My life changing barre experience at The Bar Method in Vancouver!

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So if you know me, I’m not the most athletic person in the world. Actually I’m not athletic at all. My longest stint of regular exercise was when Jo and I were doing our interval exercises twice a week for a few months, but that was about it. In the past I’ve done spin class, which I am quite fond of, but I never returned on a regular basis, as I feel like you really need the right atmosphere in order to get me pumped up enough for exercise, ya know? So anyways, I was recently introduced to The Bar Method when they were celebrating their 15th anniversary. I was offered the opportunity for a one-month unlimited pass to try out their classes and studio, and I was completely blown away by my experience.


It was my first time doing barre, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After signing up for my first class, I was asked to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the class for a studio tour and also to fill out a client card. After trying out several different exercise studios when I was still on Classpass, I could easily say that I’ve never been to a friendlier studio than The Bar Method.

When I went to other studios, I would awkwardly show up and not know where to go, so I’d need to figure everything out myself, and maybe I would step on a few toes. By contrast, the ladies at The Bar Method were SO NICE!!! I can’t emphasize that enough. I showed up and was greeted by name – I guess they could tell it was my first time. They immediately asked me to fill out a client card, and then Kristel, one of the instructors, gave me a tour of the studio, introducing me to all of the amenities of the studio. Of course I didn’t do much research and I showed up in running shorts, but the studio had spare tights that they were able to lend me for the class, otherwise it would have been really awkward since there’s a lot of leg lifting and bending.


Going into the class, I was also showed where I can get my weights, and a quick overview of how the class is going to go. Kristel gave me a head’s up that the instructor will be calling my name out often to help adjust my position so that I can get the most out of the class and also to prevent injury.

Corinne was my instructor for my first class, and she was seriously the sweetest person ever. Even though she called me out by name, I didn’t feel singled out at all or embarrassed, which can happen depending on the tone of the instructor (this happened to me in another class by another instructor, which was really awkward for me and I made a mental note not to go back to that instructor’s class). Each comment Corinne made helped improve my form, which is what I was looking for. I was blown away by my first experience, that I went back several more times. In addition to Corinne’s class, I also had class with Kristel, who was equally friendly and just an overall awesome instructor.

I’m hoping that this will become a habit, as I’m thoroughly enjoying the classes. I’m not too fond of cardio exercises as my heart beats too fast and my breathing can’t catch up fast enough, but these types of interval exercises I can work with. Since going to barre regularly twice a week, I’ve noticed that my core is noticeably stronger, and I also feel like I have better endurance.

Lastly, as a nice bonus, the bathrooms and changing areas are seriously so friggin clean. It’s a small detail, but something I really appreciate.

After my month of unlimited classes end, I will likely be returning. If you’re new to The Bar Method, you can get your first month of unlimited classes for just $80, which is a complete steal!

The Bar Method Vancouver (between Stadium and Yaletown skytrain stations)
837 Beatty St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1

MYG_7231 MYG_7244

The one-month pass provided was complimentary of The Bar Method; all opinions are my own.


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