Raincouver necessities… new wellies!

Vancouver is also known as Raincouver during the fall/winter/spring when it rains almost every day pretty much until April. This year has been particularly tame as we’ve jumped right into winter and skipped most of the autumn rainy periods. However this does not excuse myself as a fellow Raincouver resident to not own any rain gear.

I owned rain boots in Kingston but they didn’t last long due to me wearing them in sub-zero temperatures every day (my Uggs simply did not hold up to the snow that seemed to be perpetually melting). Both of them developed small cuts in the rubber that allowed the water to seep in. After I moved back to Vancouver, I just never thought of buying rain boots because of the amazing weather that we’ve been getting all summer long. Before I knew it, it was rainy season and I was in panic mode. I managed to hold off the purchase of rain boots by wearing my suede boots and avoiding puddles, but I knew this day had to come… so come Cyber Monday, I finally purchased them.

I purchased the Equestrian Bit Solid Black Rain Boots by Dav. I’ve been trying to avoid the farmer look so these are perfect for me. Thanks to Vonnie for sending me the link or else I would have never found them, and on sale too!

I love them, they look nothing like rain boots!

They are very nicely padded with fleece and cotton on the shaft and soles so they are warmer than normal rainboots. The problem I have though, is that they are very heavy and bulky. I also do not have big calves but these fit almost too perfectly around my calves that I wouldn’t be able to wear them with anything too thick. I didn’t have this problem with the rainboots I owned in Kingston (or with any other boots) so it means that the shaft is too narrow on these boots. I’m a size 6-8 (US) so anyone bigger than me would not be able to fit in these.

You can see Emmy Rossum wearing them, looking super stylish.

What do you think?

New shoes!! So purrty~

I had my year-end banquet on Friday, March 26th and I didn’t have any shoes, so I was deeply in panic. Luckily I was able to find a nice pair that matched well with my dress on ASOS, so I bought it immediately. They arrived the Wednesday before the banquet, so that was really great.

They are Betseyville by Betsy Johnson shoes. I love the pink/pockadot combo; the box was actually made of extremely good quality cardboard, even better than the Dior box my Dior patent pumps came in last summer. I love the box so much I plan on taking it with me to China and then back to Canada.

They’re red sandals with a 4 inch heel. I love the heart detailing.

There is a really cute heart that dangles off the buckle. It adds a nice touch.

Unfortunately, these were NOT comfortable shoes for a 6 hour event. By the end of the night, the toes that rubbed against the material were starting to bleed. So sad, because they’re really cute shoes. I think I might wear these again if I’m going somewhere where I don’t have to walk, aka drive.