Review: Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and 24K Eye Elixir

Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and 24K Eye Elixir review

I’m back with some more Pixi Beauty reviews! You can see my last set of reviews here, where I talk about the Pixi Glow Tonic, the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, and a few mask options. Today, I want to share with you a few other Pixi products that I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality, price, and value of these products. While they aren’t the cheapest out there, they are quite affordable considering you get quality, active ingredients that truly work to make a difference on the skin.

The first product I wanted to talk about today was the Pixi Rose Oil Blend (C$34). As you know, I am a huge fan of anything oil, so this was one product that stood out at me quite a bit at the Pixi launch event. It contains sweet almond oil, rosehip oil (rosa canina), jojoba oil, pomegranate oil, damascus rose oil, geranium oil, and orange peel oil. My first impression is that it smells very fresh, not that old lady rose scent a lot of companies put out (I love old lady rose too, but this is lighter). The texture is quite fluid and lightweight, and absorbs easily into the skin. Despite it being so lightweight, I find this to be quite hydrating, as it contains a heavy dose of sweet almond and jojoba oils. On my driest of nights, though, I do like to layer a moisturizer on top just to seal it in. You can also add a drop or two in your foundation to boost the glow!

It claims to improve skin elasticity and glow. I still have relatively young skin (late 20s) so my skin is still pretty elastic, thus I didn’t notice any improvements while using this oil. As with most botanical oils, I did notice that this boosted my skin’s glow with long term use. Overall, it’s an A+.

Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and 24K Eye Elixir review

Next, I have the Vitamin Wakeup Mist (C$20). It contains orange flower water, as well as a blend of grapefruit peel oil, lavendar oil, orange peel oil, lime oil, and licorice root extract. All of these citrus oils are great a revitalizing tired skin. I use this in the morning and it helps to awaken my skin, and making it ready for another long day at work. It smells incredibly fresh, but unfortunately I didn’t find it super hydrating. It’s a good balancing essence spray, but if you have very dehydrated or dry skin, you may want to consider picking up the Hydrating Milky Mist or the Glow Mist (C$20 each), which contains a higher concentration of essential oils.

Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and 24K Eye Elixir review

The last product I wanted to share with you today is the 24K Eye Elixir (C$28). This product is a lightweight eye serum that you can apply alone, or under a more emollient eye cream. It contains cucumber fruit extract, raspberry fruit extract, and real gold. This is probably one of the more disappointing Pixi products I’ve tried. The Elixir is ultra lightweight, so it doesn’t actually feel like anything on the eyes. While the cucumber extract helps make it feel soothing and cooling, the effects are quite temporary. I didn’t notice a boost in hydration while using this on its own. For the price, I think you can find an eye cream that is good enough standalone without having to invest in this. I would probably skip.blueberry

You can find Pixi Beauty products at Shopper’s Drug Mart locations across Canada.

Product received as PR samples for review consideration; all opinions are my own.


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