Experience: Creating my own Bespoke Lipstick at Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho, New York

Hellooooooooo! I was recently in New York and was super lucky to be able to try out the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I had the longest journey to my Lip Lab experience – I’ve been wanting to try out the Lip Lab ever since they opened, but at the time they only had a location in New York. Last summer, I heard the rumour that they were going to open one in Toronto, and coincidentally I was travelling to Toronto for work in August. Sadly, the Lip Lab wasn’t scheduled to open until mid September, meaning I had just missed it by a few weeks. Fast forward to this summer, I saw that they had two pop-up locations in San Francisco. If you follow my Instagram, you would have saw that I was in San Francisco in early August. Sadly, both pop-up locations closed a few weeks before I was scheduled to arrive (what luck, right?!), and at the time had no immediate plans to reopen. Sadness ensued, but when my boyfriend and I finalized our travel plans for the fall, we decided on New York and I knew that my time had come to finally get myself to the Lip Lab. Many years, and several attempts later, I finally sat in that chair to make myself some bespoke lipsticks!

I was paired with Lip Lab technician Jen, who is an absolute sweetheart and so easy to work with. The bespoke lipstick experience includes two bespoke, custom-blended for you shades in the scent and finish of your choice, as well as a Lip Lab-exclusive lip care kit. The process started by me describe the two shade that I was looking to make, and the type of finish. The two shades I wanted were a my-lip-but-better dusty rose blush pink in a satin finish, and a cool-ish toned medium berry pink in a matte finish that would be a good dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Kiss Chase (I love this shade but it leans warm so it makes my teeth look very yellow).

I was amazed, because on the first try, Jen got the dusty rose blush pink colour 100% right, but the finish was too shiny, so I switched to getting a matte finish instead. In between each custom-mixed shade, I tested it on my lips and Jen asked what I thought – I gave my feedback and Jen re-mixed it based on if I wanted more pink, more brown, etc. The subtleties between each shade were so small, but it really made a big difference on the lips. Two more tries later, and I had gotten the colour of my dreams. Repeat the process for the medium pink shade, and I had gotten two completely custom-to-me shades that only I owned in this world! The two that I picked are the two in the very right column.

I also was able to pick what I wanted my lipsticks to smell like. Bite Beauty lipsticks generally smell of citrus, which is very light and uplifting. There are eight scents that you can sample, and at the end I settled on the citrus for the dusty rose shade, and violet for the medium berry pink. Both smell super fresh and are perfect paired the shades that were created.

I was able to name my lipsticks as well, and I named the medium pink – berry shade after my boyfriend, who’s name is Barrie (berry, Barrie, get it? hahaha).

Each Bite Beauty Lip Lab bespoke lipstick experience is $150 (USD for New York and San Francisco – yes that location recently re-opened – and CAD for Toronto). You do get two custom blended lipsticks, plus a lip care kit that contains a mini lip scrub, agave lip mask (I LOVE THIS STUFF), and a translucent lip pencil. If you’re unable to splurge on this experience, you can also opt for the custom lipstick experience, which is $55 for one lipstick or $80 for two lipsticks, where you can choose an existing shade from their line of nearly 200 pigments, plus the finish and scent, and create a lipstick that way. If you can afford it, I honestly think the bespoke experience is the way to go because you really do get a lipstick made just for you and your skin tone. I’m so in love with both of my lipsticks, and it was such a unique experience that any lipstick or beauty lover will appreciate.

If you are planning on visiting, I highly recommend making an appointment. They do take walk-ins, but weekends are extremely busy and they may not be able to accommodate you. If you are open to going on a weekday, you can have more time to play around with the colours, which you may not have the luxury to do on a weekend. You’re spending a lot on these lipsticks, you should thoroughly enjoy the experience!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab – New York
174 Prince Street
Mon-Sat 11 – 7
Sun 11 – 6

Bite Beauty Lip Lab – Toronto
678 Queen Street West
Mon-Sat 11 – 7
Sun 11 – 6

Bite Beauty Lip Lab – San Francisco
2132 Fillmore Street
Mon-Sun 11 – 7

Thanks to Bite Beauty for this complimentary experience; all opinions are my own.