New obsession: Pandora charm bracelets


I recently have been enamoured with the Pandora charm bracelet. My good friend J has been collecting these charms for years but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I started being obsessed with them. At the time, Pandora was doing a promotion where if you spend $125CAD/$100USD in store, you can get the starter bracelet for free, so of course I took advantage of this special deal and started myself a bracelet.


I read up on people’s inspirations for starting a Pandora bracelet. Many of them wanted the versatility of being able to style your own bracelet, but others wanted it as a sentimental token. My inspiration is the latter – I wanted each of my charms to reflect something special in my life, whether it is a reflection of my personality or to commemorate a special event or time in my life.


To start my bracelet (and to get the bracelet itself for free!) I chose three charms that I felt reflected me. I chose the Chinese lantern, for my heritage and background; a London bus, for my love for travel; and a quaint little house, to represent the importance of my family and home in my life.

I’m hoping to slowly accumulate my charm collection over time; I want this to be something I can look back to when I’m old and reminisce about all the memories. The only thing is I have to try to stop myself from buying all the cute charms now, which would defeat the purpose!

Some other charms I’m hoping to add to my collection:

pandora3Pandora’s Box


pandora1Love Letter – my favourite of all the love-related charms!

pandora2Key to my Heart (silver / silver+gold)

What are some ways you remember the past, do you keep a scrapbook or store your memories in sentimental items?


Recent Obsession: YuYu Creations

I believe very strongly in supporting handmade jewelry by people in our community. Now that our world has become more commercialized, more and more things are starting to look oh so similar. I don’t want to become a clone of the next girl so let’s support crafty people!

My not-so-recently discovered obsession: YuYu Creations. Handmade with love in the beautiful city of Vancouver by a local UBC engineering student, Yufei.

Examples of stuff she’s made (stock varies, so check her profile page for the most updated and available styles!):

“Spring Floral Plate Studs” – She models everything personally herself too! So kawaii ^___^

“My Little Bling Bling Camera Necklace” and “Blueberry Donut WG EarWires”

“Multi-stranded Leaf Earrings” and “Multi-stranded Leaf Necklace”

Yuyu modelling the set.

“Chirp Chirp Earrings” (These earrings are one of her most popular styles, she’s sold 11 pairs already!)

“Blue Rose Pearly Hoops with Heart Stud” (rose can be changed to other colours as well, shown in dark blue) and “Rainy Days Dangles”

“Milky White Bow Tie Bracelet” and “Swarovski Crystal Long Key Necklace”

“Long Lace Pearl Necklace with Bow Tie”

“My Little Bunnie Dangles” – If you are like me and don’t have your ears pierced, she offers the option of having clip-ons instead!

Now onto my purchase.

I got the “Antique Gold Hoop Earrings” from her. I LOVE how huge and flashy these hoops are. I can’t wear hoop earrings due to my ears’ non-pierced-ness, but I can wear these because the hook is separated from the hoop. I got them with the gold clip-ons. Here is Yuyu modelling them:

Yuyu uses all good quality materials in her designs, including white and yellow gold plated materials and stainless steal. For more detailed information about each item, you can contact her directly with your questions. She ships worldwide with very reasonable shipping fees within Canada and to the US. Also if you live in the Greater Vancouver Area you can also arrange to facetrade with her in cash!

Lastly, I leave you with this song by my fave Jay Chou. I’ve been listening to this song nonstop since it first came out.