Calling all thick-haired girls, Tangle Teezer is your friend!

Tangle Teezer review

As a teen, I used to have crazy thick, unruly hair. Now that I’ve aged a bit, my hair has lost a lot of its volume, but it can still be a hassle to maintain. If only I discovered Tangle Teezer when I was younger! If you’re unfamiliar with Tangle Teezer, it is godsend for hair that tangles easily. It’s essentially a plastic brush, but designed in a way that you can easily and painlessly untangle your hair. I have the Original, the Compact, and the Blow Styling Brush.

Tangle Teezer review

The Original (C$20) and Compact Tangle Teezer (C$25) are handle-less hair brushes made of plastic. They are essentially the same brush, just the Compact version is smaller and comes with a cap to protect the bristles from bending. Before I got my hands on the Compact Tangle Teezer, I was taking my Original on trips with me and I can say that my bristles weren’t bent or broken in anyways, so you can totally take the Original on trips too. The Original is about 1/3 bigger than the Compact, and can cover more “ground,” so if you have longer hair, I would recommend the Original even if you are travelling or taking this around with you in your purse. The Compact version is smaller, so it’s better for those with shorter hair. Weirdly enough, I actually find the Compact version to be a lot more weighty; the quality feels more substantial in my hand than the Original.

Tangle Teezer review
Tangle Teezer review

The Blow Styling Brush (C$43) is a nice addition to my hair styling stash. It looks more like the traditional hair brush with a handle, also made of plastic. There are two sizes available – a full size, and a half size. The full size would be great for those with hair that extends past 1/3 of the way down your back, and the half size would be great for anything shorter that. I have the full size version, which is a bit tedious to use on my shoulder-length hair.

I use this to brush through my wet hair, and also when blow drying my hair. Truthfully, I don’t find it helps my hair dry any faster than if I just used my fingers to run through my hair, but it does help my hair look sleeker and less frizzy. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have though, unless you have very thick, long and unruly hair. 

Tangle Teezer review

The one time that I would say the Tangle Teezer is an absolute must-have is for when you’re off to a beach vacation and your hair is basically tangled and ruined from the salt water. Save your hair and scalp by using the Tangle Teezer, you will seriously thank yourself.

What type of person would need Tangle Teezer?

  • If you’re a swimmer
  • If you’re going on a beach vacation, or a vacation where there is going to be a lot of wind
  • If you have very thick, unruly, or curly hair that tangles easily
  • If you have very long hair

You can purchase the Tangle Teezer, the Compact Tangle Teezer, and the Blow Styling Brush at Sephora.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?


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