Review: Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder

A few weeks ago, I wrote that I received a sample of the Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder from Kathi of Lotus Palace. I finally got a chance to try it today, and I must say, I am pretty impressed.

First-off, I need to say that I completely forgot Kathi’s instructions of using half a packet per use; I just dumped the entire contents of the packet into my palm, mixed it with water and started to massage it around my face.
What really impressed me about this cleansing powder is how soft and fluffy the foam is. My usual cleanser is the Clinique Liquid Cleansing Soap, which is somewhat harsher for skin in general and produces bigger bubbles in the foam. However this one had really mild and silky foam that was almost like foamed milk in a way.
The result? After massaging it around for about 2 minutes, I washed it off with warm water and what I got was REALLY clean skin. Kathi mentioned that it has some slight peeling effects, which I didn’t really notice because I only used it once, but it did make my skin feel as though it had been washed with a regular bar of soap. Its really THAT clean. But the downside is that it probably won’t be very suitable for dry skin, of course unless you use only half or 1/3 of the pouch each time.
Would I recommend it? Yes I would! I really loved using it on my face as it is very light and silky.
Once again, thank you Kathi for giving me the opportunity to try this out!
You can check out Kathi’s review of this cleansing powder here. This is currently available to purchase at Adam Beauty.