Review – LUSH Mother’s Day 2017 collection, featuring Elsie the Giraffe, Scrubee, Pink Custard Shower Jelly, and Honey Lip Scrub

LUSH Mother's Day 2017 collection review

Mother’s Day is coming up, this year it seemed to be so soon after Easter. For Mother’s Day this year, LUSH has created a ton of new products to share with your beloved mother, or to keep for yourself to enjoy. I’m sharing four new LUSH products with you today.

LUSH Mother's Day 2017 collection Elsie the Giraffe review

LUSH Elsie the Giraffe (C$9.95) Reusable Bubble Bar is the most adorable thing ever, especially after April the Giraffe made headlines this year with her live stream birth. It contains three different types of citrus oils – lemon, lime, and grapefruit oils – to create the most uplifting and cheerful bath experience. You can use this multiple times, just run under running water to create some happy bubbles, then set aside for next time.

LUSH Mother's Day 2017 collection Scrubee review

My honey obsession continues with Scrubee (C$7.95) Body Butter, an adorable invention. It contains tons and tons of cocoa butter, shea butter, plus honey and coconut oil to create the most luxuriously moisturizing body butter bar ever. It also contains ground coconut shells and ground almonds to create a wonderful exfoliating experience. I love using this in the bath actually (just make sure not to drop the thing in the water), and then I don’t have to use moisturizer after. Also can you tell that it looks like a bee with its alternative stripes! Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?

LUSH Mother's Day 2017 collection Pink Custard Shower Jelly review

Fulfill a girl’s dream with Pink Custard Shower Jelly (C$7.95 for 100mL, or C$12.95 for 240mL). It contains Lavender Oil, Tonka Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, and Neroli Oil, blended together for a dreamy shower experience. I personally find these pretty hard to use whole, so I prefer to cut them up into little pieces and I use it up piece by piece instead. Alternatively I’ve also melted this into a squirt bottle and just have it be squirted out. It smells so bubbly and springy, making each shower experience a happy one.

LUSH Mother's Day 2017 collection Honey Lip Scrub review

Lastly, I was so excited to discover that LUSH now has a new Honey Lip Scrub (C$9.95). My lips are constantly dry, so using a lip scrub like this helps keep my dry bits at bay. Sadly the honey isn’t too high up on the ingredients list, but it does contain a ton of jojoba oil, as well as vegan white chocolate, vanilla absolute, and sweet wild orange oil. It also contains peppermint oil, which I am usually sensitive to, but it didn’t linger on my lips for too much. Overall, it’s a nice addition to the existing line of Lip Scrubs.

LUSH Mother’s Day collection is available now for a limited time only. Pick something up for mom, and don’t forget to reward yourself too!

Product received as PR samples for review consideration; all opinions are my own.


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