Drape your skin in the ultimate luxury fragrances by Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin Beaute has been one of those “look but don’t touch” brands for me. Ever since their release a few years ago, I’ve never researched too deeply into the products in fear of falling love with any of them because of the high price tag. The brand started with a launch of nail products, then lip products, and have now expanded into eyeliners, brow products, and mascara. Unknown to me was that they had also launched a collection of fragrances, and a few weeks ago I was invited to the Christian Louboutin Beaute counter at Holt Renfrew Vancouver to experience these scents.

These fragrances were created by Christian to depict specific visions of different women:

  • Tournade Blonde – a glamourous scent for the red lipstick-wearing diva, think Marilyn Monroe. It contains notes of Rhubarb, Violet Leaves, Ambrette Signature, Cassis, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmin Sambac Absolut, Orange Flower Petals Firnat, Gardenia from Brazil, Ambregris, Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood, and Patchouli.
  • Bikini Questra Sera – a warm floral for the free spirited woman, lounging on the beach or in a villa. It contains notes of Paradisone, Green Nectars, Jasmin Absolut, Tuberose Absolut, Australian Sandalwood, Vetiver Haiti, and Ambregris.
  • Trouble in Heaven – a sultry, seductive, and smokey scent that represents the sexy woman who is fierce and not afraid to get what she wants. It contains notes of Bergamot, Cascalone, Rose Bouton, Iris Firabs, Amber, Patchouli, Tonka Absolut, and Labdanum.

I was asked to smell each of these, and pick the one that resonated the most with me. I normally don’t like rich, heavy scents (I generally prefer lighter, more airy scents), but all of these smelled SO GOOD. I love florals, and Tournade Blonde and Bikini Questra Sera were both florals, rose and jasmine, respectively. In the end being the rose lover that I am, I picked the Tournade Blonde.

Tournade Blonde is one of the most complex rose fragrances I’ve ever owned or smelled. The combination of rose, cassis, violet, and gardenia create a beautiful, rich scent that has multiple layers. Like a real rose, you peel back the outer petals to reveal a softer inner core. I love wearing this, it makes me feel ultra glamourous, sexy, and confident. Because it is on the richer side, I feel like it’s more appropriate as a night-time fragrance, but I can wear this to a date-night, girls night out, or any evening occasion. Paired with a pair of heels, preferably Christian Louboutin, it makes me feel unstoppable. These fragrances are expensive, but you rarely have to reapply because wear time is very good; it is a parfum after all.

Christian Louboutin fragrances are available in parfums, priced at C$185 for 30mL or C$375 for 80mL, as well as perfume oils priced at C$415 for 30mL. The perfume oils are probably one of the most decadent and sensual beauty products I’ve ever laid eyes on. You can find all of these products at Holt Renfrew Vancouver.

Product featured in this post was provided as a gift for attending the Christian Louboutin fragrance event at Holt Renfrew Vancouver; all opinions are my own.


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