Need feedback: Wants this dress!

I want this dress, but I need some feedback. Do you think it’ll look nice? For reference, I’m a size 8 (UK size 12) with 34DD chest, and height is 5’6 or 169cm.

Its from the Anglomania collection by Vivienne Westwood and its currently on sale for $277USD + $10 shipping (regular price $789). I don’t really want to look at what great a value it is, but if you would think its a nice dress I would be able to wear out to various events and if its practical.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance ❤

– Sheila


6 thoughts on “Need feedback: Wants this dress!

  1. It’s a beautiful dress. If there is a good return policy, you should take the risk and buy it to try it. If you know the measurements for the dress especially the bust area, that is really important. Many times, dresses turn out great…its the jeans that we all have to beware of 🙂

  2. i know someone with similar measurements and the bust is always most important! it’s good that there is a strap for support because if it were strapless I would say no-go for it. But this dress is cute and summery! you can turn it up a notch by wearing it with nice heels if you want it to be more formal so i think the utility of it is pretty high~!

  3. i adore, no LOVE, one shoulder dressers and anything pink


    I would say no on the dress for the sole reason that I feel that this dress is one that you need to try on to see if it will look good on you. the pleating on the bust and the two blue accent bands can either look great or completely terrible if the dress turns out to the be even the slightest of an ill fit. Thus, i would pass.

    Online shopping is great but I’ve been hit with clothes that came in just to realize that they dont really fit the way I prefer and I feel like this dress is really one that u need to try on.

    love, m

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