Combining the power of crystals with organic body care – Crystal Hills Organic Skincare

Crystal Hills Organic Skincare review

Crystal Hills Organic Skincare is a local Kelowna-based luxury body care company that combines the active constituents of botanicals as well as the healing energetic traits of crystals. The ingredients that go into products are organic, with a lot of them grown and harvested on their own farm. The products themselves are non-animal tested, and the certain ingredients not grown on the farm are sourced from suppliers who share the same philosophy. Most of the products are also vegan, with a select few that contain honey or other bee products (i.e., Crystal Love and Crystal Dreams sugar scrubs).

I received a few of their products to try out for myself. While the use of crystals is a bit gimmicky to me, I do like how these products perform in terms of pure product efficacy.

Crystal Hills Organic Skincare review

Crystal Love Body Serum (C$70) is an oil-based body serum in a beautiful floral scent. It contains a rose quartz crystal, organic rosehip oil, organic apricot oil and mallow extract to deeply nourish the skin. Rose quartz is used to maximize all things love and beauty. The combination of geranium rose, rose absolute, and neroli create a seductive scent with aphrodisiac properties. Crystal Love smells SO GOOD. I love all rose scented products, but Crystal Love is more complex with the addition of Neroli.

This body serum is super hydrating and feels very silky on the skin. The base of coconut oil glides on the skin very well, and absorbs quickly. This oil is multi-functional; I can even use a bit on the ends of my hair to de-frizz, or as a cuticle oil. Because of the luxury price, I don’t use this too often, and only use it on nights where my skin is in need of some additional TLC. That being said, I find that a little bit goes a very long way so you don’t need much to get the most efficacy.

Crystal Love Body Serum ingredients: Rose Quartz Crystal, Coconut Oil, Organic Rosehip Fruit Oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mallow Flower/Leaf Extract, Elderberry Fruit Extract, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Geranium Rose, Organic Neroli and Rose Absolute.

Crystal Hills Organic Skincare review

Crystal Love Sugar Scrub (C$68) is a sugar-based body scrub, which combines organic cane sugar, exquisite organic botanical extracts, honey, propolis, and rose quartz to gently exfoliate and freshen the skin. Again, this is in the Crystal Love scent which is rose and neroli, and it smells absolutely incredible. My skin feels so soft, supple, and very hydrated after using this, so much so that I don’t even necessarily need to use moisturizer afterwards on a warmer day.

Despite how awesome this is, I think $68 to spend on a body scrub is kind of ridiculous. Sugar scrubs melt faster than salt scrubs, so I generally end up using more than I should.

Crystal Love Sugar Scrub ingredients: Rose Quartz Powder combined with Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Mango Butter, Peach Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vegan Emulsifying Wax, Cupuacu Butter, Organic Rosehip Oil, Mallow Extract, Mild Preservative, Honey, Vitamin E, Organic Rose Extract, Organic Rooibos Extract, Organic Fireweed Extract, Organic Hibiscus Extract, Propolis, Olive Oil Wax, Pink Mica, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Geranium Rose, Organic Neroli and Rose Absolute.

Crystal Hills Organic Skincare review

Crystal Harmony Bath Salts (C$54) is a salt-based bath soak that contains green quartz. Green quartz will help to adjust your vibrational field and transform negative energies into positive ones, which is a great formulation for night-time bath soaks. Compared to the other two products, the scent is a lot more subtle. Compared to other bath salts, you get a very nice, potent combination of different herbs and leaves which will leave your bath feeling luxuriously scented, like you’re sitting in a tub of potions. My skin does get pretty dried out while sitting in a bath, so I didn’t find this particularly moisturizing in any way, but it wasn’t as drying as other bath salts I’ve used. For an especially pampering night, I will follow the bath salts with the Body Serum to leave my skin feeling supple.

Each bottle of bath salt only lasts for 3-4 uses though, so it can be pretty expensive. I do find that the high price is justified because you get more than just salts in your bath; the herb to salt ratio is almost 50/50, which is very generous compared to other bath salts where it’s just salts. I don’t take baths often, so it wouldn’t be something I use on a regular basis, which is why I can personally justify the price. If you are someone who takes baths every night and uses bath salts, this probably isn’t the most economical of bath products, but it would be great for those special occasions where you really want to treat yourself.

Crystal Harmony Bath Salts ingredients: Green Quartz combined with Solar Dried Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, MSM, Dendritic Salt, Organic Plantain Leaves, Organic Comfrey Leaves, Organic Dandelion Leaves, Sea Buckthorn Leaves, Organic Calendula Petals, Organic Green Tea Leaves, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Pink Grapefruit, Organic Sweet Orange and Vanilla.

Out of these products, the only one that I would say is a must have is the Crystal Love Body Serum – it just feels so beautiful on the skin. The Crystal Harmony Bath Salts is a nice to have, but not must have, whereas the Sugar Scrub is a skip. You can purchase all of these products from the Crystal Hills Organic Skincare website.


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