NARS makeover event at the Bay & dinner out with Macnunu!

Me and Tim! (I know, he looks so young...)

I went to the NARS makeover event at the Bay yesterday with Macnunu. The makeup artist I had with Tim, which is the international makeup artist who was schooled in Milan and works for fashion weeks with NARS.

If you have been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that my skin has been a wreck since I came back from my trip. I’ve never had skin this dry and flaky before, which is why I’ve been sort of freaking out about it and trying various concoctions and hoping that the dryness goes away. I have heard so many good things about NARS skincare (its made by Shiseido), that I considered it my priority at my makeover yesterday to ask Tim to recommend something for me. He ended up going through an entire skincare regime, including masks and treatments with me.

He used the Softening Milk Cleanser to cleanse my skin and prep it for whats coming up. It is a very gentle creamy cleanser that you massage into your skin then tissue off (or rinse off in the summer if it is too rich). He said that the leftover cream can be used to hydrate the skin as well.

For toner, he used the Hydrating Freshening Lotion. This lotion has a jelly like consistency when pumped onto the cotton pad and feels so light and refreshing on the skin. It wipes off any leftover dirt and cleansing milk that sits on the skin after the cleansing process, yet it is still gentle and hydrating.

As the moisturizer, he used the Balancing Moisture Lotion. It is a light cream moisturizer in a bottle with a pump and it absorbs amazingly quick on the skin. I didn’t find that this was enough to hydrate my skin though, as I had developed flakes just when he was about to apply foundation on me.

As for the weekly treatments, he recommended using their Mud Mask once a week to deep cleanse, and the the Aqua Gel Hydrator three times a week.

Makeup wise, he recommended that I use a silicone-free primer before applying foundation. The one he recommended is just called Makeup Primer and is in a white squeeze tube. It has skincare properties in it, so it works to hydrate and protect my skin as well. He also recommended the Sheer Glow liquid foundation because he says its has glycerin in it, which can help to lock in moisture. My shade is Santa Fe (NC 25). He also used the Duo Concealer in Custard and Ginger on my undereyes and around my nose where there is some redness. The Loose Powder in Eden was sparingly used to set the foundation and the concealer.

On my eyes, he used the Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base and then Kuala Lumpur Duo Eyeshadow; the rose gold on my lid as an all-over colour and then the plummy gold on my outer V for a subtle shadow effect. He curled my lashes with the NARS Eyeshadow Curler and coated my lashes with their Lengthening Mascara (which I am loving because it kept my curls in SO well even in the rain!).

On my cheeks, he used the Multiple in Orgasm just on the apples to create a softer, more “innocent” look (he actually used the word “innocent”!). Then the new Pure Matte lipstick in Tonkin on my lips and a little bit of Orgasm Lipgloss on top.

Overall, I wasn’t all that impressed with the makeover. My skin was acting up and that didn’t really create a good canvas for Tim to work on. The foundation was cakey around my T-zone area and around my cheekbones, and even after a few hours it still felt tacky to the touch even though we had set it with powder. The eye makeup was subtle and natural and I really liked that, but I wasn’t blown away by anything. In the end, I hadn’t really wanted to purchase anything but I felt really bad because he had just spent an hour and a half with me. I did end up buying stuff though, and my haul pictures will be posted up tomorrow.

Macnunu and I later went to dinner. We had planned to go to Circa, which is a recently opened lounge and restaurant on Granville south, Downtown, but it was closed that day. We ended up going to Italian Kitchen, one of the restaurants in the Glowbal family of mid to high end restaurants. So let’s just leave you with some really delicious photos of our dinner!

Italian Kitchen
1037 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
(604) 687-2858


5 thoughts on “NARS makeover event at the Bay & dinner out with Macnunu!

  1. Your MUA Is so cute!! Whenever I have male MUAs I always want to ask if they use the line’s ‘colour’ products (foundation, etc) if they’re not obviously made up (some MAC male MUAs I’ve met). But I never work up the nerve to!

    I like the eye makeup (very pretty for everyday) but I agree that the makeover overall seems underwhelming. You look dry in some patches but super oily in others! Hope that that skincare consultation helps though – I’m glad that the Aqua Gel Hydrator seems to be working for you ❤ Hopefully the investment fixes your skin-woes!

    Your lunch looks delicious ;o; I just had dinner but it makes me a little hungry!

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