Fall trends I’m loving!

Normally fall is one of those seasons that I suddenly recoil back into my hermit shell with regards to style and outfit selection – I am a lover of blacks and greys during the time of year when I live in a city fondly known as Raincouver. People who know me in real life also knows that I don’t really follow trends; my wardrobe is mostly filled with classic pieces that can be worn season after season. That being said, I have fallen in love with a few trends that really called out to me this year. Below is a feature of some of my favourite trends for fall.

1. Flounce skirts

flounce skirt

The peplum trend has moved to skirts! I am all for the girly hemlines, including the flounce skirt trend that’s now available at most major retailers. Above are examples of my two favourites, from a store I love – Club Monaco. On the left is a more playful mini-skirt with a flounced hem made in a casual neoprene material, on the right is a style that’s more conservative and definitely office-appropriate. I picked up the skirt on the right in blue, because it’s just the perfect amount of “flounce,” not to long so that it looks like a mermaid tail, and not to short so that it just looks like a frill.

2. Pop top dresses

pop top dress

A more conservative alternative for the crop top dresses that are showing up on runways everywhere, the pop top dress is great for lengthening your legs, slimming your waist, and boosting your bust. I purchased a version from Ann Taylor last summer and I’ve been loving it ever since. Two of my favourite examples of this style (above) are the dress that Victoria Beckham wore while shopping at J. Crew during NYFW, and the Whistles Daisy dress, which sadly is sold out. Unfortunately these are currently hard to find at mainstream retailers, so I’ve been trying to make do with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a cropped top, like this outfit (below), wearing a skirt from Diane von Furstenburg, lace top from Joie, and sleeveless silk blouse from Aritzia.

Photo 2013-06-19 9 02 43 PM


Thanks to MizzJ for the photos 🙂

3. Leather


To me, fall is all about the wool and leather. Leather skirts are all the rage this year, and as we transition into fall, we’re seeing more leather jackets as well. Specifically this year, we’re seeing lots of leather panels on classic pieces such as pencil skirts and sheath dresses. A trend I’m loving is the leather skater skirt, it’s a flexible that can be paired with anything from a girly blouse for a girl’s night out, to a casual sweater for a coffee date. Also because it is a full skirt, it is super comfy to wear and you never have to worry about a Ross-incident happening on you. Above are two of the styles that caught my eye: on the left is a classic black and white colourblocked mini leather skirt, this one can be easily paired with a colourful top such as a plum silk blouse or a red t-shirt; on the right is a midi-length skirt in a beautiful red colour, the midi length is conservative but that’s immediately redeemed with the gorgeous red leather.

Are there any trends you’re looking forward to this fall? Please share some of your favourites.


Gossip Girl Season 3 premieres TONIGHT!

I love Gossip Girl, its one of my favourite “western” tv shows (I’m more of a Taiwanese tv show person…). Even though some can argue there is no real plot, I still love watching it to relieve myself of schooltime stress.

Anyways, season 3 premieres tonight on the CW and CTV (in Canada), but since I do not have cable, I will have to wait until tomorrow when the episode is uploaded on the CTV website.

However, to celebrate the start of a new season, I present to you the frugal imitation of Blake Lively’s wardrobe!
Remember this look? Personally, I LOVE it. Its one of my favourite looks on the entire show. Here, Blake Lively (aka Serena Vanderwoodsen) is wearing a Ralph Lauren Collection blazer, Rich & Skinny jeans and Michael Kors knee high boots. Just the Ralph Lauren blazer must have been thousands of dollars, money I definitely don’t have.
But here I’m going to show you how you can re-create this look at a fraction of the original cost! Here is how…
Abercrombie & Fitch pinstriped blazer – $79.90 CAD
Abercrombie & Fitch top $15.90
Aldo boots – $100 (or any tall black boots you can find around the house)
And remember that Deux Lux handbag I bought yesterday? Well now is the time it comes in handy.

Then grab any pair of blue jeans that you have lying around in your closet.
Add some long wavy hair and a touch of gloss and mascara and you’re all set!

New tote purchase!

I bought a new Deux Lux bag today from Urban Outfitters! I saw this when I went downtown a few days ago, but I didn’t end up buying it because I felt it was kind of expensive. But I kept thinking about it for the past few days and today I finally went and bought it.

It is the perfect school bag because it is made of a very soft material, comfortable to carry, does not soil easily and most importantly, its HUGE. I would not recommend this bag to anyone under 5’5 because its that big. It also has the option to be used as a crossover bag in case my arms get tired from carry all the textbooks.

It comes in brown, mustard, black and teal. I was trying to decide between the black and the teal, but I ended up with the black because it matches everything.

At the Kingston Urban Outfitters location, there are no more black ones left, but there is one mustard one as well as 2 teal ones. Grab them while they last!