Review: Anna Sui Mascara Primer & Top Coat, Curl & Volume Mascara, and Length & Separation Mascara

anna sui spring 2015 mascara review

For Spring 2015, Anna Sui revamped it’s line of mascaras (previously reviewed here) and broke down its Perfect Mascara into three separate formulas – the Mascara Primer & Top Coat; the Curl & Volume Mascara; and the Length & Separation Mascara. You can use these on their own (with the exception of the Primer & Top Coat) or a combination of any two or all three of these.

anna sui spring 2015 mascara review

The Mascara Primer & Top Coat (C$25) is a clear formula that is designed to prime and protect the lashes, as well as the coloured mascara that goes on these lashes. It features a short screw-type brush, creating an even film that allows mascara to be applied effortlessly on top, and then applied over mascara to create a seal to prolong wear. I really like the shorter type brush head on this Primer & Top Coat because I can get to every single eye lash without getting any on my eyelid. This is perfect for people with smaller eyes or shorter lashes. I also found that it helped to hold my curl better when used as a primer, compared to when I just used mascara alone. The Curl & Volume Mascara (C$29) is my favourite of the bunch. It is a drier formula that helps to build volume and also hold the curl. It features a dual-sided brush, with one side having longer bristles than the other, so you can coat your lashes with more mascara formula via the short side and then comb it out to separate with the longer side. In addition to volume, I also felt like it delivered a good amount of length too. If you are to purchase any one of these mascaras, I’d definitely go for the Curl & Volume because it delivers curl, volume, and length.

Wearing just the Curl & Volume Mascara:

anna sui curl and volume mascara review

The Length & Separation Mascara (C$29) is surprisingly disappointing because my favourite mascara formula from many years back was the Long Mascara from Anna Sui. I had high hopes for this one, but it just didn’t give enough length, volume, even when layered excessively, and it didn’t hold a curl either. It does separate and define the lashes very well, so if you have long, luscious lashes already, this one would be a good option because it can create more natural looking lashes. It has a brush that’s curved, with a side that has shorter bristles and a side with longer bristles. The Length & Separation Mascara also has fibres in the formula to help create length, but I felt like it wasn’t dense enough to actually help build on top of each other.

Wearing just the Length & Separation Mascara:

anna sui length and separation mascara review

I also tried combining these mascaras together to create the ultimate lashy look and my favourite combination is using the Mascara Primer & Top Coat with the Curl & Volume Mascara. I remember wearing this with glasses on and I kept getting irritated that my lashes were so long they kept pushing against my glasses when I blinked. If I wanted a tiny bit more length, I’d apply the Primer & Top Coat, Length & Separation Mascara, and then the Curl & Volume Mascara on top. You can see in photos below that my lashes are quite luscious and long.

Wearing a combination of all three mascaras:

anna sui spring 2015 mascara review

If you had to choose just one, I’d go for the Curl & Volume Mascara, followed by the Mascara Primer & Top Coat (if you can get both), and then I’d recommend either trying out the Length & Separation Mascara for yourself before nixing it, or just skipping it in general. You can purchase any of these Anna Sui mascaras at Murale, online or in stores, at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations, the Bay, and other places that carry Anna Sui.

anna sui spring 2015 mascara review