SKINCARE | Blush and navy wedding skincare featuring Suqqu, La Prairie, Laneige, Halo Beauty, and Nivea


Ever since we picked blush and navy to be our wedding colours, I’ve been subconsciously drawn to skincare products packaged in these colours. Today I wanted to share with you some of the products that I’ve been (still) enjoying in my skincare routine as I prepare my skin for our big day!

The first is Suqqu Moisture Repair Essence N. This product I added to my routine in early September as the weather was just starting to turn cold in Vancouver. My skin isn’t perpetually dry and dehydrated and I needed an extra moisture serum step to help boost my skins hydration level. I purchased this in London when I was there last summer, and so far I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s such a lightweight hydrating serum that works perfectly over my retinol. I love this under my La Prairie moisturizer too. With my dry skin I’ve been expecting it to peel once I restarted using retinol, but I haven’t had any redness or peeling.

I previously wrote about the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer, and I’m still loving it. While with the colder weather, it’s not quite enough hydration for my dry skin (hence the layering with the Suqqu serum), I love how it absorbs so quickly into my skin leaving no residue behind. While I love a rich moisturizer, some of them do leave behind a residue, but thankfully this does not. My skin feels firmer and smoother with every week of using this cream, featuring the new Caviar Premier which launched earlier this year.

I have perpetually dry lips but when I was in Vegas earlier this year, I picked up this mini size of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s been absolutely amazing for my dry lips. My lips used to peel and crack regularly but with this lip mask applied every night, I haven’t had any issues at all with dryness. I also bought the day gloss / balm and while it’s great for on-the-go, I still prefer this one since it works the best on me.

In terms of general skin, nail and hair health, I started using Halo Beauty Hair, Skin and Nails Booster this year. I was using it off and on (which you’re not supposed to do since it won’t maximize the benefits), but when I am using it, I definitely see and feel a difference. I was on the keto diet earlier this year and I had been experiencing some hair fallout. While I feel like this didn’t stop the fallout, this did make my hair grow back at an alarmingly fast rate. I also noticed the random dry patches on my skin have been disappearing. Recently I’m back on HSN Booster on a regular basis because I’ve been really stressed out from work so my scalp has been really dry and flakey.  I’m hoping that this will help.

Lastly, an oldie but goodie is the Nivea Firming Body Oil. I’ve taken FOREVER to use up this entire bottle, and sometimes I do forgo this in favour of other, more interesting body lotions, but I always come back to this one eventually because it works. I love how fast it dries on my skin, how it doesn’t leave a residue, the amazing and comforting smell, and how it’s great for the colder months. I wanted to pick up another bottle but I don’t think they sell this anymore… so sad!

As I continue further into my wedding prep and get closer to the big day, I’ll be sharing more skincare prep ideas and product reviews with you! I’m so happy to be back writing skincare reviews, it really does bring me the most joy and I hope you enjoy reading them too!

La Prairie and Nivea were PR samples. Everything else was purchased with my own money or received as a retail gift with purchase. All opinions are my own.

Affordable anti-aging products from Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Care, Anti-Wrinkle Night Care, and Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls

 Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle review

With all of the skincare products on the market that are geared towards anti-aging, women nowadays are faced with decision paralysis regarding the products to choose. Nivea recently performed a study, where they asked 2,000 people to estimate the ages of 12 women in photos with three expressions – happy, neutral and sad. The study found that the women showing happy faces were perceived as younger than those with neutral or sad faces. The study concluded that by simply smiling, it can take an average of two years off a person’s age.

Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Care and Anti-Wrinkle Night Care

Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Care and the Anti-Wrinkle Night Care (C$19.99 each) provide intense moisture to help plump up the skin, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The Day Care day cream protects skin from external factors, using a powerful formula that works effectively against the look of wrinkles. The Night Care night cream is activated at night, when the skin is most receptive to moisture and most in need or repair, to help the user wake up to beautifully rejuvenated skin in the morning.

I actually found the day cream to be thicker than the night cream – the day cream has high concentrations of shea butter which plumps up the skin and creates a barrier against external aggressors. The night cream is silkier, lighter, and layers perfectly over the Replenishing Pearls.

Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls

The Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls (C$19.99) is the star of this collection. The product is super cool, featuring spheres of active ingredients incapsulated in little pearls which are crushed upon dispensing. This ensures that the active ingredients stay pure, and do not react with the rest of the ingredients over time so that you get the purest dosage of anti-aging properties. It contains three effective 3 anti-aging ingredients that mimic those found in the skin – coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, and creatine – all of which help to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles to create a refined and younger-looking skin.

The Replenishing Pearls is ultra lightweight, very silky, and slightly moisturizing, which layers perfectly under the night cream. I wouldn’t use this during the day because the day cream is already enough for my dehydrated skin due to the high shea butter content. As a preventative or introductory regime to anti-aging, the Nivea Q10plus line is a great alternative to the higher end, most expensive products.

The Nivea Q10plus line is available now at Shopper’s Drug Mart, London Drugs, and all other places where Nivea is sold.

Ingredients: Day Care and Night Care
Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Care and Anti-Wrinkle Night Care ingredients

Ingredients: Replenishing Pearls
Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls ingredients


Getting your body summer-ready with L’Occitane Whipped Body Cream, Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk, and Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk

Summer is coming! That means it’s time to prep our body for the beach. Apart from exercising and looking awesome, it’s important to also take care of your skin so that you can have glowy and smooth legs in that mini skirt. Today I’m reviewing three body lotions that I’ve really enjoyed using – L’Occitane Whipped Body Cream, Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk, and Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk.

L’Occitane Whipped Body Cream

L'Occitane Whipped Body Cream review

You know that L’Occitane makes some of my absolute favourite body products, and this one is no exception. Containing 10% shea butter, this Whipped Body Cream (C$28) has the consistency of thick whipped cream and just melts into the skin. It leaves my body feeling ultra soft and smooth, and keeps those scaly looking legs away just in time for summer. It’s just very lightly scented of their usual shea butter fragrance, making it a delightful experience to use after a nice shower at night. Of the three body lotions reviewed today, this one is the most moisturizing and would be best suited for night-time use. It also comes in a Whipped Shea Butter Hand Cream (C$12) formula that’s also very lightweight, but still has that same shea butter moisturizing property.

L’Occitane uses sustainable shea butter from Burkina Faso, harvested in a fair trade partnership with the women who produce it, so you know you’re directly supporting these women whenever you purchase a shea butter product from L’Occitane. You can purchase the Whipped Body Cream at L’Occitane boutiques as well as online.

L'Occitane Whipped Body Cream review

Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk

Vichy Ideal Body Milk review

The Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk (C$22.50) is new for 2015. A body milk designed to smooth and hydrate the skin, it contains Apricot kernel, Passionflower, Corn, Rice Bran, Sunflower, Blackcurrant Pips, Rosehip, Coriander, Macadamia and Jojoba oils combined with LHA. The texture is more of a liquid gel than a milk. It’s very lightweight, but doesn’t absorb immediately so you have time to massage it in your skin for a more toning effect. It leaves my skin slightly tacky, so you will need to let it “air out” a bit before putting on clothes. My skin does feel super moisturized, soft, and smooth once everything has absorbed.

Of these three body lotions, this one is most suited for day time/pre-beach use because it contains micro shimmers to create the look of luminous skin, which would look great for the day (otherwise no one will see it when you’re in PJs!). Personally I’m not a fan of micro shimmers in skincare products, so I wouldn’t repurchase this again, but if you don’t mind that kind of look, this is a great body lotion to look into.

You can purchase the Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other places that carry Vichy.

Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk

Nivea In-Shower Body Milk review

The Nivea In-Shower Body Milk (C$7.99) is one of the coolest innovations of 2015. It a body milk you apply after washing your body with shower gel, and then you rinse off before you get out of the shower. This version, designed for the driest of skins, contains almond oil for the deepest hydration; it also has has a formula for dry skin, as well as for normal to dry skin. As someone who spends a lot of time massaging in body lotion after a shower, this is actually super convenient and great for early morning or post-gym rush showers. Of the three body lotions, this one is the most suitable for use any time, but especially if you’re in a rush and don’t have the time or the space to slowly massage in body lotion, for example during the morning rush or after a workout session at the gym.

The only thing I really dislike about this in-shower body milk is that I feel like it leaves a slippery residue on the bottom of my tub from the wax/mineral oil. It’s not too bad on its own, except that soap and other gunk will eventually stick to the residue and you end up having to deep scrub your tub more often than if you weren’t using this. Other than that, it really works like its advertised – my skin feels moisturized enough that I don’t need to use a separate body lotion after.

You can purchase the Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other places that carry Nivea.


Nivea In-Shower Body Milk review

Review: Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Night and Day Creams

Nivea Sensitive cream review

Today, Liza joins us again for a review of the Nivea Sensitive Day & Night Care creams. With the cold, dry climate here in Canada, these sensitive face creams help our skin be protected and hydrated against the outside air.

Liza’s skincare profile: I spent the majority of my teenage years on very aggressive acne medication, which left my skin incredibly dry and prematurely aged. Although my complexion is clear, as a result of the medication my under-eye area has many stubborn fine-lines. Therefore, I like skincare products that feel very hydrating, as my skin is prone to tightness and dehydration. Additionally, I am also cursed with being the Whitest-Whitey Ever, so I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect product that will give me a healthy glow without drying out my skin.

The Nivea Sensitive Night and Day creams both claim to:

  • Soothe skin via moisturizing it visibly reducing redness due to dry skin
  • Instantly relieve the skin from unpleasant feelings of tightness
  • Provide intensive moisture and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier

Price: $8.99 CAD each, per 50ml tube.

Texture/Scent: Both of the creams are scent-free. If you are very scrutinous, upon application you might sense a faint chemical scent; however, it dissipates very quickly.

The Good: The Nivea Sensitive Day Cream is very light. It spreads easily and you don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face and neck area. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave any lingering trace and works well under foundation. I wore foundation directly on top of the cream without using a primer, and I felt that it didn’t displace any product at all.

The Nivea Sensitive Night Cream is considerably richer than the day cream. It spreads a little less easily due to its consistency, but you still don’t need much product to cover the face and neck area. I felt that it really delivered on its promise to relieve any feelings of dryness. I do not have redness due to dry skin, so I cannot comment on how well the cream performs in this area, but given that I generally like to wear heavier moisturizers to sleep in order to quench my thirsty, thirsty skin, it performed very well.

The Bad: The Nivea Sensitive Day Cream didn’t provide my skin with relief from dryness and tightness. I felt like it was extremely light and wasn’t enough moisture for my skin at all. After letting the cream absorb, I experimented with applying a second coat on my already-moisturized face to see if I simply needed to be more generous during my application process, but unfortunately this didn’t help either. After struggling with the day cream for a few days, I realized that my skin simply wasn’t adjusting to it and it was not hydrating enough for me. Perhaps if you have oily skin to begin with, this product will work better for you. Its lightness and lack of scent is unlikely to irritate your skin or cause break-outs.

The Nivea Sensitive Night Cream was pretty excellent all-around. I don’t have many negative points to mention regarding this product, except for perhaps its thrifty packaging. However, Nivea is not a luxury brand to begin with, so if you are purchasing this product, you are likely looking for a day-to-day no-frills moisturiser anyway. Granted, it didn’t make me look 18 again, it’s no miracle-product, but it performed well all-around.

Overall: Personally, I will not bother with the Day Cream anymore. Even after several applications, it left my skin feeling dry and tight all day. If you have oily skin that is prone to break-outs, this might be worth a try (at $8.99 per tube, you’re not taking a huge gamble anyway).

On the other hand, I very much liked the Night Cream! My skin felt moisturised and relieved of dryness all night. I will definitely repurchase the Night cream when I run out simply to have as a back-up, or to take travelling with me when I don’t want to risk having my more expensive products leak in my bag.

Day Cream
Product: 12/20
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 16/30 | C
Repurchase? Unlikely!

Night Cream
Product: 17/20
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 5/5
Overall: 25/30 | A
Repurchase? Yes!

Day Cream ingredients:

Nivea Sensitive day cream ingredients
Night Cream ingredients:

Nivea Sensitive night cream ingredients