FASHION | Top styles trending this season per Holt Renfrew, Aimee Song and Coveteur

With fall officially in full swing, I was invited to a fall trends report presentation at Holt Renfrew Vancouver where fashion blogger Aimee Song discussed the latest trends for the season with Coveteur Co-founder Stephanie Mark. They touched on several trends but I wanted to share my personal favourites with you.

1. Warm neutrals

Warm neutrals such as warm beiges, leopard print, burgundies are my ultimate go-to when it comes to fall dressing. This appears to be in consensus with Aimee, Stephanie, and Holt’s fall trend report too. These colours just make me feel super cosy, and are also reflective of the beautiful fall tones that are bestowed upon us at this time of year. While I don’t rock leopard print that much apart from my footwear, burgundy is my favourite colour to wear.

This season we’re also seeing a continuation of the monotone look where your entire outfit is a variation of the same colour. I absolutely love this trend, as it is easy to put together but still look very trendy.

2. Power dressing

I purchased my first Balmain blazer earlier this year, and I love a good blazer to wear over top any outfit to make me look more polished and put together. One of Aimee’s favourite things to wear is an oversized blazer. She suggested sizing up (she normally takes a large) if you’re looking for a more relaxed casual vibe but still look polished. I personally prefer something more tailored, or even fitted, as I find an oversized blazer can look overwhelming on me. In recent years, I’ve seen blazers created with more unique features, such as a peplum detail, a ruffle back, or a waterfall front.

Power dressing doesn’t have to mean sticking to the classic blazer. You can achieve this look by incorporating other tailored items in your wardrobe. I recently discovered culottes by Max Mara which are super comfortable yet polished. One point that Aimee and Stephanie touched on, which I agree with, is power dressing is all about wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and powerful in your own skin. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’ll give off that positive energy which will make you look and feel powerful.

3. Flushed cheeks

As a beauty blogger, of course I’m loving the fresh skin, flushed cheeks trend. Cream blushes are great at this time of year because skin tends to be dryer so you want to use something more emollient. Aimee suggested that a good cream blush will also act as a great all-in-one helper when you’re short on purse space or when you’re travelling, as it can be applied on your cheeks, lips, and eyelids. Something like the La Prairie Radiance Cream Blush, available at Holts, comes with a super high quality mirror in the compact so you can touch up wherever you go.

Which of these trends are you going to incorporate in your own style?

Photos courtesy of Holt Renfrew. Thanks to Holts for inviting me to this event.

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