Dine Out Vancouver, my favourite food festival, is back for another year!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I love to eat. I love trying out new restaurants, but it does get expensive over time, so every year I look forward to Dine Out Vancouver, where diners are treated to three course meals priced $20, $30, or $40, often with values going up to over $100. The most exciting day for me in January is the day that Dine Out menus get released (my friends can testify to that), and I try to make reservations right away so that we can get the best availability for seating.

You’ll be able to book your Dine Out Vancouver reservations on January 9, and the festival itself will take place January 20 to February 5, 2017.

I’m really happy to say that I was sent, in advance, the menus for two classic Vancouver restaurants, one that has been one of my favourite restaurants for years since I first discovered it at a Dine Out event a few years ago, and one that I am aching to try.


Chambar is a very well-known Vancouver restaurant. I love going here for date night, and even the boyfriend who isn’t a huge foodie was quite impressed by their food. Their Dine Out menu features their famous mussels and fries, as well as some of my favourites such as their beef.

Les Petits Plats
Les Crudités – Hannah Brook Farm cauliflower, radish & sunchoke, carrot hummus, mint & yogurt chutney, picked greens
Bison Fumé – Buffalo carpaccio, celeriac, fennel & chervil remoulade, smoked tomato aioli, shaved parmesan, pine nuts
Thon Au Miso – Seared Albacore tuna, sea asparagus, black garlic tapenade, miso & tahini emulsion
Les Grosses Pieces
Moules Frites ‘Vin Blanc’ – Mussels, white wine, butter, braised celery & leeks, coarse black pepper
Moules Frites ‘Congolaise’ – Mussels, tomato coconut cream, smoked chili, lime, cilantro
Pastilla – Spinach, yam, caramelized onion & almond phyllo pie, babaganoush, lentils, zucchini, orange blossom coulis
Pot au Feu de Poisson – Arctic Char, local beets, Brussels sprouts, tapioca, galangal & shisho broth, curry leaf
La Pièce de Boeuf (add $10) – AAA 9oz char grilled beef brochette, kale & cauliflower puree, green beans & bacon, peppercorn bourbon sauce
Le Dessert
Tarte aux Pommes – Caramelized white chocolate, poached apples, spiced crumble, shortbread ice cream
Chocolat Tropicale – Dark chocolate fudge bar, hazelnut praline, passionfruit curd & sorbet


Juniper is a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try. Their Dine Out menu features a mix of land, sea and vegetarian.

grilled beets, california burrata, toasted hazelnuts
roasted carrots & brussels, crème fraiche, pickled mustard seeds
elk tartar, blueberries, juniper, crispy roots, burnt hay aioli
albacore tuna, nori emulsion, charred broccolini, wheatberry porridge
bison short rib, smoked potato, creamed brussels, onion, bone marrow jus
brown butter risotto, trumpet mushrooms, roasted rutabaga, watermelon radish
chocolate charcuterie for two
maple & walnut pannacotta
pear & apple tart

Which of these restaurants would you want to try the most?

Photos are of Chambar, credit to Ema Peter and Farah Nosh, via PR.


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