Summer with President’s Choice at Real Canadian Superstore

In addition to beauty, my other big passion in life is interior decor and home goods, which is why I was so excited to be invited to the summer preview event by President’s Choice, available at Loblaw’s and Real Canadian Superstore. I wanted to share some of my personal favourites and highlights from the event with you. In addition to the products featured here, there are a plethora of other products available in store.

For this summer, President’s Choice is introducing three different themes of products that are mix-and-matchable. The first, and my favourite, is a blue Caribbean underwater theme of patio products (photo above), including melamine dishware, utensils, and serveware. The teal, turquoise, and blue themed collection is right up my alley, and definitely something I can see on my own patio.

The next theme is a tropical rainforest set that mixes corals, greens, as well as wood grain prints on melamine. Lastly, there’s also a Morocco tile theme in both blue and coral tones that can be used alongside either the Caribbean underwater theme, or the tropical rainforest theme.

All of these patio tableware themes are also available in coordinating throw pillows, beach towels, as well as patio rugs.

In addition to the beautiful patio accessories, there’s also a collection of new patio furniture. My absolute favourite product in the entire collection is the blue patio table (above). I absolutely love the pop of colour, and I also love that the patio table is covered in a layer of glass so that things don’t fall through, and it also makes it easier to clean. I need patio furniture right now for my condo balcony, and I can seriously see myself getting this set. If you look closely at all of the photos, you can notice that pineapple tableware accessories are very in-style this summer. I love pineapples so this is a trend that I’d like to participate in!

Take a look at a few of the other products available for this summer:

On the left, bamboo fibre plates that are biodegradable in a landfill! On the right, really cute colour coordinated cooking pans and stackable mixing bowls.

Below, bed in a bag with mix-and-match throw pillows, as well as coordinating accessories, and brightly coloured bathroom accessories.

All of these President’s Choice products are available now at Loblaw’s and Real Canadian Superstore. The best part is that all of these products are crazy affordable, the dishware starts at $2.49, the bed in a bag is $80 (and often on promo), and other accessories range in price in between. The only pricier item is the blue patio set, which is $229. I gotta stalk this in store to see if it goes on sale because it’s just too cute.