Review: Tweezerman Brush iQ Line Glider brush, Shader brush, and Blush brush

Tweezerman Brush iQ review

I have three more Tweezerman Brush iQ brushes to share with you today – the Line Glider brush, an eye liner brush; the Shader brush, a flat eyeshadow brush; and the Blush brush. You can see my introduction to the Tweezerman Brush iQ line along with the review of the Finishing Contour Brush here. Like the Finishing Contour Brush, these are also made with plastic handles and DuPont’s Natrafil Filaments, which are bristles that are made to feel just like natural bristles, but perform better than natural bristles.

Tweezerman Brush iQ Line Glider brush review

The Line Glider brush (C$24) is a gel/creme eyeliner brush. It’s one of the more interesting brushes of this line because it’s not shaped like a conventional liner brush. While it is slanted, you see that there is a notch at along the slant that helps pick up more product before application to the eye. This is probably my least favourite of all the Brush iQ brushes because of this weird notch. I like to get my liner super close to my lashline, and also due to my eye shape, I can’t draw too thick of a line. The Line Glider brush draws a relatively thicker line than I like, and also I feel like the line isn’t as clean compared to the other liner brushes I’ve tried.

Tweezerman Brush iQ shader brush review

The Shader brush (C$26) is a flat eyeshadow shading brush, good for applying all-over colour or some light blending. The bristles are firm and longer than my favourite MAC 239, which means I have slightly less control over colour placement, but allows me to fluff the colour on, rather than pat it on. I personally prefer to have more control over colour placement, especially because of my smaller eyelid surface area, a brush like this usually places too much colour over a bigger surface area. I like using this for more neutral colours compared to smokier or jewel-tone shades, and then the longer bristles also allow me to blend everything in together, which is more forgivable when using neutral tones.

Tweezerman Brush iQ blush brush review

The Blush brush (C$45) is a long-bristled, fluffy blush brush that is fluffy enough to use even as a powder brush for a more precise application. I love that you can use this for both powder and blush, and the longer bristles really help to buff out the powder so that it is nicely diffused and natural-looking. I found the bristles a tiny bit scratchier than some of my favourite brushes such as the Chanel #4 blush brush, and the Sonia Kashuk powder and blush brushes. It wasn’t unpleasant to use, just not as soft as I would like it to be.

Overall after using more of these brushes, I find them to be hit or miss. As with all makeup brushes, they are so dependent on your personal makeup application style so there’s no one-brush-fits-all. If any of these peak your interest, do take the time to check them out in store so you can see if they can play a role in your makeup brush collection. These aren’t expensive, but they aren’t cheap, and I know personally my brushes are my babies so I want to make sure that each and every brush gets some love from me before I decide to make more purchases. The bottom line is that the collection is a solid one, but how much you will like each brush is completely dependent on personal preferences.

One thing that does really bother me about these brushes is how much packaging they come in – each individual box is packed inside a plastic tube, that is surrounded by a paper box, that is contained inside a plastic box. I seriously doubt that these brushes need so much packaging to protect the brushes, so in this era of trying to be more eco-friendly, I’d love to suggest to the producer to please make more eco-friendly packaging!

Tweezerman Brush iQ review


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