Mon Guerlain: Guerlain’s newest fragrance featuring Angelina Jolie

Mon Guerlain fragrance review

Last month, I was so honoured to be invited to Guerlain‘s inaugural Canadian launch of their new fragrance, Mon Guerlain, in Vancouver. Mon Guerlain combines the classic Guerlain fragrance notes with a sexy twist. Its most prominent note is the Tahitian Vanilla, which are also present in other scents such as Habit Rouge and Jicky. The Carla Lavender and Sambac Jasmine add smooth floral notes, while Santalum Album Sandalwood adds depth and smokeyness.

Mon Guerlain fragrance review

The bottle itself is a classic Guerlain design, featuring a four-clover cap, first introduced in 1908. The original quadrilobe cap was formed from one single piece of glass. In modern times, the Mon Guerlain version of the quadrilobe creates a feeling of sensuality and feminity.

Mon Guerlain fragrance review

In terms of the scent as it wears on me, it starts off with a powdery freshness from the lavender and jasmine. I also get a bit of citrus, even though there are no citrus notes. The top notes actually last quite a while on me, and doesn’t dry down to it’s final form for another hour or so. Once dried down, it is very mature and luxurious-smelling. The vanilla and sandalwood dominate the show, leaving a lasting imprint on the wearer. Despite it being classified as an oriental fragrance, it wears quite gourmand on me, reminding me of a popular gourmand scent set in the stars. It’s not something I can wear every day, but for those special occasions, it will draw attention to the wearer.

Mon Guerlain is available now at all Guerlain counters, in 50mL and 100mL sizes.

Mon Guerlain fragrance review
Mon Guerlain fragrance review


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