Review: Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush

Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush review

For the first time in its history, Tweezer-master Tweezerman has released a line of brushes. Made with plastic handles and DuPont’s Natrafil Filaments, the bristles are touted to feel just like, but perform better than natural bristles. The collection has 12 different brushes to suit everyone’s needs, from a big powder brush to the smaller eye and multi-purpose brushes. The one I have to show you today is the Finishing Contour Brush, which I think is the most interesting of the bunch.

The Finishing Contour Brush (C$60) is a duo-fibre brush. Containing a blend of finer white bristles with the regular Natrafil Filament used in all of the other brushes, this brush is great for applying bronzer, contour, powder, anything for the face basically. I’ve used this brush as a blush brush, for highlighting, and applying finishing powder and it works beautifully in each of those capacities, depositing a soft layer of colour onto my skin. My favourite way to use it is definitely to apply finishing powder, especially luxurious products such as Guerlain Meteorites where just a thin layer of product is needed to achieve luminosity.

Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush review

The most unique aspect of this brush is the shape of the brush head. It is slightly angled – rounded on one end and a bit pointed at the other, so that you can get into the hard to get areas such as underneath the eyes or around the nose and the bridge of the nose. The size of the brush is also just right for my face in that I can get a precise application where I want it.

The downsides are that I find because it is a duo-fibre brush, any colour being applied is super sheer, and brush isn’t full enough at the tips to effectively blend out colour if you want a more diffused look. Mostly it is good for layering but not for diffusing. Unfortunately I don’t have a brush with just the black bristles to compare it to, so I can’t say if it’s going to be like this for the entire range.

Overall though, I really like the Finishing Contour Brush by Tweezerman and can see myself adding more of these brushes to my collection in the future. You can purchase Tweezerman Brush IQ brushes at London Drugs.

Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush review
Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush review


3 thoughts on “Review: Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush

  1. Seems like the sheer application might be good for pigmented blush, but I guess it’s too large for that. I wonder if they really do perform as well as natural hair brushes?

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