Review – LUSH Holiday 2017 collection review, featuring naked shower gels!

Lush Naked Shower Gel review

This holiday, Lush is furthering their commitment to the environment by introducing products that don’t come with ANY packaging. As part of the naked body care series, you can get shower gels, body conditioners, body lotions, lip scrubs, lip tints, and hair masks.

Today I have three products from the Naked Shower Gel series as well as their regular packaged counterparts to share and compare with you. The three scents I have are:

  • Santa’s Christmas (C$14.95 for 200g or C$21.95 for 250mL) – A cola-scented shower cream that features a coffee infusion for a skin pick-me-up. It also includes cinnamon, black pepper, fresh lime juice, to invigorate the skin, as well as cocoa butter and almond oil so often and hydrate.
  • Berry Berry Christmas (C$17.95 for 200g or C$23.95 for 250mL) – A cranberry and blueberry juice based shower gem that also includes bergamot oil and wild orange oil for the juiciest shower ever.
  • Rose Jam (C$14.95 for 200g or C$21.95 for 250mL) – My Christmas favourite every year, Rose Jam is a lemony rose shower gel that smells amazing. It also contains vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice, and argan oil. I stock up on this every Christmas and it’s my absolute favourite shower gel.

Lush Naked Shower Gel review

When I first heard about these naked shower gels, I was thinking wow they invented soap. The difference though, is that these naked shower gels are creamier and have a smoother, richer, lather that don’t leave your skin feeling stripped. Also soap is generally fat based, which is kinda nasty, whereas these shower gels are not! I received these in the mail completed naked, they were not covered in any paper, or plastic, making them very environmentally friendly. Compared to the shower gels, these only one in one size – 200g, which is similar to the 250mL bottles of bottled shower gel.

The naked shower gels are actually so cool because they are completely translucent when you use them in the shower, they look kind of like solid jello! I love how the colours match the colour of their packaged counterpart, and they also come in the same great scent. Lush bottled shower gels need no introduction, they are super juicy and succulent, foam up very well, and leave my skin feeling super soft and silky. Lush has said that there is virtually no difference in the two products, basically just one is packaged and the other is not.

I’ve been using the naked shower gels for the last little while, and comparing it to the regular packaged shower gels, and I feel a little conflicted. I haven’t used solid cleansing bars for face or body in years, as I’m generally not a fan of the format. I also find that leaving it unpackaged in my shower is a bit unhygienic, since I’m not the only one who uses my shower. I like using a loofah so the convenience of just pouring some shower gel onto the loofah and then using it on my body is really nice. The solid shower gel also works with a loofah but it’s a bit more work because you gotta rub the solid bar in the loofah for 5-10 seconds before it will get sudsy enough. The naked version has more refined, silkier bubbles compared to the packaged version, when used on a loofah.

That being said, I really can’t tell a difference in terms of skin benefits between using the naked shower gel and using the bottled shower gel. They are both super sudsy without being drying, very silky on this skin, smell AMAZING, and generally I love using both. The good thing with the naked shower gel is that they are fantastic for travel, since it is solid and won’t take up any of your liquids limit, and also the price is pretty good since you are paying only 70% of the packaged equivalent. Leaving it out on a soap rack leaves my bathroom smelling absolutely delicious (my whole bathroom smells like Rose Jam all the time!).

If I had to pick one, I’d probably still go with the bottled shower gel just because I wash my body with a loofah and a liquid version is easier to use than a bar. Lush bottled shower gels are pretty pricey though, so if you want to be a bit more economical, then the naked shower gels are a great alternative where you save a bit of money but get all of the benefits of the bottled version.

Lastly, the naked shower gels make fantastic gifts for men who are low maintenance and want something quick and easy like a bar of soap, but isn’t as skin- stripping as soap.

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Lush Naked Shower Gel review

Product provided for review consideration; all opinions are my own.