Fight city pollution with Biotherm Skin Oxygen

Biotherm Skin Oxygen review

The new Biotherm Skin Oxygen collection is designed for city life. It claims to fight off pollution and other environmental aggressors, helping the skin breath and be more detoxified through the use of star ingredient Chlorella Algae ‘the breathing algae.’

Skin Oxygen Foaming Melting Gel (C$26 for 150mL) depolluting cleanser traps and removes impurities while not drying out the skin. It’s a foaming gel cleanser that deep cleanses but is still gentle on the skin. Biotherm makes some of my favourite high end yet still affordable. Over the years, the prices of their basic cleansers and toners haven’t gone up by much, which is great. This cleanser doesn’t remove makeup, and would work best as a second cleanse. It also works very well with a Clarisonic to remove all last traces of makeup and grime. In terms of its skin oxygenating properties, I really haven’t noticed much. It’s a good basic cleanser for anyone who is looking to try something new. I’d say this is good for all skin types.

Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion (C$26 for 200mL) is a clarifying, skin-perfecting, pore minimizing toner. It contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. I haven’t used a traditional toner in a few years, so it was interesting to see with this one. It is super lightweight, and is a perfect last step to cleansing, removing every last bit of grime from my skin, and prepping it for the next steps.

Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate Anti-Oxidant Serum (C$58 for 30mL) strengthens the skin and repairs damage due to environmental aggressors. It has the texture of a lightweight gel fluid, and absorbs really quickly. It feels cooling, and slightly hydrating. It smells fresh, but the smell dissipates quickly. I have very dry skin and this alone isn’t quite enough to keep my skin adequately hydrated.

Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel (C$60 for 50mL) is an oil-free hydrating moisturizer that reinforces the skin barrier, moisturises intensively stressed skin, helps to reduce sebum and prevents pollution particles from being absorbed into the skin. While I like that this is a very refreshing moisturizer, I didn’t feel like this was enough to keep my very dry skin hydrated throughout the day. That being said, I used this in the dead of winter so it might be better in the summer when it’s not so dry out.

Generally I think this collection is fantastic for young skin. If you are in your late teens or early to mid 20s, this would be a great basic skincare range to try out, particularly if you live in the big city where there is a lot of pollution. This could also work out if you have normal to oily skin types, but not super dry. Unfortunately, I feel like the serum and moisturizer, which are the most important products in a skincare range, aren’t intense and nourishing enough for my ultra dry skin type. I love the cleanser and the toner, and feel like those would be perfect for all skin types.

You can purchase the Biotherm Skin Oxygen range at The Bay, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and on

Product received as a gift from a media event; all opinions are my own.


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