Four must-have household products for busy pet parents

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I adopted a kitten about a year ago. She’s the cutest, most cuddly, and most mischievous kitten of them all. After getting a pet, we’ve had to make a few lifestyle changes because of the responsibilities of looking after another living being and also all of the fur that she sheds. I’ve included some of my must-have products below if you have, or are thinking about, getting a pet.

  1. Dyson Animal vacuum – We have the Dyson DC66 Big Ball Animal upright (older model) that was gifted to us by my boyfriend’s parents when we first moved into the apartment. It’s huge and heavy but boy does it clean well. The current model is the DC66 which is a similar concept. It comes with multiple attachment heads, including heads for upholstery and grooming (although my cat will never let me groom her with it, the vacuum freaks her out). Most importantly, it comes with a HEPA filter that allows you to filter out allergens and fine dusts in the air and on surfaces. The Big Ball version is very heavy and not the best for manoevering around small spaces, but it also comes in the stick V7 and V8 options which are cordless and much lighter. I do love the crazy suction power of the Big Ball, you can really notice the difference in our rug when we use this versus another vacuum.
  2. iRobot Roomba – In between weekend vacuums, we also use a Roomba, which is an automatic robot vacuum that goes around cleaning your place without you having to do any work. The model we have is the 761. Honestly I’m not too sure of the difference between each Roomba model, but I know this one you can schedule cleans when you’re not there. I love this for days when I am too tired to vacuum. It doesn’t do nearly a good of a job compared to the Dyson in that it doesn’t pick up fine dust or filter allergens, and isn’t great on carpet / rugs, but it will pick up animal hair and human hair and also big dust balls. It’s a nice feeling to come home to a clean home. The only thing is it doesn’t work well if you have a lot of clutter on the ground, as the Roomba will just bounce around and not do a thorough cleaning.
  3. Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box – Specifically for cat parents, this litter box is a godsend if you lead busy lives. It is an automatic litter box that rakes waste into a repository, and then you just have to replace the litter tray every 20-30 days (per cat). I travel a bit for work and my boyfriend is home alone with the cat, so I didn’t want to make him scoop her litter multiple times a day. This seriously saves us so much time, you basically get all of the good bits of a cat without doing a lot of the work. The initial litter box raking mechanism is pricey, around $180 but we got ours on sale for $150. Each replacement tray (comes with litter gel beads) is around $20, but you can find it on sale for as low as $15-16 each. It is pricey but it saves you SO MUCH TIME.
  4. Diptyque room spray – For getting rid of any animal smells, I highly recommend Diptyque room sprays. You only need 1 spritz in the air per room and you are good to go. This is perfect because it doesn’t add a lot of chemicals into the air but its still very potent. For extra bad smells that you want to neutralize first, spray a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture into the air first, wait a few minutes for the vinegar scent to dissipate, and then use the Diptyque.