Swatch/Mini Review: Jill Stuart Loose Blush Powder in 08 Aurora Rosa

I purchased the Jill Stuart Loose Blush Powder in 08 Aurora Rosa from Kathi‘s blog sale back in May/June. I’m a big fan of JS’s Mix Blush Powders, which is the pressed form of their blush so I really wanted to try their loose blushers as well. For reference, I am more of a loose powder person than a pressed powder person. I find pressed powders to be more cakey and not as natural as loose powders, and its also harder to create a natural look with pressed powder. My current loose powder favourite is Chanel Poudre Universelle. I’ve been using it every time to set my makeup and it works like a dream.

First off, I love the design of the case. The entire thing is about the size of my palm and looks very princessy and cute like all JS containers. The top is screw on, which I am thankful for because I dislike loose powders cases that can’t close completely. This means that I can at least take it with me on my trips, if not in my makeup bag.

The top screws open to reveal a blush brush. This blush brush is different from the ones that are included with the new loose blushers and the mix blush compacts.

Its shorter, stumpier and wider. It is also comparably softer and not as dense as the brushes that come with the Mix Blush compact. It is still made with the same white goat hair material though.

Underneath the brush is a little tray. Oh I cannot express how grateful I am of this little tray. It is such a simple but ingenious design that I think ALL loose powders should adopt (I usually place a big piece of packing tape over the holes in my Chanel loose powder if I plan on taking it on my trips). Basically you place this over the holes or the net that is over the powder and then when you screw the top back on, it secures the little tray, preventing any powder from falling out.

Underneath the tray is the loose blusher. There is a little net that covers the loose powder to prevent it from falling everywhere.

Aurora Rosa is a bright rose with lots of shimmer. When I first swatched this, it almost looked like a duo-chrome to me because of the shimmer, it was borderline metallic. It swatches extremely smoothly and you only need very little product to get good colour intensity, ie. use with a light hand! I feel that the brush that’s included with this blush might even be a little much if you want to create a more natural look, so I would recommend a duo-fibre brush instead like the MAC 188 or 131.

What do you think, is this something you would want to wear?


6 thoughts on “Swatch/Mini Review: Jill Stuart Loose Blush Powder in 08 Aurora Rosa

  1. Oh wow, look how pigmented it is. How much did you get yours for? Can’t wait to see an fotd for this!

    I’m more of a cream blusher person (But we already gathered that when we met up, LOL!)

    I hope everything is well in Vancouver,

    Yinnie x

    • Hey Yinnie! I got it for $25 + shipping from Kathi’s blog sale. It is super pigmented, so I might give some of it away in little jars bc I’ll never finish it XD

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