HOME DECOR | Our new king size tufted bed

Candace and Basil Santa Fe bed in ivory linen made in Canada custom bed review

Introducing our new KING BED from Candace & Basil. This is the Santa Fe bed in ivory linen. It was built-to-order, and custom made for us – the nails on the wings were removed and replaced with more tufting (you know how much I love tufting). It was my first time ordering from Candace and Basil and I am pretty happy with how everything turned out in the end. Read on for my initial thoughts on this bed!

This bed is MADE IN CANADA, and is incredibly well built. You can seriously tell the difference in quality between this and another off-the-shelf piece of furniture. It was shipped to us from Mississauga in three separate parcels, and it was very easy to assemble. While the colour is not a true ivory, more of a cream-beige, it ended up working out really well for us because we had a white bed before and over time it would yellow a bit from general use and also being in the sun. The fabric is SUPER SOFT. I couldn’t believe how soft this is, and I just love running my hands across the fabric.

Candace and Basil Santa Fe bed in ivory linen made in Canada custom bed review

The primary issue we noticed was that our mattress is thinner than most modern mattresses because it doesn’t have that pillow top, so the mattress doesn’t quite go up to where the tufting part of the headboard. It’s not a huge issue because most people have pillow top mattresses, and we can cover the gap with pillows. If you are in the same boat as me and are interested in ordering this bed, you could ask them to reduce the amount of space on the headboard with no tufting. The other issue was that the production and shipping process took a lot longer than expected. Because this bed is built-to-order, they estimated 2 weeks for manufacturing and then another week to ship. It ended up taking over 3 weeks to build (they said they had some issues with the wing design), and nearly 2 weeks to ship across the country. As with everything house-related, we’ve learned that you need to build in a lot of time to accommodate for delays – nearly everything has been delayed.

Candace and Basil Santa Fe bed in ivory linen made in Canada custom bed review

Customer service was good to begin with – they were super nice, very informative, and I LOVE the live chat function (more companies should have live chat). But when they encountered delays after we ordered, we weren’t informed of the delays until we had contacted them to ask if they were still on track for delivery. That was when we found out that they had issues with the wing design and that the bed wouldn’t be complete. We were then told that the bed would be complete the following weekend (but it wasn’t, and there were a few other follow ups on my end). I understand that delays happen but we wished they were a bit better with communication towards the end.

Overall I’m happy with the bed itself, the quality is just amazing, especially for that price. The delays were a bit troublesome but I think partly it’s for me to adjust my expectations. They also work with Paybright to offer free financing. We knew that we will have a lot of expenses in the first few months so we opted for the payment split over 6 months, with no additional cost.

There’s another local Vancouver furniture manufacturer named after the famous painter with one ear, and they also make custom beds like this, however their prices are over 2x what Candace & Basil charges, primarily because Candace & Basil sells direct to consumers whereas the other furniture company only sells through retailers with that retailer markup.

Candace and Basil also sells furniture that they don’t make in-house. There’s quite a big selection, and the prices are reasonable. We liked that they offer free shipping and returns on all orders, except the custom-made beds. Free shipping is available on custom furniture but they are final sale. If you’re looking for some good quality furniture, I highly recommend checking them out.

*UPDATE* Candace and Basil has very generously offered my readers a 10% off discount with the code MADDY10. This coupon is valid on everything except their custom-made beds. I do not get a commission or affiliate fee if you use this discount, it’s just a nice bit of savings for you guys!

Candace and Basil Santa Fe bed in ivory linen made in Canada custom bed review

This post is not sponsored, we paid for the bed ourselves.

2 thoughts on “HOME DECOR | Our new king size tufted bed

  1. Thanks for this post! Now I know of a custom furniture maker and have more options for my home. Wonder if they’d consider using some of our custom designs for their furniture🤔

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