Lazy person’s skincare routine: Mereadesso Face + Neck Cleanser, and All-in-one Moisturizer

Mereadesso face neck cleanser and moisturizer review

I previously wrote about meeting Mereadesso founder Linda at brunch. I’ve finally had the time to test out these products since I had to cut everything else out of my regime in order to take these to the true test of all-in-one products. Basically by using Mereadesso, you can cut out everything in your regime and use two products. Normally my skincare regime has anywhere from 6-10 steps, but this will cut it down to just two.

Mereadesso Face + Neck Cleanser

Mereadesso face neck cleanser review

The Mereadesso Face + Neck Cleanser is a light cream cleanser that is supposed to be a makeup remover, facial cleanser, and when used with the accompanying cloth, an exfoliator and face mask. I was extremely confused when I first started using this product because it came out as a super light milk. I used approximately 8-10 pumps of this product to cover my whole face, neck, and also had some left over to rub around my face to remove makeup.

I really dislike this cleanser because I found I had to rub really hard to get all of my makeup off, which was not good for my eye area or my skin in general. Even with vigorous rubbing, it didn’t remove all of my base makeup and left a good chunk of it for my toner to pick up (I used a toner in the first few days to test the efficacy of the cleanser). Also at 8-10 pumps, it didn’t seem like it would last a very long, which is tragic because this cleanser costs a hefty $45.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this, but there is a travel size available for purchase if you want to try this without the commitment.


Mereadesso face neck cleanser review and ingredients

Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer

Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer review

The Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer is a toner, serum, moisturizer and primer in one; I used this day and night after cleansing my face with the Face + Neck Cleanser. It has the texture of a light, milky cream. I use one pump on my face during the day (otherwise it takes a while longer to absorb and my makeup doesn’t adhere), and two pumps for the face and neck at night.

In terms of its moisturizing benefits, I found that it was slightly lacking. I have normal, somewhat dehydrated skin, and after 2 weeks of using this, I noticed that my skin has become more and more dehydrated, to the point that it is starting to flake in certain areas. My foundation wasn’t applying and adhering properly and my skin just wasn’t doing well in general, so I added a hydrating serum to the regime to see how it would help, and it did. A hydrating serum plus the All-in-One Moisturizer was perfect for my dehydrated skin. Overall, I felt my skin was healthier and more normalized.

With the hydrating serum, the All-in-One Moisturizer also became a really good primer for makeup. I found that my foundation applied more smoothly and didn’t settle into pores as much. My skin felt more balanced, so I didn’t have to blot as early as I used to.

Unfortunately, the All-in-One Moisturizer wasn’t so all-in-one for me, but I did like using it with another serum. If you have normal, combination, or oily skin, you should look into trying this product. Anyone like me with dehydrated or dry skin can also use this but best it’d be paired with a hydrating serum. Priced at $120 for 50mL, it should last you 4 months with daily use.


Mereadesso All-in-One Moisturizer review

Feature: L’Occitane en Provence Roses et Reines Eau de Toilette, Beautifying Body Milk, Hand & Nail Cream, and Gentle Bath Salts

L'Occitane roses et reines review

L’Occitane en Provence‘s Rose de 4 Reines fragrance was my first venture into rose-scented perfumes, as well as one of my first L’Occitane en Provence purchases. Now more than a decade old, Rose de 4 Reines was reformulated and reintroduced as Roses et Reines. Still containing the scents of four varieties of roses (from Bulgaria, Turkey Grasse and Morocco), it also contains the fruity notes of raspberry and blackberry, as well as base notes of white cedar, heliotrope and musk.

L'Occitane roses et reines review

Roses et Reines is a beautiful light rose scent; it is refreshing and modern. Unlike other rose perfumes, Roses et Reines smells young and cool, in contrast to the warmer notes presented in Jo Malone Red Roses or Diptyque Eau Rose. Compared to the previous formulation, Rose de 4 Reines, Roses et Reines is a little more refreshing and lighter, which makes it great for office wear. The change between the old and the new formulation is subtle, and according to L’Occitane en Provence, distinguished only between a new unique rose extract which enhances the fragrance in Roses et Reines.

With the new release comes a plethora of new products that contains this scent, including a shower gel, body milk, shampoo, conditioner, face and body mist, scrub, bath salts, pearlescent body gel, soaps, hand and nail cream, and various media of perfumes.

L'Occitane roses et reines review

The Gentle Bath Salts ($24) dissolve quickly in a bath and leaves my bathwater with a light pink tint. It is beautifully scented with the Roses et Reines fragrance, and if the container is left open, will scent up the entire room.

The Beautifying Body Milk ($32) is a light, highly moisturizing milky lotion for the body. It smells strongly of the Roses et Reines scent, which dissipates after a few minutes. Absorbing quickly, it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth to the touch. I’ve been using this in the summer, which is perfect, but I anticipate the level of moisture should be enough to sustain me through the fall. This is great for those who dislike the sticky feeling of body moisturizer, and who doesn’t mind scented products.

The Hand & Nail Cream ($12 and $23) is the lighter sister of the cult classic Shea Butter Hand Cream. Also containing shea butter as a core ingredient, it also includes vitamin E which helps to nourish, soften and protect the hands. It is not as moisturizing as the Shea Butter Hand Cream, but is enough for daytime use (unless you wash your hands a lot). I keep this in my bag for daily touchups, and the scent is just strong enough to enjoy for a few minutes before disappearing.

L'Occitane roses et reines review

The star product, the Roses et Reines Eau de Toilette ($50) is housed in a beautiful glass bottle inside a box that’s great for gift-giving. Each spritz is strong, and 1-2 is enough to last me for a few hours. As with most L’Occitane en Provence perfumes, the fragrance doesn’t last long and needs a touchup after 4-5 hours. In addition, I have noticed it is a little top heavy and would layer nicely with a darker, warmer scent in order to anchor the rose extracts in this perfume.

Overall, as a lover of all things rose, this collection was a win. If you love roses like I do, please do check this out at your local L’Occitane en Provence boutique or online.

L'Occitane roses et reines review
L'Occitane roses et reines review
L'Occitane roses et reines review(A comparison of the new Roses et Reines with the previous Roses de 4 Reines bottles)


Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara, a miracle worker or another overhyped product?

lancome grandiose review

Lancome is very well known for its innovative mascara designs and formulations, and is a forerunner in the beauty industry for mascara innovations. Its latest release – the Grandiose Mascara – is no exception. The swan neck is a new design in the mascara industry that’s never been seen before, and is supposed to help with ease of application and getting each and every lash coated with mascara from root to tip. The brush is silicone-like, and not like usual mascara brushes; it is also shorter and stumpier compared to other mascara brushes I’ve tried.

lancome grandiose review

My thoughts:

  • It helps to volumize but does not define or lengthen as much as I like to
  • It holds curls relatively well for a western-brand mascara; my lashes stayed curled throughout the day
  • My lashes stay soft all day and do not feel heavy or “crispy” like with some other mascara formulas
  • The swan neck wand is actually pretty easy to manoeuvre and it does help to get most of my lashes coated with mascara
  • My major dislike – it flakes. I look like a panda after a day at work.
  • The stumpy brush actually makes my lashes clump together more
  • The fatter brush is hard to control and I end up with mascara on my eyelid as well (this rarely happens with other mascaras, but it happens with this one during every single application)

lancome grandiose review

Overall with it priced at $35, I would not repurchase because the cons outweigh the pros. Another thing to mention is that the tube design is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the rose at the top. However, this still doesn’t warrant a repurchase.

lancome grandiose review

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

lancome grandiose review
lancome grandiose review

NUXE Nirvanesque reviews: 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Eye Contour Cream & 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Cream

Now that I’m in my mid 20s, anti-aging and age prevention is starting to creep up the list of skincare priorities. In 2004, NUXE Nirvanesque was the first cream designed for women in their 30s, targeting the first signs of aging as well as de-stressing the skin. As I’m a firm believer in prevention versus treatment, I started using Nirvanesque this year to prevent the early signs of aging.

The Nirvanesque range of products includes an eye cream ($41 for 15mL), cream for normal skin ($50 for 50mL), and a cream light for combination/oily skin ($50 f0r 50mL). The current state of my skin is dehydrated, and very stressed out due to work and other obligations. I have noticed fine lines popping up around my eye area, and my skin isn’t as perky as it used to be, so I selected the eye cream and cream to treat the fine lines and dehydration.

High up on the ingredients list are glycerin and rosehip oil (rosa moschata seed oil), and the products also include other ingredients such as tree peony extract (paeonia suffruticosa root extract), macadamia oil (macadamia integrifolia seed oil), coconut oil, and a slew of other floral extracts. The products are also heavily scented with a floral scent, the face cream heavier than the eye cream, that lingers for quite a while before dissipating.

NUXE Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

Nuxe nirvanesque eye contour cream review

The NUXE Nirvanesque Smoothing Eye Contour Cream is a very light, very fluid eye cream. It absorbs very quickly and leaves behind no residue. My eye contour area is hydrated without feeling heavy (to prevent against milia), and is makeup ready right away. However, I didn’t notice any decrease in the fine lines in my eye area, any brightening in terms of my dark circles, or decrease in puffiness. Since it is a preventative product, it might take a few months before I see any benefit with regards to those three items. In the meantime, it works well as a hydrating cream for the eyes.

One thing to note that it has a very, very faint pearl tint to it. It is barely noticeable, but it is there.

I will continue using this for the hydrating benefits, and hopefully will see other benefits in the long terms. Can I recommend though? Not really. I think there are better, more effective options out there.


Nuxe nirvanesque eye contour cream ingredients and review

NUXE Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Cream 

Nuxe nirvanesque smoothing cream review

The NUXE Nirvanesque Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a light cream that is perfect for those with normal skin. The texture of the cream is smooth, whipped, with almost a wax-like finish. When used alone on my dehydrated skin, I found that it wasn’t enough and I would have to pair it with a light hydrating serum.

Nuxe nirvanesque smoothing cream review

Even though it’s not hydrating enough, I still really like this cream because of the lighter texture, I can control and adjust how much product I want to apply without overloading my skin, and I find that it really does help to smooth out the skin, making it look firmer, more supple, and more glowy. It absorbs very quickly into my face and neck, and leaves no leftover greasy residue, so I can apply makeup right away.

Recommend? Yes.


Nuxe nirvanesque smoothing cream review and ingredients


Overall, I think the NUXE Nirvanesque line is great for those who are just starting out with preventing the first signs of aging. Because it is a preventative measure, you likely won’t see any drastic benefits from the get-go, rather it would take longer and continuous use in order to see skin improvements. Pricing wise, the $41 for the eye cream and $50 for the face cream is really not bad at all, especially taking into consideration that NUXE is an all natural brand and the beneficial ingredients in these products. If you’re looking at an age-prevention line, I would recommend you check out NUXE Nirvanesque!

Nuxe Nirvanesque products are available nationally online and in store at Murale, as well as The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Review of Memebox – the only beauty box I’d subscribe to!

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Memebox is Korea-based beauty subscription box that allows you to choose the type of product you want in your box. While it is called a “subscription” box, you actually purchase the boxes on a one-off basis, meaning you get a box only when you want a box and not every month.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Memebox recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a box for review, and as a lover of Asian cosmetics, of course I said yes. The box I received was Scentbox #2 Baby Powder. To be honest I was a little wary when I heard I’d be getting a baby powder-based box because baby powder isn’t my most favourite scent in the world (especially after I learned that they also had a rose-themed box!!).

memebox scentbox baby powder review

When I received the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents. While it is labeled a baby powder-based box, the products were all softly scented with light florals with a bit of that powder fragrance. The products included in the box were:

  • Mimi Lauryne Perfume Soap in French Blossom – suitable for both body and face use, and handmade with 100% natural ingredients, including shea butter, olive oil and coconut milk. Recommended for sensitive skins.
  • Fabric Deodorizer in Baby Powder scent – a Fabreze-like product that eliminates odours and bacteria in fabrics. Not sure how accurate the claims are about removing bacteria, but the soft powder scent was perfect for spraying over cottons for that fresh, summer feel.
  • Deo Fresh deodorant freshening sheets – perfect for the summer, these sheets will help to freshen the underarm area or anywhere else in need of a quick deodorant.
  • Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster – a moisturizer that also acts as a primer, the texture is relatively thick and harder to absorb. I haven’t used this on my face yet so I can’t tell what the long-term benefits are.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Priced at $15+ with a $6.99 shipping cost, this is actually not a bad way to test out new and innovative products from Korea. We all know the Koreans tend to set the trend in skincare and cosmetics in many ways (BB creams, anyone?) and with Memebox, you can get your hands on these products before the trend hits the rest of the world. Also the best thing about Memebox is that you can choose what types of products you want to try, instead of getting miscellaneous random products to try. Most of the products in the boxes are also full size, instead of the pesky sample sizes.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Other Memeboxes I would love to try include the Tea Cosmetics box, Cooling Care box (perfect for summer!), and the IOPE box (IOPE is a well-known Korean skin care brand). You can also see referral-only boxes that are better deals than other Memeboxes that aren’t referral-only.

Coupon codes:

Get $5 off your $100 order – AFFILIATE-7904-0VBXJ-ZHXI

Get $10 off your $150 order – AFFILIATE-8602-LSVLZ-NLIG