Kiss Lashes, the best lashes money can buy!

kiss blooming lashes review

I’m not a big falsies wearer, but the only falsies I wear are by Kiss. I first learned about the brand when their PR sent me a few samples of the “Looks so Natural” line to try. Despite being TERRIBLE at applying lashes (I have really bad hand-eye coordination it seems, and I’m also clumsy and react slowly), these were a breeze to apply. My favourite from that line is the “Flirty” style, which are wispy with a bit of volume and not so much length. In addition to being super easy to apply, I also loved that the ends of the lashes tapered to a point, so that they looked very natural even though they aren’t real.

kiss blooming lashes review
kiss blooming lashes review

A few months ago, I was invited to preview Kiss’s new lash release, the “Natural Flourish Blooming Lash.” Inspired by flowers, these multi-layered lashes also feature the same easy application and tapered ends. The biggest difference between these and their “Looks so Natural” line was that these give you a lot more volume, and the multi-layered fluttery style helps to create that doe-eyed look. It comes in six different styles, my favourite being “Camellias” because they are rounded in the centre, helping to open up the eyes. For extra extra volume, pick up Tulip, which is extra thick and long.

kiss lashes review

In addition to the full sets, there are also easy application individual lashes, which actually come together in pockets of three in three different lengths – short, medium and long – for when you want some extra dimension but not the look of a full set. All Kiss lashes come with lash glue, but I prefer to use my own (from Esqido… so much love!).

kiss nails review

Lastly, Kiss is also known for their press on nails. The ones I have featured are part of their holiday collection and are super pretty. Sadly they were limited edition, but if you see them in store you need to grab them up. I have weirdly shaped nails but I managed to find ones that fit me, and despite it not lasting ultra long, they are relatively durable for the first day or two after application, and then afterwards you can re-stick them on your nails using the included nail glue. They definitely make for a very quick and easy manicure for parties!

Kiss lashes and nails are available at London Drugs, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and a drugstore near you!

Products provided by PR; opinions are my own.


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