You spend 1/3 of your life in your pajamas, indulge yourself with luxury sleepwear from Lusomé!


I had previously shared my excitement to try out Lusomé’s Ava V-Neck, a sleep dress I received from the brand, a few months ago. My apologies for the late review, after I got back from Asia it’s just been super hectic trying to settle into my new apartment. We later found a leak in one of the pipes that goes through our apartment, which means they had to tear out the ceiling, replace the pipe, and then replace the ceiling and drywall. Because I live in a condo, we needed to get strata council’s approval before all of that could happen, so the entire process took place over a period of more then two months! It was pretty terrible not being able to completely “move in” since I was still dealing with these types of issues. But I digress…

Today I want to share with you my final thoughts on the Lusomé Ava V-Neck. Lusomé’s products were created to help resolve the issue with nightsweats, something that a lot of women encounter, especially going into menopause, or if you are undergoing any treatment for cancer or other illnesses. The products are made with Xirotex, a fabric which pulls perspiration away from the body 10 times more effectively than its nearest moisture-wicking competitor.


Truthfully, when I first received this dress, I was skeptical because pajamas are pajamas are pajamas, how can they be special? But Lusomé’s Xirotex fabric seriously blew me away – this is one of the softest, most comfortable fabrics I have ever worn. It feels almost like slinkly cotton, with all-way stretch, yet still soft and gentle on the skin. My boyfriend almost never notices the little things in life like fabric quality, but even he was commenting on how soft this fabric was. Bonus, I packed this with me all around Japan and China, and despite days where I just threw it in my suitcase, it never got wrinkled. I washed it a few times, and also tumble dried, and it stayed the exact same size and shape as it always has, no shrinkage or deformities at all!

It does feel slightly cooling, and when I was really hot I never felt too warm or stuffy at all, meaning that the moisture-wicking properties were working. I’m not ultra sweaty, so I can’t tell if it will work on those who sweat a lot during the night. Due to some packing mishaps, this was the only sleep wear I packed on my trip to Asia, and even after three weeks it didn’t smell or look very worn.

Sleepwear makes a fantastic holiday gift as well, so if you are looking for holiday gift ideas, this one is definitely something you should keep on your list!

You can purchase Lusomé online or in stores listed here.

Product provided by PR; opinions are my own.


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