I’m alive! And a look for a birthday dinner =)

I’m alive! I must apologize for my sudden drop from the blogsphere over the past few weeks (again). I’ve been really preoccupied with work and trying to keep up a social life and stay committed to my volunteer commitments at the same time, so I’ve had less and less time to blog. I’ve still been pretty good at taking photographs, I’ve just not had the time to write up blog posts and then publish them. I will still keep on blogging for as long as I can but I’m no longer able to promise regular posts. In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter where I’ll be updating more regularly.

How has everyone been since the last time I updated? There is actually a ton of new things (events and *cough* new things) in my life right now, but I won’t be going into too much detail here. Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!


I wore this face out to my friend Viv’s birthday dinner. I used:

  • Bourjois Happy Mix Serum in #53 Beige Clair as base
  • Bourjois Happy Mix Balance Unifying Powder in #53 Beige Clair to powder and set my foundation
  • Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Apparition all over my eye lids without a primer, as well as on my lower lashline for definition
  • Majolica Majorca mascara
  • Chanel Joues Constraste in Rose Initiale on cheeks
  • Guerlain Rouge G in 06 Garance on lips

Unfortunately, the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre did not last all night on my oily lids without a base, which is unfortunate but expected. I will need to use a base and set it with powder next time.


Swatches/Thoughts: Chanel Blue Illusion Collection – Le Vernis in Sky Line and Illusion d’Ombre in Apparition

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture collection is probably my favourite designer collection for the year. I absolutely love the blue themed makeup that was done, which matched the intricate designs of the clothes beautifully. The makeup that was used was released as a capsule collection called Blue Illusion, which launched at Holt Renfrew last week. The entire collection is still available now, and if you need a reliable sales person, you can call the Chanel counter at Holt Renfrew Vancouver and ask for Jessica or Mandy.


The first thing on my list for this collection is the Le Vernis Nail Colour in Sky Line. This is a gorgeous metallic periwinkle. The formula is medium-thick, and because it is metallic, it does have the tendency to streak. It applies smoothly and dries pretty quickly. You can get away with one thick coat for full coverage, or two thin coats.



The second item, one that I deliberated about for a long time before finally jumping for it, is the Illusion d’Ombre in Apparition. I love navy eyeshadows and this one is no exception. It is a beautiful shimmery navy blue with lots of depth. Pigmentation is medium but it can be layered for a more intense look. This is my first Illusion d’Ombre and I’m really loving the formula as it feels really interesting on my finger. It blends out really easily and is also smooth to the touch. The navy blue is ultra flattering on all skin tones.



I also played with the Illusion d’Ombre in Destination, which is a pale grey-blue. It is equally gorgeous as Apparition but I’ve been trying to cut down on my makeup purchases, so I didn’t get it. I highly recommend you check out this collection as everything is just breathtaking.


In other Holt Renfrew related news, the Chanel counter there has pretty much overhauled their entire staff list and brought in new people. Everyone who I’ve met there is really nice and feel complete different from the people who were there before. Now I’m a little more comfortable in shopping there, especially because they do get so many exclusive collections.

Swatches: Chanel Joues Constraste in 72 Rose Initiale for Fall 2012 (US version)


Chanel Joues Constraste are my little guilty pleasures and I’ve been looking for the perfect rose-pink blush for the longest time. When swatches of Rose Illusion surfaced on the internet, I was so excited because this looked like “the one.” Also I had a few eBay bucks left over so I was able to get this blush for a good price on eBay, which is also why it is the US pressed blush formula and not the usual international baked blush formula that I’m able to get.


Rose Initiale is a coral pink-rose with a very subtle sheen. Here are some swatches (on the left) in comparison to Rose Petale (on the right):


This is my first US-version blush by Chanel and I’m pleasantly surprised. I always knew that our lovely neighbours to the south always complained about how bad the baked version is compared to their pressed version, and I finally know why. The pressed version is super, and I emphasize the super, finely milled, soft and pigmented compared to our baked version.


Compared to my Rose Petale, which is a baked blush, Rose Initiale is so much softer and pigmented. I achieved the swatches above with just one swipe of Rose Initiale, versus about 3-4 swipes of Rose Petale. The downside to how pigmented it is is that I will have to be extra careful about how much I apply, compared to now when I can easily just build up the colours.

I love my Rose Initiale and I think I’m a convert to the US pressed versions of Joues Constraste. The texture and pigmentation difference is worth it for me to order in the US. Did I forget to mention that the US version contains 6 grams of product where the international version only has four grams? Sadness, I know.

Swatches/Review + Birthday FOTD: Lise Watier Autumn Millesime Collection


I am so terribly sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. My cousin came to visit me from the UK so I was busy taking her out to explore Vancouver that I haven’t had any time to take photos or blog. She just left today so I will be doing some major catch-up, both blog-related and also personally.

I went to preview Lise Watier’s Millesime collection a few weeks ago, you can see coverage of the collection here. Even though it is a little early for fall, I was really excited to try all of these products because I love the texture of Lise Watier products, so I know these will not disappoint. Today, I have the Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Cognacs, the Kajal (or Kohl) eyeliner in Noir Bleu, and Rouge Gourmand Lipstick in Shiraz to share with you. I also received the Duo Eyeshadow & Glitter in Brown Amber, but I am giving it away in my giveaway, which ends on Saturday!


Swatches from left to right: Eyeshadow Quartet in Les Cognacs, the Kajal (or Kohl) eyeliner in Noir Bleu, and Rouge Gourmand Lipstick in Shiraz.


  • Les Cognacs is a warm chocolate-copper palette, the four shades are: shimmery taupe, sheer shimmery white, metallic copper and chocolate with a sheen
  • Noir Bleu is a dark navy kohl liner
  • Shiraz is a shimmery, deep violet-ruby that looks exactly like the wine!

My birthday was last week and for a night out with my girls, I did this look with my favourite product out of the collection, which is the palette in Les Cognacs. This palette is a beautiful combination of warm chocolates and coppers that is not too warm for my neutral skintone. I created a simple warm smokey look with this palette that is great for a nice dinner.


The other products I used were:

  • Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20, Chanel Poudre Universelle
  • Cheeks: Chanel Joues Constraste in Rose Petale
  • Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion, L’Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in Black (a new favourite!), Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain mascara, Ardell lashes in 120.

IMG_6388 - Copy
With UDPP as the primer, the eye makeup did not budge until I got home much later that night. The four different shades in the Les Cognacs palette complement each other perfectly. They also blend very well together, without requiring too much actual blending.

The Millesime collection will be out this August at all Lise Watier counters.


Sneak peek: Chanel Holiday 2012 Collection – Eclats du Soir de Chanel

A wonderful Specktra member took some sneak peek photos of Chanel’s Holiday 2012 collection. You can see the original photos here.

I look forward to the Chanel holiday collection every year because that and Guerlain and usually the two collections that blow my mind, in a good way. Sadly I am quite disappointed with this year’s collection. I find that Chanel is releasing more and more collections throughout the year, kind of like how MAC does small collections. There is the usual 4 collections for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and they also do a Le Blanc Asia-exclusive collection that usually ends up here too, a pre-fall collection, and usually smaller collections of products used during their Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter Couture collections.

What are your thoughts?

“Go big or go home” – the big reveal! [very pic heavy!]


I’ve been really bad lately, buying a pair of nice shoes and then now a nice bag. I was thinking about writing this huge long novel about how I’ve been lemming after a designer bag since university but was too poor for it, yadda yadda yadda. Well that is kind of true, but the real truth is that a girl is allowed to spoil herself once in a while right?


Just like my friend over at Just J, this bag has a pretty cool name, it’s called the Just Mademoiselle bag. I love how it’s almost “open concept.” There’s a zipper compartment in the centre but the two sides are open, which is perfect for me because I like to just throw my stuff in my bag and go. There’s also a magnetic closure that helps everything stay together, which is also great.


See more pics! Continue reading

Peacock eyes: smokey blue look for a night out


I attended a good friend’s birthday dinner last weekend and I wore this look out. I haven’t done a smokey look in quite some time so since I was wearing a cobalt dress, I decided to do a blue smokey look. I used one of my favourite blue palettes: the L’Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity in Aquadisiac, which was an Asia-exclusive.

I used UDPP as my primer, which I dusted the turquoise all over my eyelid as an all-over base. I applied the navy blue in my outer V and crease area, as well as on the outer half of my lower lash line. I then used a set angled eyeliner brush and applied the black as a liner, then used a pencil brush to blend it out. I used the white in my inner corner, along my tearduct and on the inner half of my lower lash line. I blended the navy blue and white on the lower lash line with a bit of the turquoise. I intensified the look by adding another layer of the turquoise and blending it in with the other shades.

On my cheeks, I used Chanel Joues Constraste in Rose Petale, a pretty rose shade. On my lips was Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Empire, a beautiful shimmer pink. My mascara with Helena Rubinstein and I also used Dollywink Liquid Liner to line my upper lash line, slightly winged out. Lastly, I used the white eyeshadow shade on my brow bone to highlight.

My base makeup for the day was Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation with a light dusting of Chanel loose powder.


Swatches + Comparison: Office Appropriate Nail Polish


I’m starting a new job soon and the work environment is a little more conservative compared to my previous job. As such, I’m not able to use the bright coloured nail polish that I love and will miss. I got a little bored over the weekend and decided to put together a colour wheel of all of the office appropriate nail polish in my stash. I *think* these are office appropriate, and as usual I’m probably going to push the limits with the colour as I settle into the new work environment. Please give me some feedback if you also work in a conservative office environment.

From left to right:


  • Dior Vernis in 381 Blue Lilac
  • Dior Vernis in 251 Pink Dahlia
  • Dior Vernis in 253 Pink Icing
  • Dior Vernis in 108 Ivory
  • Dior Vernis in 362 Rose Freesia
  • Dior Vernis in 386 Cherry Flower


  • Chanel Le Vernis in 557 Morning Rose
  • Chanel Le Vernis in 539 June


  • Jill Stuart nail polish in 41 Romantic Berry
  • Jill Stuart nail polish in 34 Brilliant Princess
  • Jill Stuart nail polish in 18 Ball Room


  • Deborah Lippman nail polish in Prelude to a Kiss
  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Passion
  • SpaRitual nail polish in Mystic
  • Butter London Nail Lacquer in All Hail the Queen
More shots…


Swatch/Review: Ombre Perlees de Chanel in Preference (Duty Free Exclusive)

I was really excited when I saw that Cathay Pacific had this exclusive Ombre Perlees de Chanel palette. Being completely obsessed with the formula of these “pearlized eyeshadows” from last Spring which delivered beautiful colour, I wanted this palette real bad. Coincidentally, my dad was flying Cathay on his way back from China so he was able to grab one for me.

Unfortunately, this palette is a complete letdown, being close to a disaster. The colour I was looking forward to the most – the taupe – is sheer and mostly just glitter. The gold is pretty much just gold glitter in a clear base. The pink was also a disappointment since it doesn’t adhere to the skin. The only two colours that were pretty nice were the olive green, which is a beautiful, intense, smooth colour, and the matte black, which isn’t as pigmented or smooth but still deposited a good amount of colour. The swatches of the pink, taupe and gold were of multiple swipes, but the olive and black were just of one swipe each.

I thought maybe it would wear better than it swatches, but I was completely wrong. It just refuses to stick to my eyelid, making a huge glittery mess out of everything. I didn’t take photos of my look because it didn’t look very attractive.

Priced at $59USD, I wouldn’t recommend this palette to anyone. This is probably the WORST Chanel palette I have ever come across, and if I had the chance to swatch this in person, I would never have purchased this.


Chanel’s new “BB” Cream! Chanel “CC Cream” Complete Correction Cream SPF 30, PA+++ (includes swatch)

Chanel’s version of the BB Cream is coming out soon! Called the CC Cream, or Complete Correction Cream, it contains skincare properties for hydration, brightening, anti-aging, as well as SPF 30 and PA+++, as well as coverage for a natural look. Beauty editors from Asia have been talking about this cream on Weibo so I thought to post it up. No word yet on when it will be released, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!