Show some love with the LUSH Valentine’s Day 2018 collection

Lush Valentine's Day 2018 Tisty Tosty

The LUSH Valentine’s Day collection for 2018 is the biggest I’ve seen it in several years. I’m so excited about this year’s collection because it’s a good variety of bath, shower, and other products. Also, this is usually when rose products come full force so I am definitely a fan. Check out my thoughts on the various products below!

Starting out with the biggest hit of this year, the popular Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb (C$8.95) is now available in a GIANT version. The normal version, which is also available to purchase, is 165 grams, but the Giant Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb (C$19.95) is over four times the size at 700 grams.  It is huge, very heavy, and is amazing for if you want to fill up a larger bathtub. Both sizes are formulated with lemon oil, geranium oil, rose absolute, rose oil, as well as sea salt and rose petals for that complete relaxing bath experience. It smells amazingly rosy, and is such a fun indulgence both by myself and with my boyfriend. My apologies that I don’t have photos of the Rose Bombshell Bath Bombs because my photos were corrupted 😦

Lush Valentine's Day 2018 Love Boat

In addition to Rose Bombshell, in the bath bomb category we also have Tisty Tosty (C$6.95), a concoction of rose and jasmine. Compared to Rose Bombshell, Tisty Tosty is fresher and lighter, and not as much of a warm rose. This is great if you like rose but doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by it. My boyfriend really enjoyed Love Boat (C$7.95), because it’s like the adult version of having a toy boat in your bath. It contains lemon oil, orange oil, and rose oil if you want a citrus-y take on a rose product.

Lush Valentine's Day 2018 collection review

If you prefer to have a bit more fun during your bath, may I suggest Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (C$7.95) or Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroom (C$8.95). Both of these will create a plethora of silky bubbles to help you spend a bit more time in the bath. Unicorn Horn is a lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli blend that’s pretty much just straight bubbles. In comparison, Whole Lotta Love is formulated with bergamot, jasmine, lemongrass, rose, ylang ylang, and gardenia for that full garden experience, and also contains cocoa butter and murumuru butter to give you silky smooth skin right out of the bath. Lastly in the bubbles category is Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bath Melt, a bubble bar that contains cocoa butter, bergamot oil, geranium oil, jasmine absolute, and rose absolute. Between the three, I prefer Whole Lotta Love just because I find it slightly less drying and the scent is also mesmerizing.

Lush Valentine's Day 2018 collection review

For body care products, we have Cherryish Body Scrub (C$12.95), a sea salt and cocoa butter based balmy body scrub, as well as Melt my Heart Massage Bar (C$7.95), a cocoa butter and shea butter based massage oil bar. I personally dislike Lush’s body scrubs, not because of the formulation, but because I tend to take very hot showers and then the product just melts really quickly in the shower. I do like the formulation though, because it gives a very nice scrub and moisturizes at the same time. Lush’s Massage Bars were one of the first Lush products I’ve used ever, and I’ve been loving it since. In addition to being a great treat with your partner, they are a great alternative to a body butter when you’re traveling since it doesn’t take up your liquids allocation.

Lush Valentine's Day 2018 collection review

If you’re not into taking baths, and are just looking for plain and simple shower products, then Tunnel of Light Soap (C$8.95) and Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream (C$24.95) are for you. Tunnel of Light Soap is a rosewater, cocoa butter and coconut oil-based soap. It has a very subtle light flora rose scent that even my boyfriend was fine using – it’d be an awesome product to stick in your shower for your partner! Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream is made with  shea and murumuru butters, as well as jasmine, ylang ylang, and vanilla to give you the most decadent of showers. I’m a fan of Lush’s naked shower creams as they work pretty much exactly like the regular shower creams. I’ve been using mine every day for the last 2 months and I still have maybe 1-2 weeks worth of product left.

One new, and very intriguing thing introduced this year is the Kiss Me Quick Wash Card (C$3.50). Basically the adult version of a Valentine’s Day card, you can stick this into a card for your lover or friend and they get a one-time-use card that will lather under water for some quick and easy suds. Made with apple pulp and cloves, this smells delicious, like cider. It’s great if you are going somewhere for one night and need to bring your own shower products with you.

Lastly, we have a delicious lip scrub, The Kiss (C$9.95), made with mandarin and almond oil, it’s great for keeping your lips flake-free and hydrated. I don’t generally use lip scrubs since they can get messy, but this one is easy to use since you just lick your lips clean.

Overall, my picks for this year’s Valentine’s Day collection are the Giant Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroom, Melt my Heart Massage Bar, and Tender is the Night Shower Cream. You can pick up all of these products in LUSH stores across Canada and online at

Product provided by PR for review consideration; all opinions are my own.


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