hydrating properties. I’ve been using this mostly during the day when my skin is drier from the office air, and it really helps to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. My foundation is less likely to flake off too!

Paula's Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 review

Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 (US$29 for 60mL) – This tinted daily moisturizer and sunscreen in one protects skin from sun damage, but also fortifies it with potent antioxidants to repair and stimulate collagen production for firmer skin. Again, this is such a versatile three-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen, and tined base that’s great for those early mornings when I’m running late.

I will definitely repurchase both of these products because they’re unlike anything else I currently own.

As a Power Primper with Pretty in my Pocket (download their app here!), Paula’s Choice is offering my readers 20% off Paula’s Choice Skincare with the code PRIMPFALL20, which also includes your free skin consultation with a Paula’s Choice specialist, and free shipping! This code expires December 31st, midnight EST, so take advantage of it now and pick up a Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster or Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF30.

primp fall 2015

This post was written by me and sponsored by Paula’s Choice Skincare through Pretty in my Pocket. As always, all opinions are my own.

Aerin Fragrance Coffret – the prettiest of all the fragrance gifts

Aerin fragrance coffret review

I’ve been lusting after Aerin perfumes for nearly a year now, and just could not decide on a single one to purchase. When I saw the limited edition fragrance coffret, I knew I had to bite the bullet. The fragrance coffret is a limited edition set, exclusive to the Estee Lauder website (it was previously available at Nordstrom and other department stores for the holiday seasons).  It contains 9mL deluxe sizes of all of the Aerin fragrances, except for the new Rose the Grasse.

The packaging is beautiful. The coffret comes in a well-made, durable cardboard box, and each of the vials are clear glass with a unique background printed on the back of each bottle, and topped with gold spray caps. The backgrounds prints are the same as the box design on the full size bottles, which is a beautiful touch.

Aerin fragrance coffret review

The seven fragrances included in the set are:

  • Waterlily Sun has main scent notes contain Sicilian Bergamot and Jasmine Sambac, and would be categorized as a green floral.
  • Evening Rose contains Blackberry, Bulgarian Rose, Rose Centifolia, Cognac, and Incense. This is a dark rose scent, not your typical grandmother’s rose fragrance. It’s definitely very different from all of the rose scents I own (which is great because I need more excuses to buy rose fragrances). The cognac and incense create a smokey base note for the blackberry and two rose notes, making it more mature and definitely more sensual.
  • Lilac Path features Galbanum, Lilac, Jasmine, Angelica Seed Oil,and Orange Flower.
  • Amber Musk showcases scents of Coconut Water, Rose Centifolia, Ambrox, Benzoin, and Musk. This one is my least favourite on its own because it’s quite smokey and dark – a constrast from my usual bright florals – but when layered with a lighter scent such as Iris Meadow, the combination smells warm yet still quite floral.
  • Gardenia Rattan has Wet Marine Notes, Gardenia, Tuberose, Tiare Tahiti, and Amber. This is a white floral scent, with the gardenia notes very prominent and is one of the first things I smell. I love how fresh this scent is for the summer; it invokes images of summer strolls in the city.
  • Iris Meadow contains Mandarin, Black currant, Cedarwood, Egyptian Jasmine, and Iris.
  • Ikat Jasmine contains Tuberose Fleur, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Egypt Infusion, Honeysuckle, and Tuberose Infusion.

Aerin fragrance coffret review
Aerin fragrance coffret review

Although these are all eau de parfums, I found lasting power to be not so great. The white floral scents (e.g. Lilac Path, Gardenia Rattan, Iris Meadow) all disappear within a few hours, which is really disappointing.

Despite that, I’m still completely in love with this set because Aerin’s fragrances all smell unique and different than the other fragrances on the market. You know sometimes you get that feeling of “I’ve smelled this somewhere,” but you never get that with Aerin. A full size 50mL bottle retails for US$110 / C$125. This coffret contains the full selection of 7 fragrances at 9mL each, which is a total of 63mL, for US$130. In terms of value, you’re paying very similar in terms of price per mL compared to the full size bottle, but you do get more selection with the coffret.

Not sure if this set will come back in stock anytime soon (maybe for Christmas?), but if it does, you definitely need to consider getting this either for yourself or for a friend. The entire set is not only good value, but you also get that great selection of fragrances.

Aerin fragrance coffret review

Shu Uemura fall 2015 review + swatches + look – Vision of Beauty collection vol. 2 – Haute Street – Eye Shadow Palettes (part 1)

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette review and swatches

For fall 2015, Shu Uemura released volume two of their Vision of Beauty collection, named Haute Street. Inspired by street art as a means of artistic expression in a modern city, this collection was designed by Shu Uemura’s International Artistic Director, Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide, in collaboration with the artist Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter.

Similarly with last fall’s Vision of Beauty collection, Haute Street is extremely colourful. It is divided up into warm tones and cool tones, but the products are suitable for every skin tone. Today I’m going to share with you the two eyeshadow palettes from the collection – cool x chic, and warm x vibrant. The reviews for the rest of the collection will be posted up at a later date.

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette review and swatches

The Shu Uemura Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in cool x chic (C$90) is a six pan palette that contains the following shades (from left to right):

  • Matte dark grey – most pigmented colour in the palette, albeit is a bit dry and chalky when applied.
  • Shimmery medium purple – my favourite shade in the palette, and one that applies the smoothest.
  • Matte lavender-grey – an ultra sheer matte shade that required a ton of layering. This would have made a good base colour, but ultimately became the most disappointing.
  • Shimmery bright purple – a beautiful jewel-toned purple that helps to create dimension. Pigmentation was so-so, but it layered beautifully over the lavender-grey.
  • Shimmery ice blue – a sheer icy blue colour that looks good when worn in the middle of the eyelid just for a pop of colour.
  • Shimmery acid green – an ultra sheer acid green that’s relatively smooth but not the easiest colour to pull off.

I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to use all of these shades in the palette. The four purple-toned colours on the left are easy to wear in combination, but the challenge is incorporating the icy blue and acid green. Of the two palettes, this one performed significantly better than the other. I was easily able to create a beautiful purple smokey eye with this palette using the first four shades. You’ll see in the arm swatches that these shades swatch quite poorly, but on the eyes they apply and wear a lot better. Despite this though, with the $90 price tag, I’d expect amazing results and not just the so-so results I get with this palette. With the quality of shadows, I’d expect a price tag of below $50, but for $90 it’d better be amazing, and this is not.

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette review and swatches

The Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in warm x vibrant (C$90) contains the following shades (from left to right):

  • Satin warm medium brown – a beautiful warm brown that looks great when paired with the pink. It’s the most pigmented in the palette, but I find it a bit hard to blend on the eyelid.
  • Shimmery medium warm pink – a semi-sheer medium warm brown with very smooth shimmer, this looks great when layered on top of the matte mauve. When worn on the eyes, it is a lot sheerer compared to when it’s swatched on the arm.
  • Matte mauve – an ultra sheer matte mauve that also requires a ton of layering, even with a primer.
  • Shimmery light cool-toned pink – a pretty light pink that looks great when dusted lightly on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Metallic orange – a beautiful metallic orange that looks amazing when dabbed on the centre of the eyelid.
  • Shimmery bright yellow – a shimmery canary yellow that looks great when dusted lightly on the entire lid to create a multidimensional effect.

I find the warm x vibrant palette a lot easier to use than the cool x chic palette. The colours are more coordinated, and I can create a very soft, romantic look with these shades that are appropriate for day and night wear. In addition, I was quite disappointed to find that most of these eyeshadows are quite sheer and applied poorly. You can’t really build these up for more intensity – I’ve tried and they end up looking more muddy than anything. I know that Japanese eyeshadows are generally sheerer in nature so that even the most crazy of colours can be worn in any setting during the day. Despite this, I think I’m just so used to the Urban Decay-factor, AKA rich, bold and highly pigmented jewel tones.

In conclusion, I’d recommend skipping both palettes altogether. The colours are sheer, not super wearable, and even as “fun” makeup they don’t perform very well. For $90, I’d recommend splurging a bit more and getting the Shu:Palette instead because the shades in that palette perform much better than the ones in the Haute Street palettes.

Watch out for the second part of my Vision of Beauty Haute Street reviews coming soon!

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street collection review

The swatches

Keep in mind these were swatched with multiple swipes of each colour, but they apply a lot sheerer on the eyes.

Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in cool x chic

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in cool x chic swatches

Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in warm x vibrant

Shu Uemura Vision of Beauty Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in warm x vibrant swatches

The look

On eyes wearing Shu Uemura Haute Street Eye Shadow Palette in cool x chic

Shu Uemura fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street review and swatches
Shu Uemura fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street review and swatches
Shu Uemura fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street review and swatches
Shu Uemura fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street review and swatches
Shu Uemura fall 2015 Vision of Beauty Haute Street review and swatches

Welcoming Drybar hair care products to Canada


Drybar, the leading blowout destination in the U.S., is expanding its product line to Canada this month! Today I’m previewing several Drybar products that will be available this fall, including The Royal Treatment: The Ultimate Nourishing Kit, Triple Sec 3-in-1, Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray, and the Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush.

The services at Drybar read like a cocktail menu: the Cosmo (lots of loose curls), the Straight Up (straight with a little body), the Southern Comfort (big hair, lots of volume), the Mai Tai (messy and beachy), the Manhattan (sleek and smooth) the Dirty Martini (tousled and textured) and for the little ladies, the Shirley Temple. Drybar products are designed to achieve similar results at home. They include “The Sauce,” which are the shampoos and styling products, and “The Hard Stuff,” which are the styling tools, brushes, and more.

First things first, I LOVE that the products all are in these pastel colours with yellow accents. If you know me, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of bright yellow accessories; the colour is just super cheerful and seeing it makes me very happy. Now moving onto the products…


The Royal Treatment: The Ultimate Nourishing Kit, which contains:

  • 1.7 oz Sake Bomb Shampoo, a nourishing shampoo for dry or medium-to-coarse hair.
  • 1.7 oz Sake Bomb Conditioner, the complementary conditioner to Sake Bomb Shampoo, also for nourishing dry hair.
  • 1.7 oz Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask, a nourishing leave-in hair mask to help treat dry and chemically-damaged hair.
  • 1.7 oz Hot Toddy UV & Heat Protectant, a lightweight heat and UV protectant lotion for use before your blowout which helps seal split ends and prevent dryness and damage from heat styling.
  • 1.7 oz 100 Proof Treatment Oil, a treatment oil for all hair types to give amazing shine and help rejuvenate dry, damaged hair.


Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner are great set for helping repair tired, dull, and dry hair. I use Hot Toddy and 100 Proof together after washing my hair and it leaves my hair feeling uber soft and silky, more hydrated, but not heavy or weighed down – a tiny bit of both go a long way! Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask is a lightweight cream mask that’s supposed to provide intense hydration, but I didn’t feel like it did anything more for my hair compared to my usual conditioner. My favourite product of this set is 100 Proof as it’s super nourishing, smells amazing, and helps keep my hair looking healthy and smooth.


Triple Sec 3-in-1, a three-in-one volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo. This smells AH-MAZING. It has a warm, decadent dessert type scent that’s sweet yet not overwhelming, and it’s great for in between washes when you want your hair to look and smell fresher. I normally use this around day 5 of my once-a-week hair washes so my hair is generally super flat, and I’ve noticed a bit of volumizing. I’d definitely repurchase this, because it works great and I simply love the smell. The best part is that it’s not a dry powder, rather a liquid that dries down, so you don’t get that weird powdery look if you happen to not brush it out properly.


Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, a lightweight spray enriched with natural sea salts to add texture and volume.


The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray is a firm hold hairspray. Even as a firm hold hairspray, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or hard. It just keeps my style in all day, especially post-curling iron. The best thing about this product is that despite it being an aerosol hairspray, it doesn’t have that usual hairspray alcohol scent to it at all! It smells vanilla-y and very decadent.


Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush, a large, round ceramic brush that creates loose curls in medium to long hair, and add volume for shorter and medium length styles. This is my first large round brush, and also my first ceramic brush. The Double Pint Large Round Brush is seriously so amazing for creating airy, waves in my hair, helping to cut down on blow dry time as well.


My favourite of the Drybar products is definitely the Royal Treatment set. It’s such a good value for you to try out different Dry Bar products at a great price, without the commitment of full size bottles. I’m a huge fan of 100 Proof and Hot Toddy when used together, I can see myself purchasing full sizes of both – used together, they just leave my hair feeling so healthy.

With locations in California, New York City, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts & Washington DC with more locations coming soon, Drybar products will now be available across Canada at 53 Sephora locations including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Drybar will also be setting up shop at Nordstrom Vancouver, offering blowout services on an appointment and walk-in basis. Book your appointment here!

Review + swatches + look: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (C$49), new for summer 2015, is an oil free, full-coverage, luminous finish foundation. Currently vailable in 12 shades with 6 new shades coming out this fall, it is infused with coconut water for hydration and boosting radiance, alpine rose for brightening and promoting elasticity, and hyaluronic acid to hydration and smoothing the skin’s surface.

The shade Warm Nude is the perfect match for my NC25 skin tone. Warm Nude is yellow-based but definitely a lot more neutral leaning. I also received Vanilla which is a tinge too light, which normally would be okay but it’s also too yellow. Vanilla would be better for NC20 skin tones.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch

For a long-lasting foundation, Born This Way is very hydrating. Even though it is high coverage, it feels ultra light on the skin, and melts in like silk. In terms of hiding imperfections, it does an amazing job at covering redness and small blemishes. The freckles on my cheeks still peek through, which is great because it’s not an entirely mask-like effect. Pore coverage is above average; the foundation smooths over most of my pores leaving an even look. The finish on this foundation is a satin – not quite dewy and not quite matte. If you have dry skin, you don’t need to powder afterward. I powder anyways to help with lasting power, and also because I prefer the matte look on work days.

The most impressive thing about Born This Way Foundation is that last power is incredible – I wore this for a full 14 hours (apply at 8AM, remove at 10PM) and the foundation looked almost exactly the same as when I just applied it, maybe even better due to it blending with the natural oils on my face. Because of its hydrating properties, oil control weren’t great and I generally have to blot after a few hours, and then throughout the day. Despite the blotting, it still stayed mostly intact on my face throughout the day.

I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. I’ve previously found full coverage foundations that I liked but I didn’t love, whereas I really love Born This Way Foundation. I have been finding myself reaching for this almost every day since I received it. For a full coverage foundation, you end up with flawless, yet natural-looking skin at the same time, which really is magical.

You can purchase Too Faced Born This Way Foundation at Sephora in stores and online.

The swatches

Vanilla and Warm Nude

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch

The look

Wearing Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Warm Nude

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and Warm Nude review and swatch