Review + swatches – Clarins Summer 2016 makeup – Ombre Waterproof, Fix’ Make-Up, and Double Fix’ Mascara

Clarins Ombre Waterproof in 01 Golden Peach, 03 Silver Taupe, and 04 Copper Brown

Super sorry about this very late review – I thought I had published this already but I was just organizing my upcoming posts and saw I never actually published this! Massive fail on my part. I believe most of these products are still available at counters and at, so I hope this can help you make any last minute purchase decisions.

Clarins Summer 2016 is all about long-lasting makeup. There is a new formulation of cream eyeshadow that I just absolutely love. The Ombre Waterproof shadows (C$24 each) comes in four natural, sunkissed shades to create a beautiful bronzed eye. The three shades I have are 01 Golden Peach, 03 Silver Taupe, and 04 Copper Brown. Golden Peach is a beautiful wash of peach that would look great as a base for many eye looks; Silver Taupe is a olive-taupe; and Copper Brown is an orangey-copper shade. All of these are metallic finishes, which is ultra blendable. Ombre Waterproof shadows dry down completely to be entirely budgeproof, like 100% does not move, so it’s perfect for those hot days, or if you live in Vancouver and you’re very likely to get drenched and/or have your makeup melt off your face because it is always rainy and humid. These are limited edition, so you better get on it!

Clarins Ombre Waterproof in 01 Golden Peach, 03 Silver Taupe, and 04 Copper Brown

The Fix’ Make-Up (C$30) is seriously amazing. I don’t use makeup finishing sprays normally but I use this one because it smells SO GOOD, like a fruity floral. I love the ombre bottle design as well. It has aloe vera and grapefruit extract, which is great at soothing and refreshing the skin. I like to keep this at the office to help boost my skin’s hydration as well – it’s super versatile. This is also limited edition.

Last but not least, is a product that is near and dear to my heart. I first discovered Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara (C$25) in 2008 or something, before I discovered Asian mascara. You can see my original review here, way back in 2009 (wow the price actually went DOWN in the last seven years)! My lashes tend to be very droopy, and mascara also tends to flake off on me. The Double Fix’ Mascara is a waterproof raincoat for your lashes – it helps to seal in all of that mascara goodness to maintain volumnous, lengthy lashes, and it also prevents flaking and smudging. It’s not hard to remove either, but I just an oil-based remover so it gets rid of everything. If you need one thing from this collection, it is the Double Fix’ Mascara. Thankfully, this is a permanent product!

If the Ombre Waterproof Eyeshadows, or the Fix’ Make-Up interest you, you need to get on it now! These products should still be available at, or at your nearest Clarins counter at Hudson’s Bay and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Clarins Fix' Make-Up and Double Fix' Mascara

The swatches

Ombre Waterproof Eyeshadows in 01 Golden Peach, 03 Silver Taupe, and 04 Copper Brown

Clarins Ombre Waterproof in 01 Golden Peach, 03 Silver Taupe, and 04 Copper Brown

The products featured in this post were provided by PR; all opinions are my own.


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