Welcoming Pixi Beauty’s launch in Canada! Featuring Glow Tonic, Double Cleanse, Glow O2 Oxygen Mask, and Peel & Polish

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic and Double Cleanse review

Cult favourite British brand Pixi is finally re-launching in Canada! Previously available at Target, the brand disappeared off the shelves when Target shut its doors in Canada. Now back and kicking again at Shopper’s Drug Mart, it brings back its arsenal of fan favourites, as well as some new innovations. Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on some of the Pixi Beauty I’ve recently discovered.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic and Double Cleanse review

The honest truth is that I’ve always been so intrigued by Pixi, but I’ve never had the chance to try the products. When the PR reached out announcing the re-launch of the brand in Canada, I was so excited for this opportunity to finally get on the Pixi fan wagon. I received a few products to try in advance of the launch, including the famous Glow Tonic, as well as some new products, such as the Glow O2 Oxygen Mask, the Peel & Polish lactic acid mask, and the highly sought after Pixi Beauty collaboration with UK power blogger Caroline Hirons, the Double Cleanse.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic review

The Glow Tonic (C$20 for 100mL or C$38 for 250mL) is an alcohol-free exfoliating toner that uses the power of 5% glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells, and revitalize and brighten the skin. I’ve been using this as my first toner after cleansing my skin (I use a second hydrating toner, and then a third essence water… yes), and I like that it absorbs so quickly into the skin. Generally you should give any product with active ingredients in it a few minutes to sink in, but I’m kinda lazy so I just wait for it to completely absorb (usually around 30 seconds to a minute) before applying the next layer.

Truthfully, I am actually quite meh about this product. It’s a very gentle exfoliator, so I’ve noticed that my skin texture is slightly more refined than before, but does it really create glow? I’d have to say no. I could also be biased because my Vintner’ Daughter Active Botanical Serum is SO glow-inducing. I do like that it is a chemical exfoliator because then you don’t have to scrub your skin, which could potentially cause problems depending on how rough you are with it. It’s a good option, and does a good job at exfoliating, but if you’re expecting it to be life changing, maybe you’ll have to change your expectations.

Pixi Beauty Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse review

The Pixi Beauty x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse has been a super smash hit ever since it hit the global market last month. It’s an unique jar with dividers that contains a solid cleansing oil on one side, and a cream cleanser on the other side. I’m a huge fan of the double cleanse method, i.e., you remove your makeup first with a specialized makeup remover, and then do a second cleanse to actually clean the skin. The CH Double Cleanse is a fantastic innovation that combines the two steps into one convenient packaging. The 100mL size makes it the perfect size for travel as well, because you just have to pack this one product to get your makeup removal and cleanser in.

I like this product because 1) it is very gentle but still removes every trace of makeup, 2) it’s scent free, and 3) it’s in a convenient tub for travelling. I don’t like this product because I tend to use more of the cleansing cream than the cleansing oil, so my cleansing cream side is running quite low, faster than the oil side. Also just as a general preference, I prefer a foaming, or gel cleanser at night as my second cleanse, and I leave my cream or lotion cleansers as my morning cleanser. That being said, this is a fantastic product and really works, you just have to see if it works with your personal skincare preferences. Sadly, this isn’t available in Canada yet, but hopefully we’ll see it come here soon!

Pixi Beauty Glow O2 Oxygen Mask and Peel and Polish review

The Glow O2 Oxygen Mask is glow-inducing mask that contains lactoccus ferment lysate, caffeine, licorice root extract, panax ginseng root extract (a key ingredient in La Prairie’s products!), lactic acid, as well as lavender oil, sodium hyaluronate, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, and bergamot oil. The cocktail of potent ingredients is left on the skin for only 2-3 minutes to revive dull or tired skin. It’s perfect as a quick skin pick-me-up in the morning after a late night, or right before a big event. It’s a bubbling mask, which means that when the bubbles activate, it draws oxygen to the skin to also help refresh the skin. It’s not yet available in Canada, but hopefully it will arrive here soon.

I’m actually kind of meh on this product. It subtly bubbles up, not as much as the other crazy ones on the market, so that’s good (I hate those crazy bubbly ones), and there’s a mild tickly sensation from the bubbling. I left it on for longer than the 2-3 minutes, but even then I didn’t really notice any difference in my skintone. All of the great ingredients in this after lower on the ingredients list to accommodate for the ingredients that activate the foaming action, but that just seems like a waste of good ingredients. I would have liked to see a gel texture without the gimmick, in order to maximize the benefits of all those awesome ingredients. Sadly, this one will likely stay in the back of my mask drawer.

Last but not least, is my favourite of the bunch. The Peel & Polish (C$34) is a resurfacing concentrate mask. It contains 6% lactic acid (the 2nd ingredient on the list!), as well as witch hazel water, panax ginseng root extract, papaya extra, sugar cane, sugar maple extract, cucumber fruit extract, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, and vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) fruit extract. You can use this 2-3 times a week, for 5 minutes each time. It is slightly grainy (think micro-dermabrasion type exfoliants), so you can use this as an exfoliator by gently massaging this into your skin to activate the enzymes and acids.

Because of the grainy texture, I found this to be hard to spread on the skin as a mask. I ended up having to use quite a bit to get a nice layer on my skin. Also I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t tingle too much, even though my cheeks in particular are quite sensitive. As I was rinsing this off, I found that the warm water activated the enzymes even more so that it tingled and warmed a bit more. My skin was left feeling smoother, and looking brighter. My skin was so soft! I took advantage of this very nicely exfoliated skin to use some of my glow-inducing products, such as Sunday Riley Luna and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, and the next morning my skin had never looked better.

Out of all these products, I truly love the Peel & Polish the most. The Double Cleanse is nice to have but not must have. I haven’t really seen results from the Glow Tonic, which I am very disappointed about because I know this is such a cult favourite. They sell them in 100mL bottles to try first before investing in the larger 250mL bottle, which could also be a good option for those with more sensitive skins.

Pixi products are available now at Shopper’s Drug Marts across Canada! I have a few more products to review… keep an eye out!

Products courtesy of PR; all opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Pixi Beauty’s launch in Canada! Featuring Glow Tonic, Double Cleanse, Glow O2 Oxygen Mask, and Peel & Polish

  1. After reading your post I ran to my nearest Shoppers and purchased the serum overnight night Glow serum and the Corrector brightening peach and I both like it. I need more testing for the serum but the corrector really do a good job and is creasing nor cakey so i’m really happy with my Pixi products so far! 🙂

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