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Avalon Organics review

Avalon Organics is an American NSF-certified skin, body, and haircare brand. In addition to offering products that contain natural and organic ingredients, Avalon Organics also is involved in philanthropy by working with CARE® as one of the founding partners of the Empower Her Through Education campaign, a 3-year partnership to help break down the barriers to education for girls in developing countries. The goal is to help open the door to quality education for some of the 31 million girls not in school around the globe. By learning basic skills like reading and writing, girls can gain confidence and courage to lead the way to a better world for themselves, their families, and their communities.

I received a few products from Avalon to try out. I’m pretty impressed with the ingredients list, namely aloe vera juice is the first ingredient in most products, and water is second. The products also contain a very high dose of essential oils, which make up the majority of the remaining ingredients. The surfactants used in foaming products are the coconut oil-based coco glycoside and sodium coco-sulfate, as well as sugar and lipid-based lauryl glucoside. Also let’s rejoice, because the products don’t include parfum (synthetic fragrance)!

First things first – these products are designed to treat. I found that all of them have a very strong almost herbal scent from all of the essential oils, each ingredient is designed for a specific purpose. The Clarifying Lemon Shampoo (C$13.99) is fantastic as a deep cleanse. I really enjoy using this if I had several day-old styled hair or if my hair was feeling particularly gunky.  It contains lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit oils to help clarify the hair and scalp, as well as calendula and chamomile extract to soothe. This is probably my favourite product out of all the ones I’ve tried. The accompanying Clarifying Lemon Conditioner (C$13.99) is great as well. It contains sunflower seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, as well as the citrus oils and calendula and chamomile extracts. It works really well after using the Clarifying Shampoo to help replenish any lost moisture.

The Rejuvenating Rosemary Bath and Shower Gel (C$12.99) is almost medicinal. The rosemary essential oil, calendula, aloe and botanical cleansers to purify and rejuvenate extra dry skin, and the rosemary scent helps to stimulate the mind. This is a fantastic shower gel to use after a long tiring day, or in the morning to help wake you up. While I’m not a huge fan of the scent, I found that a little bit of this shower gel went a long way, and the scent doesn’t linger too long. Even though I love taking long, hot showers, my skin didn’t feel too dry after using this, and on warmer days I could get away with not using any body lotion, which is a win in my books. The Nourishing Lavender Hand and Body Lotion (C$14.99) smells beautifully like natural lavender (none of that synthetic stuff). It’s super lightweight and almost like a gel-cream, but still very hydrating and soothing. It’s not greasy at all, and I actually prefer it as a hand cream over body cream – my hands are super dry and this helps to treat my dryness.

Lastly, The Revitalizing Peppermint Glycerin Hand Soap (C$10.99) is sadly my least favourite product. I dislike peppermint, especially on my hands where I have pretty dry skin, so I try not to aggravate it with peppermint. It’s a decent hand wash, where it washes off any grease and dirt off my hands, but I can’t get over the tingly sensation.

I highly recommend picking up the Clarifying Lemon Shampoo & Conditioner, as well as the Nourishing Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. Both worked wonderfully on me, and I can’t wait to discover more by this brand!

You can pick up Avalon Organics products at Loblaws, Whole Foods, London Drugs, Sobeys West, and

Product received as PR samples for review consideration; all opinions are my own.


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