FASHION | Stuff that social media influenced me to buy

Veja Campo sneakers review

I watched a recent video by Carol Chan where she talked about all the things that she was influenced to buy because of social media, so I was influenced by her to create a post of my own.

I will openly admit that I am highly suggestable. Sometimes all it takes is a beautifully staged photo, or even just a random snapshot, and I will be hooked.

1. Veja Campo sneakers

I’ve been seeing these sneakers float around on Youtube for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until I saw a post by a Nordstrom sales associate that I follow that it clicked in my brain that I needed these sneakers. I got them in a white and mint green combo, which is just so beautifully spring.

2. Chanel Classic Flap in the Jumbo size

I’ve actually always wanted the medium/large in the Classic Flap, but I watched a Youtube review posted by Chase Amie, who absolutely loves her Chanel Jumbo, and it started to get me interested in the Jumbo. I had also went to the boutique to try on the medium/large and the Jumbo for myself, and found that the medium/large doesn’t quite fit all of my essentials (which included a full size long wallet at the time). While Chase Amie’s review wasn’t the thing that sold me on the Jumbo, it was definitely the thing that made me think differently about which size bag to buy.

3. Acne Studios Mini Musubi bag

I saw a picture of Helen from Lumiere d’Helen wearing her Mini Musubi bag, and I ordered it online without even trying it on or seeing it in person. I didn’t do any research on it, which is super unlike me since I like to research something to death before buying. It’s also a style that isn’t something I gravitate towards, as it is a bucket bag-like style and quite boho. I normally prefer something that is more structured and classic. The bag is uber cute though, and I bought it in a beautiful burgundy colour which is a colour that I’ve been wanting to add to my collection for a while.

4. Max Mara Manuela coat

Meagan’s Moda posted an incredibly detailed and unbiased review of the Max Mara Manuela coat, which is what inspired me to ultimately buy that coat. I had been researching Max Mara coats for a few weeks at that point, and my original intention was to buy one of their cheaper, unlined options, but upon seeing Meagan wearing it in that video, and styling it in her Instagram posts, I was hooked. I think I want the 101801 coat next, Meagan makes it sound so perfect!

5. Plants… many of them

I was never a huge plant person because I’ve always had a black thumb. Plants just die under my care (I’ve killed several cacti). But ever since I saw these Instagram posts by my friend Melody and my now-friend and fellow cat-mom Le, I’ve been completely hooked. I have around 13-15 plants now, and so far they’ve been doing okay *knock on wood*. Half our house gets a ton of light (west facing) while the other half gets not as much light (east facing), so I’m forever trying to find different types of plants that will thrive under different lighting.

Thankfully, my office is south facing and gets a TON of light, so my plants that are in my office have all been doing pretty good! Of course, I’ve killed a few plants in my journey, but thankfully my husband doesn’t mind so much because most of them are still doing pretty okay, again *knock on wood*.

3 thoughts on “FASHION | Stuff that social media influenced me to buy

  1. Okay, I had to LOL at this part: “I will openly admit that I am highly suggestable. Sometimes all it takes is a beautifully staged photo, or even just a random snapshot, and I will be hooked.” Your Chanel bagslook so good in that photo and light, and the Veja sneakers will be perfect for spring! As for the plants, I think even if some of them do die it’s still cheaper than flowers (which I used to buy weekly and are now just an occasional treat).

    You also have me thinking about what I’ve been influenced to buy. I feel like most of my recent purchases have been the result of convos with you and you encouraging me and reaffirming my consumeristic desires, from the luxe (LV backpack, Tiffany necklace) to the not-so-luxe (Strange Planet subscription box, Aerie Real Me leggings).

    • You were the one who told me about the Aerie leggings! I bought five pairs because of you! They were such a great investment though, and I feel like I enjoy barre more when I wear those leggings. I agree that talking with you also helps to confirm certain of my spending desires. It’s so much easier to buy things when you know your friend is also buying them too XD

  2. Oh I’m so glad you like the jumbo! I’m more than a little biased when it comes to my favourite Chanel bag sizes haha – the jumbo is just so practical!

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