Anna Sui Beauty Mirror L and Beauty Mirror P, limited edition from Holiday 2011

I’ve been needing a large stand-up mirror for my vanity for the longest time. Most of the time I use a small fold-up mirror as I apply my makeup at my desk, but it’s so not glamourous. The moment I saw the information for Anna Sui Holiday 2011, I knew I wanted the Beauty Mirror Large, which is the largest mirror Anna Sui has ever released. This is a repromoted product from 2003, and the last time they came out with this, it sold out in a day!  I purchased my mirror at Murale, and at the time I also got a Beauty Mirror P (also limited edition from this holiday) as a gift with purchase.

Here are some comparison photos. It’s pretty big, bigger than my face, which is perfect for its purpose. It is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, which is the size of a piece of letter paper. I have it standing next to my HP Touchpad (same size as the Apple tablet, not gonna say it because I’m gonna get lots of spam, haha), a Dior palette and the Beauty Mirror P.

You can see that the mirror is a good size for any vanity. It is not giant, but still big enough for you to see everything you need to see.

Here are the two mirrors standing side by side.

Some detailing of the Beauty Mirror P. I didn’t consider getting this one before, but the stained glass look is really pretty. I would probably get a lot of stares in public.

And some details from the Beauty Mirror L. The frame is made of metal, the mirror is glass and the stand is plastic. It feels heavy and well made. The angle it stands at is controlled by a chain, you can hook the chain up to a hook in the back and it will stand at different angles. I think this is a nice thoughtful touch because depending on the placement of your light, you will need a differently angled mirror.

The Anna Sui Beauty Mirror L is available for a limited time at Anna Sui counters across Canada, as well as on the Sears website,  for $60. The Beauty Mirror P is available at the same places for $30. I received my Beauty Mirror P as a gift with purchase on the Beauty Mirror L at Murale, so if you are interested, I would suggest you move quickly!

Hello Kitty Madness!

Forever 21 recently came out with a collection in collaboration with Hello Kitty! As an avid Hello Kitty fan, I had to purchase some items from the collection. I haven’t purchased anything from Forever 21 in a while because the quality of the clothes there always leave something to be desired, and I do not dare step into a Forever 21 store in fear of being trampled by overly excited tweens, but for my love of Hello Kitty, I decided to order some items anyways. I ordered these items online because they hadn’t been released in stores yet at the time of the online release.

I was able to purchase two items on my wishlist from the Canadian Forever 21 website. I also had my eyes on something else that was already sold out here, so I asked a wonderful friend in the US to help me get one.

The first item that I knew I wanted from the first time I saw the photos for this collection, the Hello Kitty bow print cardigan. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this online, but when it arrived (very promptly, about 3 days after I placed my order), I was surprised by the quality of this. It feels extremely soft and pretty well made for a Forever 21 product. The cardigan is made of 60% cotton, 30% nylon and 10% angora. I ordered this in a medium and it fits me pretty well around the waist and shoulder area, but it is a little loose around the underarms.

The second item that caught my eye was the Intergalactic Hello Kitty shirt. I absolutely LOVE this shirt. The quality is just t-shirt material and it’s cropped, which I wasn’t expecting, but the print is just adorable. This is supposed to be a loose t-shirt, but I didn’t want it to look too big, so I ordered it in a small, which was perfect.

I also wanted the Hello Kitty bow print scarf in the pinky salmon colour, but they were sold out of it when I made my order so a friend in the US helped me purchase one.

Coincidentally, that weekend my mum and I drove down to the US to do some shopping. I picked up this Hello Kitty earmuff at a Ross store. It was the last one left in white (they also had a black one but it was a little disfigured) and the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. I was wearing it when in line for the checkout and people kept asking me where I found it. I’m super happy about this purchase as the earmuffs are super warm and are great for our winters. Ignore the tag, I was modelling while in line for checkout, haha.

That’s it! Lots of Hello Kitty purchases this month. I can’t wait to get my scarf; I will model for you in my Hello Kitty scarf and earmuffs for an Asian-Canadian look, hehe.

Random: China “haul”

My brother came back from China a few weeks ago and brought me back some stuff. It shouldn’t even classified as a haul because it really isn’t much, but I’ll share it anyways…

Aqualabel Moist Cleansing Oil is one of my favourite cleansing oils. I keep meaning to do a review of it but realized I actually don’t have any photos of this. Well I recently found out it was going to be discontinued soon (then later found out that was untrue), so I asked my cousin to buy me three bottles. I’m not sure of the price, I believe they’re around $15CAD (110 Yuan) per bottle for 150mL. They are made in China. I will be doing a proper review soon, I sincerely promise!

I love military-style and nautical clothing, and so when I saw this jacket, I deemed it a must-have and asked my cousin to buy it for me from Taobao (Chinese e-Bay). This was 299 yuan, which is roughly $45CAD. The fabric is a little itchy and the shape isn’t too great (it’s not completely fitted), but it fits me, so I’m glad. I also LOVE the detailing around the shoulders, including the little chains, and around the wrist.

I also got a belt that was inspired by the one worn by Carrie in the Sex and the City Movie (this one). The quality is a little shabby but the belt cost like $3 with shipping so I’m not complaining.

Lastly, I bought a couple of packs of my favourite cotton pads. These are great, super cheap (just a buck a pack and last forever) and don’t suck up too much toner (which end up going to waste).

Randomly, I blinged my camera lens cover… I was going to write the word “Canon” on it but realized I didn’t have enough small crystals, plus it would look kind of ugly, so this is the “design” I ended up with.

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IMATS haul & birthday gifts!

I went to the International Makeup Artist Trade Show Vancouver yesterday with Macnunu, Justine and Kelsie. I’m going to write about IMATS in a couple of separate posts because I took about a million different photos yesterday, but first I am going to share my haul with you.

I didn’t buy that much, mainly because I am somewhat on a makeup ban. I knew I wanted to get some Make Up for Ever because they were doing a pro discount of 40% for all of their products at IMATS.

I also bought a Beauty So Clean makeup sanitizing spray. I’ve never used anything like this, but people recommend it, especially if you are going to be sharing makeup. Has anyone tried this before? I’m kind of scared of spraying it on my powder in case it makes it go bad quicker =(

Lastly, I got some eyeshadow pans from Yaby. These were 2 for $5, which makes them $2.50 each. This is an amazing deal if you love to try new colours but don’t end up finishing anything. They are tiny, but since you don’t finish… it doesn’t matter, right?

In addition, when I met up with Justine and Kelsie this weekend, Justine brought me my birthday gift! She got me the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in 86 Desinvolte, from the Le Blanc collection, that I have been lemming since I first saw it here, as well as a ton of other goodies. Thank you, dearest, I love everything ❤

I’ve got a new toy…

I’ve recently acquired a new toy. I’ll be playing with it for the next few weeks so expect the quality of certain things you see on the site increase. Hopefully I won’t run out of upload space anytime soon… =)

Check out these for now, I’ll have more to come as the weather becomes nicer.



You can also check out my stream here.

From these photos, I am clearly a newbie. I’m open to criticism, ideas and thoughts, so please spill them to me!

Recent purchases, sponsors & love package!

I received a bunch of packages in the mail last week and I finally uploaded the photos to my computer just now.

First… thank you to Vicky who sent me a lovely love package with masks and chocolates! The chocolates were delish; the photo was taken after 1/3 of it was already devoured, and by now they’re pretty much all gone…

Next, I used my $30 coupon from Cosme-De on some more toning lotions. I got the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for my mom and the Aromatherapy Associates Essential Skincare Rose Tonic for myself. The Rose Tonic smells very strongly of rosewater, which I love.

I also received my order from Strawberrynet from when they were doing a special on whitening skincare products. I purchase SK-II Whitening Source Dermdefinition as I had finished my whitening serums.

Lastly, thank you to Artie Beauty & Cosmetics for sponsoring Dollywink for my annual giveaway that is coming up soon! Artie also sponsored a Sana Hadanomy Cream for my review and I purchased the lotion to use alongside the cream.

You can get 5% off all orders at Artie with code MADDYLOVES, especially for readers of Maddy Loves!

What did you haul this weekend?

New leather jacket <3 (aka the one that made me go on project 10 pan!)

Remember when I told you about my Project 10 Pan and I mentioned a leather jacket? Well I received it a few days ago! ASOS shipping to Canada (from UK) is so fast, so I was able to get in in exactly 1 week.

This leather jacket is gorgeous; its pretty much everything I was looking for in one. The leather is very soft, like its already broken in for me. The hardware is gold, so it gives a nice touch. It is also super warm and comfortable to wear. The only think I have to complain about is its faux fur removable collar: the quality serious sucks! It understand its faux fur, but some faux furs are made beautifully and this one definitely has room to improve. I will likely be removing it when I wear it out.

I got this at ASOS for roughly $100USD with a code from here. If you plan on shopping at ASOS, please make sure to check that site before for discount codes. There is usually one posted up every day; some can be used more than once while others cannot, so you’ll need to try it to see.

Some more photos:

Sorry the lighting isn’t the best. We use compact fluorescent lighting but our walls are yellow, so everything looks more yellow. Here is a photo with flash for better colour accuracy.

And as always, end with a silly photo =P

What do you think? Is this buy-worthy?

A preview… Jill Stuart & Sephora hauls, plus love packs <3

I’m home in Vancouver now! I came home to a bunch of packages and also picked up some stuff from miss Macnunu. Here is just a little preview of what is to come in the next few weeks as I slowly work through everything. Thanks for your patience!

First… the Japanese makeup that I received in a swap with Jennifer. I got the Jill Stuart Secret Tease collection, and a bunch of other Jill Stuart and Maquillage stuff. To the left is my Sephora VIB gift card purchase which Macnunu kindly offered to help me pick up: a Dior Vernis and a Nars single eyeshadow. She also kindly picked up a MAC MES in She Who Dares from the Disney VV collection for me as it was sold out where I was (and online).

See that Dior thing at the top? That is my Christmas gift from Macnunu. The sneaky gal got me the Minaudiere in Pink Golds from the holiday collection. More on that later. THANK YOU, C!!!

Next, my Sephora FF haul which Erynn kindly helped me get.

Love pack from Superwoolu! She went to the MAC warehouse sale this December and picked up a palette for me, and then gifted me with one of their charity bags which included a MSF, eyeshadow in Golden Crown (from Tartan Tale), a RODARTE pigment in White Golds (which you probably all heard about, it was the collection that got discontinued before it went on the shelf), and a brown pencil. Thank you so much, Ehlee!

Sneaky gal #2, aka miss Asiyakei, yet again bombed me for Christmas. She got me a Dior Vernis and a Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant for Christmas. Plus of course, masks as padding XD. Thank you Justine!!

Collective love pack from miss Asiyakei and the lovely Yumeko! Yumeko’s friend Fumiko was selling some Japanese drugstore makeup on her blog here, and Yumeko kindly offered to order the stuff for us so we can save on shipping. Being amazing as she is, she included some extras, including the KIT KATS!! ❤ And of course, who else but Justine would send the mountain of masks XD Thank you my dearies!

P.S. Totally off topic, but I finally watched HP7 yesterday. It was SO SAD. RIP Dobby ❤ Can’t wait for the next part to come out! Screw Twilight, HP is a million times better!

I GOT IT! My H&M x Lanvin haul <3

Okay maybe I didn’t get it yet, I just placed the order and its on its way to my cousin’s place in the UK soon. She’s coming to visit us in Vancouver for the holidays and she volunteered to grab some stuff for me, but she didn’t want to wake up at 7:00AM so instead I’m doing it.

The collection is released on the UK shopping site at 7:00AM Greenwich time, which is 2:00AM here in Kingston. I was freaking out at 1:30 because the site wouldn’t let me on, but I cleared my cache and I managed to get through 10 minutes before 7:00. I put everything that wasn’t Lanvin in my cart and was prepared to add and dash right when the collection is out at 7:00. Luckily, I was able to get everything I wanted (and afforded to buy; there was so much more I wanted…) and checked out before the site checkout system crashed.

Here is what I managed to grab:

Non-Lanvin stuff. The blue shirt was the one raved by Miss Pink. I’m glad I waited to buy it because it was on sale on the UK site for £7. The white shirt was £15 and the black jumper (aka sweater) was £8. The prices in the UK are so much better than Canada… which kinda sucks for me.

And my H&M x Lanvin stuff. Funny thing was these items were the ones I really wanted at the beginning, but when I saw real life photos of these I started to rethink it. After settling on some other stuff, in the end I came back and still bought these… The dress was £99 ($200 in Canada and the US) and the skirt was £35 ($70 in Canada and the US).

Did anyone else buy anything from the collection? I know some of my friends in Vancouver lined up outside Pacific Centre for nearly 7 hours before getting their hands on something from the collection… in the freezing snow.

Please share your purchases!! ❤

A preview of whats to come… my A Pop of Kawaii haul!

I purchased some stuff from A Pop of Kawaii’s blogger sale on Nic’s blog a few weeks ago and I received everything yesterday. Everything was packaged very carefully to ensure nothing broke, and Nic included a bunch of samples for me as well. The transaction went very smoothly and Nic was extremely helpful. It was shipped out quickly as well, and even though I was cheap and opted for the SAL shipment option (the slowest one), it still arrived relatively quickly. If you are looking to purchase Japanese cosmetics, I would definitely recommend A Pop of Kawaii to you!

Not everything you see in the photo is mine, I started Christmas shopping early this year so half of the stuff up there are actually Christmas presents for people. The other half I will review slowly over the next couple of days (maybe weeks, depending on my workload).

Also, don’t forget about our giveaway that is going to take place starting this Saturday, and also the Secret Santa.

Lastly, for my fellow Canadians… Lest we Forget.