First time getting lash extensions from Prép Beauty Parlour!

I’ve always wanted to try out lash extensions, but I never made the jump because I wasn’t sure what it would entail. Luckily, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Prép Beauty Parlour to try out their full set of extensions. At the time, I was preparing for a work trip to Toronto, so I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to try.



Prép Beauty Parlour is the cutest beauty salon nestled on Hornby in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a two-storey salon, with the nail services done downstairs, and the lash services upstairs. The salon is beautifully decorated with mirrors and other pretty trinkets, allowing it to look bright and cheery. My lash appointment was upstairs, where there were four beds side by side each other so they can have four lash appointments at the same time. The environment was very clean.


My appointment was with Christin, Eyelash Extension Master. She explained to me how the process worked – the extensions would be wrapped around my existing lashes to lift them up – and she also asked me for the type of look I wanted to achieve. She was very patient in answering all of my questions, explaining each step of the procedure as she performed them, also ensured that my eyes were very comfortable the entire time.

I prefer a more doe-eyed look, so I asked for longer lashes around the centre of the eye. I also want something that’s extra curled, since my lashes were very stick straight, and I didn’t want something too long, since I wear glasses and I don’t want the lashes to touch my glasses when I blink.


After an hour, my lashes were done! I was super impressed with the way I looked when I left, and due to the thickness, it also felt like I had liner on all the time, which accentuated the look of my eyes. I did have some reservations though. I felt like my right eye wasn’t as voluminous as my left eye, and the lashes on my right eye also started to fall off pretty quickly after the application. That same night, I had 3 lashes fall off my right eye, and none from my left. Due to the number of extensions in total, even though a few fell off, my eyes still looked very wide, with that doe-eyed effect.


About three weeks after getting the extensions, about half of them had fallen off. The result was a wispy, wide eyed look that still looked good. My boyfriend complimented on them often! My biggest complaint at the 2-3 week mark was that because the glue was starting to get loose on a lot of them, even if I brushed them out regularly, they would still get a bit tangled, and then some of them would stab me in the eye. It was pretty uncomfortable.

The other thing was, and this is a personal preference, I generally wash my face with oil-based cleansers, whether it is my oil cleanser to remove makeup, or my Bella Aura or Tata Harper cleansers that contain natural oils in them. You’re not supposed to wash your face with oil products if you have lash extensions, because the oil will dissolve the glue, so I felt like this is a bit of an inconvenience. The other thing is, I generally like to wash my face in the shower with a full blast of water, but again with lash extensions, you can’t do that because the pressure will make the extensions fall off. After all that, I would generally say that I am not the best candidate for lash extensions.

That being said, though, lash extensions are pretty awesome for when you’re going on vacation and you don’t want to put the extra effort in every day to doll yourself up. My lash extensions definitely make my eyes look bigger, wider, and it generally looks nicer on photos. Lash extensions generally last around 4 weeks with proper care (they recommend fillers at the 2-3 week mark for maintenance, when there is around 50% of the lashes still intact), so they would be perfect right before your vacation.


Would I recommend lash extensions? I would say no, just because most people I know wouldn’t be able to handle the upkeep. If you do want to get them, Prép Beauty Parlour is an excellent choice for salon!

Prép Beauty Parlour

1054 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC

Monday – Tuesday: 10 – 7:30
Wednesday – Friday: 9 – 8
Saturday: 9:30 – 6
Sunday: 11 – 6

Tel: 604.764.6452

I received the lash extensions complimentary from Prép Beauty Parlour; all opinions are my own.


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