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If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that CND makes my favourite nail polish formula – the Vinylux. I’ve spoken about them countless times in the past on the blog. I love how long wearing the formula is (they usually can last up to 2 weeks without chipping), the seamless and flawless application, as well as its lack of a strong nail polish scent. Once in a while I would go try out another nail polish brand and it would literally stink up my entire house, so I’m thankful that CND can deliver such a beautiful formula without the pungent scent.

Now that we’re in the swing of fall, CND has released a fall-appropriate Treasured Moments collection, featuring five gorgeous shades that were inspired by the memories of childhood and growing up.

The shades are:

  • Baby Smile – the most perfect peachy nude shade
  • Secret Diary – a rich violet
  • First Love – a creamy raspberry red
  • Cap & Gown – an olive green
  • B-Day Candle – a rich orange

I had the absolute pleasure of getting my nails done at Onyx Aesthetics Studio in Gastown, which not only is a CND salon, meaning that they use exclusively CND products, but is also the only nail salon I go to for special occasions where I need to absolutely trust the esthetician (for example for my engagement photos!). Whenever I get nail art done on my hands, I generally let the artist have free reign on the design. I’m absolutely in love with the Picasso-inspired art that the artist created on my nails. She used Baby Smile as the base, and accented with First Love and B-Day Candle. It was such a treat and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails.

You can purchase CND products at Onyx if you’re in Vancouver. Alternatively they can be purchased at your local salon, Chatters salons, and Trade Secrets stores.

Product received for review consideration. Manicure service and nail art were provided complimentary of CND and Onyx. All opinions are my own.

Brighten up your spring nails with CND Chic Shock

It’s no secret that CND Vinylux quickly made it as my favourite nail polish formula. This is the only formula I wear regularly now, and I’m loving the variety of shades that get introduced every season. For Spring 2018, CND releases Chic Shock, an Easter candy and K-beauty inspired collection that contains four beautiful pastel shades.

The four shades are :

  • Candied – a cool-toned baby pink creme
  • Taffy – a light turquoise mint creme
  • Jellied – a muted yellow creme
  • Gummi – a light violet creme

In the photo above, I’m wearing the Shellac equivalents of Candied, Taffy, and Jellied, dotted to look like a cute French manicure. It reminds me of candy, marshmallows, balloons, and Tsum Tsums at the same time! Thanks to Onyx Aesthetics Studio for the amazing manicure, as always.

In addition to the new shades, CND also revamped its bottle design, which correlates with its reformulation of the Vinylux formula. Vinylux now contains more conditioning oils to keep your nails healthy while still looking chic. The brush is also redesigned, featuring a wider and flatter brush that makes application super easy.

Vinylux polishes are super long lasting – I literally wear mine for 7-10 days and the only reason I need to remove and reapply is because of growth. I rarely get chipping, and the colour stays shiny throughout the entire time. You can now find CND Vinylux at Shoppers Drug Mart too, which is super convenient.

Chic Shock is now available wherever CND products are sold!

Products provided for review consideration; all opinions are my own.

Review – CND Glacial Illusion collection for winter / holiday 2017

CND Glacial Illusion collection for winter holiday 2017 review

It’s no secret that CND makes one of my favourite nail polish formulas – the CND Vinylux. The vast majority of my nail polish collection is comprised of this formula, and the reason is that it is so easy to apply, fast drying, and long wearing, basically everything you want in a nail polish formula.

You can see my collection below, and everything on the left with the black caps is CND!



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For winter 2017, CND has released Glacial Illusion, a collection of neutral colours that can take you from desk to evening. At the same time, the Vinylux formula has also been reformulated so that it doesn’t thicken as fast in the bottle, and the brush is also wider, which allows for even easier application.

The six colours in the collection are:

  • Mystic Slate (cream) – a neutral grey with a hint of green
  • Winter Nights (cream) – a medium-dark blue
  • Cashmere Wrap (cream) – a beautiful neutral light pink
  • Alpine Plum (metallic) – a cool-toned metallic lavender
  • Radiant Chill (metallic) – a chic rose gold
  • Icy Bar (shimmer) – a shimmery sheer white that can be worn alone or over top another shade to add some holiday shimmer

CND Glacial Illusion collection for winter holiday 2017 review
CND Glacial Illusion collection for winter holiday 2017 review

My favourite colour in this collection has got to be Mythic Slate, which is such a beautiful grey. I’ve been super into greys lately as it is a fantastic neutral and goes with so many other colours. These colours are also available in the Shellac formula, which you can see applied on me in the Instagram post below.


CND Vinylux is available at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.

Product received from PR for review consideration; all opinions are my own. 

Review – Nail care essentials from CND! #CNDRescueKit

CND nail care review

A few weeks ago, I was sent a set of nail care essentials from CND. CND makes some of my absolute favourite nail products, and their Vinylux formula is my favourite mass-market nail polish formula because it just lasts so long on me – up to 10 days with minimal chipping and tip wear!

CND Vinylux Polish + Top Coat is a no brainer. I highly recommend that you check out their Vinylux formula because it is one of the most long wearing polishes on the market.

CND nail care review

CND Scrub Fresh cleans and dehydrates the nail plate, to improve adhesion, reduce lifting and extend the life of the service. I use this right before applying polish, and after using the Solar Oil and Cuticle Eraser. It’s an acetone-based nail bed cleaner, designed to remove all traces of oil. While this is great and does extend the life of my polish wear… I feel like any good ol’ acetone-based nail polish remover will do the same, so this isn’t really special by any means.

CND Cuticle Eraser micro-exfoliates cuticles with a rich, creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturizes cuticles and helps prevent hangnails. I really like using this because I tend to get a lot of cuticle growth in between polish changes. This product really helps to exfoliate that dead skin and also makes it easier for bigger chunks of cuticle to be cut off without hurting myself. I’ll definitely continue to keep this in my nail kit.

CND nail care review

CND Solar Oil is their award-winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. This is my all-time favourite cuticle oil. It smells AMAZING, like almonds, and is just so good at keeping my nails, cuticles, and fingers moisturized. I have several bottles of this lying around, including one at my desk in the office, by my bedside, on my desk at home, and in my purse. I’m really bad at remembering to use this, but when I do, my nails feel great and also smells good. You can apply this over your favourite nail polish as a daily treatment, or as an in between nail polish changes.

CND Rescue RX is a highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. This is a very lightweight oil that’s meant to treat your nail beds with keratin protein. I use this on days when I’m not wearing any polish, and it’s very effective at keeping my nail beds feeling hydrated. Despite this though, I don’t really know if it’s making that big of a difference in terms of nail health, and I would reach for my Solar Oil more often than the Rescue RX, just because the Solar Oil is also hydrating on my cuticles. Rescue RX is a lot lighter and less greasy, so it’s better for when you’re on the go and need something that doesn’t leave grease marks.

CND products are available now at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.

Review + swatches: CND Aurora collection for winter 2015


For winter 2015, CND introduces Aurora collection in both its Vinylux and Shellac formulas, a set of four icy shades for the festive season (starting from second from the left):

  • Winter Glow – a creamy light pink that’s semi-sheer but opaque after 2-3 coats (depending on the thickness of each coat). While I like this colour as a nude base coat for other things (like sparkles), it’s a bit too light for me to wear as a “nude” polish, and it also makes my hands look really tanned 😦
  • Tundra – a metallic dusty rose that streaks a bit like most metallics, but isn’t as obvious as some other ones I’ve tried. This is a beautiful (and work appropriate) colour to wear.
  • Nordic Lights – a beautiful plummy purple with some holographic and silver sparkles. This one is SO PRETTY! And isn’t a super dark plum, so it’s not vampy compared to other similar polishes.
  • Glacial Mist – an glittery iced blue, which I’m not a fan of on all of my nails (looks a bit young to me), but I’d love as an accent nail.

In addition, to compare to Winter Glow, I also have Naked Naivete (first from the left), which is an even paler nude pink with a bit of a peach tinge. Like Winter Glow, this one is too pale for me to wear as a neutral nail, but the formula is amazing (as always).

I’ve previously done an extensive review of the Vinylux formula here, and my views for this collection remain the same. The brushes in each of these polishes are a dream to use, and the polish dries super quickly and with the top coat, gives off a very beautiful shine. Wear time is excellent at around 7-10 days with very minimal (if any) chipping. I highly recommend these if you are going on any extended trips and don’t want to worry too much about your polish.

CND Vinylux Aurora collection is priced at C$11.95 and is available now at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.


Swatches + nail art: CND Vinylux Garden Muse collection for Summer 2015

CND Vinylux Garden Muse swatches

Arriving in stores and online this month, the CND Vinylux Garden Muse collection for summer 2015 is a treat for the eyes. A collection of 6 shades, it is available in the Vinylux weekly polish formula, or the Shellac power polish 14-day formula:

  • Beckoning Begonia – a lilac with fine silver sparkles
  • Crushed Rose – a dusty rose creme, my favourite of the bunch!
  • Wisteria Haze – a lavender creme
  • Lost Labyrinth – a metallic blue
  • Reflecting Pool – a blue creme
  • Butterfly Queen – a shimmery magenta with chunky sparkles

I’ve previously done an extensive review of the Vinylux formula here, and my views for this collection remain the same. The brushes in each of these polishes are a dream to use, and the polish dries super quickly and with the top coat, gives off a very beautiful shine.

The CND Vinylux formula is priced at C$11.95 and is available now at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.

The swatches

From left to right: Beckoning Begonia, Reflecting Pool, Crushed Rose, Lost Labyrinth, and Butterfly Queen

CND Vinylux Garden Muse swatches

Nail art look

I was invited by CND to experience a Shellac manicure using products from the Garden Muse collection and my nail artist, Denise, did this office-friendly yet still funky nail art on me. Using the Shellac version of Beckoning Begonia and on all of the nails except for the ring finger, which she used the Shellac exclusive Hot Pop Pink (the Shellac alternative for Crushed Rose). She then used a nail stamper to stamp a design on my ring finger using Beckoning Begonia, and finished off with some sparkles. I’m super loving this design for spring!

CND Garden Muse swatches

Will you be picking up any of these colours?

Review + Swatches: CND Vinylux Flora & Fauna for Spring 2015

CND Vinylux Flora Fauna swatches review

For Spring 2015, CND has created Flora & Fauna in their beloved and highly popular Vinylux formula. The shades in the Flora & Fauna collection include:

  • Fragrant Freesia – a jelly nude pink with square cellophane sparkles
  • Wild Moss – a mossy green with gold sparkles
  • Field Fox – a creme nude light mauve
  • Salmon Run – a creme peach
  • Thistle Thicket – a creme dusty lilac-grey
  • Blush Teddy – a creme nude pink
  • Creekside – a creme sky blue
  • Dandelion – an iridescent peach

Available at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products, Vinylux is a long-lasting wear polish that guarantees 7 whole days of wear with no chips. The system is easy: just your colour + base coat in one, and your top coat + sealant in another. Do not apply a separate base coat, as that would affect the long lasting effect of this system. CND Vinylux is also a fast-drying polish, taking just under a minute for the first coat to dry and a few minutes for the second coat to be ready for top coat.

I’ve tested out several shades from the Flora & Fauna collection and I have to say I am extremely impressed. At first I was worried about the 7-day claim as most polished that make that claim all seem to chip on me on day 3-4. Also, I was worried about staining, as CND says to not use a base coat when applying this polish. Some of the darker/brighter shades would most likely stain my nails, I thought.

Firstly, CND Vinylux lasts a record-breaking 10 days on me. This is 10 days of near-perfect wear, with just some barely noticeable tip wear after maybe the 7-8th day. My cuticles were growing out faster than this nail polish was chipping, which was very impressive. For that, I have to say that CND Vinylux is the perfect vacation or trip nail polish as you do not need to reapply or fix while you are on the road (damn you Chanel for chipping so crazily just on the 2nd day of my Mexico trip).

Secondly, I tested out various shades from the collection, both dark and light, and none of them stained my nails, even without using a traditional basecoat. They were also very easy to remove with Zoya Remove+, even the shades that contained a large amount of glitter.

I am very much in love with the colours in the Flora & Fauna collection. These colours – mostly soft pastels (but not those types of cheesy pastels) and soft tone greys and olives – were light enough to be work appropriate, yet were still unique. Most of the shades were two-coaters, with the exeption of Salmon Run with required a third coat. My favourite of the bunch was Fragrant Freesia, a light mauve-pink jelly with what looked like iridescent cellophane sparkles.

Some tips from CND to ensure your nail polish lasts and lasts:

  • For two-coaters, apply your first coat thin and barely there in order to smooth out ridges on the nail and also prevent air bubbles.
  • For each coat of polish and also the top coat, wrap the tip of the nail to also cover that in colour and top coat.

CND Vinylux Flora & Fauna is priced at C$11.95 and is available now at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.

The swatches

From left to right: Thistle Thicket #184, Dandelion #180, Wild Moss #186, Field Fox #185, and Fragrant Freesia #187

CND Vinylux Flora Fauna swatches review