Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, Multi-Perfecting Concealer, and the Foundation Brush

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation review and swatch

To say that I love Guerlain foundations would be a huge understatement. Every single Guerlain foundation I’ve ever tried in my life has been a complete hit with my skin, making me look gorgeous, luminous, and even skin toned. I started my Guerlain foundation journey almost 7 years ago with the Parure Extreme foundation, which was my go-to foundation for YEARS. I discovered the Meteorites Baby Glow in the spring of 2015, and then last winter I discovered Parure Gold, all of which have continued to be staples on my makeup vanity. The one Guerlain foundation I’ve never got around to trying was the Lingerie de Peau. Thankfully, this product is being reformulated and relaunched for this fall, and I was very fortunate to be sent a bottle from Guerlain to try.

The new Lingerie de Peau (C$69 for 30mL) features a new and improved formula. Like its name, it was inspired by the feeling of naked skin, and Guerlain sought out to create the most natural, weightless foundation there was. The new formula contains Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, which is a technology that contains smoothing and shaping stretch fibers to allow the foundation to move with the skin. It also contains natural linen and silk fibers, for soft, weightless, radiant coverage.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation review and swatch

I would describe Lingerie de Peau as a foundation good for people with normal or combination skin types. In terms of texture, I’ve never tried the previous formulation, but the new Lingerie de Peau is very lightweight and fluid. It is the thinnest of the Guerlain foundations that I’ve used, making it very appropriate for the natural-faced look. Don’t let the light texture fool you though, because the coverage is buildable to medium. It covers my redness, but not my freckles, leaving a natural finish. If I powder, wear time is fantastic at over 10 hours of smooth, luminous, hydrated skin.

Application is a breeze, I’ve used this with both the accompanying brush (reviewed below) and fingers, and both work equally well. I get more of a natural finish when applied with my hands, and then a fuller coverage finish when applied with the brush. It feels super lightweight on the skin, and just leaves my skin comfortable.

The new Lingerie de Peau also features a much expanded shade range. I’ve been very fortunate in the past to always consistently wear 02 in any of Guerlain’s foundation formulations, including this one (shade 02N), but I do know that since their shade offerings were so limited, most women are not as fortunate and don’t get matched perfectly to a Guerlain shade. For the new Lingerie de Peau, there are a whopping 14 shades in neutral, cool, and warm tones. That being shade, the shade range still doesn’t expand much past medium-dark, so those with very dark skin will still be out of luck. This is a move in the right direction, though, and hopefully we will see even more shades released in the future.

Two downsides of this foundation are that it clings to dry spots, and you really need to powder otherwise it will get fade quickly and pretty unevenly. I’ve had really weird skin lately, with the previous stresses of moving and then travelling, so my skin has been very unbalanced (dry spots on certain areas and oily bits on others). I find that I wear this foundation much better when my skin is balanced. I can wear the Guerlain Parure Gold foundation without powdering, and it will stay looking lovely and luminous all day, but I need to powder with the Lingerie the Peau. I generally powder with the Meteorites Voyage Compact, so I’m not complaining by all means, but it can still be an extra step of effort.

In general, I like this foundation but not as much I love the Parure Gold. Of course the price difference is pretty big (the Parure Gold is $95), but I think for an extra $30 I want something that I truly love. If you are new to Guerlain foundations though, this one is definitely a fantastic starter foundation.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation review and swatch

In addition to the new Lingerie de Peau, Guerlain is also launching its inaugural (that I can remember) full coverage concealer. The Multi-Perfecting Concealer (C$42 for 12mL) comes in three shades, and two undertones each, for six shade options. I have the shade 01 Light Warm which is too light for the rest of my face, but works well to conceal the undereye area. I have the worst luck with undereye concealers because pretty much all of them crease on me, and this one unfortunately is the same way. I always powder under my eye though, so I don’t know what causes the creasing. If you have tips, please let me know. Otherwise, this concealer does a fantastic job at brightening my undereye area and covering my dark circles. The texture is very cream and slightly like a puddy, so you only need a tiny bit which will go a long way.

Lastly, to complement the release of these new base products, Guerlain has launched a synthetic-fibre Foundation Brush (C$53). This is a fluffy foundation brush, designed to buff the product into your skin. Compared to Guerlain’s past brush releases, this one is very soft, dense, and easy to use. It’s not at all rough on the skin, and can work well to buff in your foundation of choice. One thing to note is that this brush is made in China, which I was surprised to see because I thought all of Guerlain’s products were made in France. Although, don’t let that make you think the quality of the brush is subpar, it is a good quality brush, well made, and relatively weighty. That being said though, I don’t really believe it is worth $53. There are a plethora of other brush choices on the market that would perform very similarly without the Guerlain brand and associated price tag.

Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer review
Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer review

The swatches

Left to right: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in 02N (see how it’s quite fluid), Guerlain Parure Gold in 02, Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow in 02 (more pink/peach leaning)

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation review and swatch

On the very right: Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer in 01 Light Warm

Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer review

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau ingredients:

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation ingredients

The products in this post were provided by PR for review considerations; all opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation, Multi-Perfecting Concealer, and the Foundation Brush

  1. Lingerie de Peau will always be like a forbidden love for me – it looks SO good but my skin could not tolerate the high alcohol content 😡 I’m so glad it worked well for you though!

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