Welcoming Drybar hair care products to Canada


Drybar, the leading blowout destination in the U.S., is expanding its product line to Canada this month! Today I’m previewing several Drybar products that will be available this fall, including The Royal Treatment: The Ultimate Nourishing Kit, Triple Sec 3-in-1, Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray, and the Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush.

The services at Drybar read like a cocktail menu: the Cosmo (lots of loose curls), the Straight Up (straight with a little body), the Southern Comfort (big hair, lots of volume), the Mai Tai (messy and beachy), the Manhattan (sleek and smooth) the Dirty Martini (tousled and textured) and for the little ladies, the Shirley Temple. Drybar products are designed to achieve similar results at home. They include “The Sauce,” which are the shampoos and styling products, and “The Hard Stuff,” which are the styling tools, brushes, and more.

First things first, I LOVE that the products all are in these pastel colours with yellow accents. If you know me, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of bright yellow accessories; the colour is just super cheerful and seeing it makes me very happy. Now moving onto the products…


The Royal Treatment: The Ultimate Nourishing Kit, which contains:

  • 1.7 oz Sake Bomb Shampoo, a nourishing shampoo for dry or medium-to-coarse hair.
  • 1.7 oz Sake Bomb Conditioner, the complementary conditioner to Sake Bomb Shampoo, also for nourishing dry hair.
  • 1.7 oz Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask, a nourishing leave-in hair mask to help treat dry and chemically-damaged hair.
  • 1.7 oz Hot Toddy UV & Heat Protectant, a lightweight heat and UV protectant lotion for use before your blowout which helps seal split ends and prevent dryness and damage from heat styling.
  • 1.7 oz 100 Proof Treatment Oil, a treatment oil for all hair types to give amazing shine and help rejuvenate dry, damaged hair.


Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner are great set for helping repair tired, dull, and dry hair. I use Hot Toddy and 100 Proof together after washing my hair and it leaves my hair feeling uber soft and silky, more hydrated, but not heavy or weighed down – a tiny bit of both go a long way! Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask is a lightweight cream mask that’s supposed to provide intense hydration, but I didn’t feel like it did anything more for my hair compared to my usual conditioner. My favourite product of this set is 100 Proof as it’s super nourishing, smells amazing, and helps keep my hair looking healthy and smooth.


Triple Sec 3-in-1, a three-in-one volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo. This smells AH-MAZING. It has a warm, decadent dessert type scent that’s sweet yet not overwhelming, and it’s great for in between washes when you want your hair to look and smell fresher. I normally use this around day 5 of my once-a-week hair washes so my hair is generally super flat, and I’ve noticed a bit of volumizing. I’d definitely repurchase this, because it works great and I simply love the smell. The best part is that it’s not a dry powder, rather a liquid that dries down, so you don’t get that weird powdery look if you happen to not brush it out properly.


Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, a lightweight spray enriched with natural sea salts to add texture and volume.


The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray is a firm hold hairspray. Even as a firm hold hairspray, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or hard. It just keeps my style in all day, especially post-curling iron. The best thing about this product is that despite it being an aerosol hairspray, it doesn’t have that usual hairspray alcohol scent to it at all! It smells vanilla-y and very decadent.


Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush, a large, round ceramic brush that creates loose curls in medium to long hair, and add volume for shorter and medium length styles. This is my first large round brush, and also my first ceramic brush. The Double Pint Large Round Brush is seriously so amazing for creating airy, waves in my hair, helping to cut down on blow dry time as well.


My favourite of the Drybar products is definitely the Royal Treatment set. It’s such a good value for you to try out different Dry Bar products at a great price, without the commitment of full size bottles. I’m a huge fan of 100 Proof and Hot Toddy when used together, I can see myself purchasing full sizes of both – used together, they just leave my hair feeling so healthy.

With locations in California, New York City, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts & Washington DC with more locations coming soon, Drybar products will now be available across Canada at 53 Sephora locations including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Drybar will also be setting up shop at Nordstrom Vancouver, offering blowout services on an appointment and walk-in basis. Book your appointment here!