Multi-masking your way to glowy skin with Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask, Pore Purifying Clay Mask, and Quenching Mineral Mask

Vichy Mask review

My new found hobby is masking – I use a face mask every night if I can, with treatment times ranging from 15 minutes, sometimes up to 1.5 hours (yay May Lindstrom!). Recently Vichy came out with a new mask trio that I’ve very happily added to my mask bar.

Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask review

The Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask is a cute peach-toned gel mask that’s aimed at exfoliating the skin to create a glowy complexion. It contains Vichy’s mineralized thermal water, as well as fruit enzymes as chemical exfoliants in the form of bilbery extract (vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract), sugar cane extract (saccharum officinarum extract), orange fruit water (citrus aurantium dulcis fruit water), lemon fruit extract (citrus lemon fruit extract), and sugar maple extract (acer saccharum extract). It also contains volcanic rock (pumice) as a mild physical exfoliant, and vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) for brightening.

I use this mask on the most sensitive parts of my face during my multi-masking sessions – my cheeks. The fruit enzymes in this mask create a mild tingling on the skin. Despite the presence of pumice, this mask is ultra refined and gel-like – I could not feel any grittiness. My biggest dislike about this mask is that the thicker gel texture means that it almost creates a cushion on the skin, which makes it extremely hard to wash off. I washed this off in the shower, and it still took a few minutes of the water blasting directly in my face, I can’t imagine what it would be like in the sink.

After using this, my skin feels SO incredibly soft, and it allows my other skincare products to absorb faster too.

This mask is perfect for those who live in the city and lead busy lives. Our skin tends to get congested when faced with a lot of pollution and stress, so this mask is great for slowly giving us back our glow.


Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask ingredients

>Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask review

The Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask is a ultra refined, almost milky clay mask aimed at deep cleansing and purifying the skin, as well as tightening pores. It contains kaolin and bentonite clays to draw out impurities, Vichy’s mineralized thermal water, as well as aloe vera to soothe the skin.

I wear this in my T-zone and on my chin during my multi-masking sessions. For a clay-based mask, this is very gentle. I left it long for slightly longer than the 5-10 minutes of recommended treatment time, and my skin didn’t feel dried out at all. Due to the thin consistency, a little bit goes a very long way, but is still effective. I found that it doesn’t dry out fully hardened, like other clay masks, but I also need to remember to keep an eye out on it because I don’t have that reminder to wash it off like other masks. My skin felt clean, my pores felt tight tight, but I didn’t feel stripped at all.

The Pore Purifying Clay Mask is great for anyone with congested skin. I think for a clay mask, this one is quite gentle so even those with dry skin can use it, it’s not just limited to oily or combination skin types!


>Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask ingredients

Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask review

The Quenching Mineral Mask is an ultra lightweight, hydrating gel mask. This has the lightest texture out of all these mask, and contains a high concentration of glycerin for hydration, and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) for brightening and soothing the skin.

I would always use this separately on my whole face, usually after multi-masking with the Double Glow Peel Mask and Pore Purifying Clay Mask. This Quenching Mineral mask is SO cooling and hydrating. It feels like a breath of fresh air on the skin! The lightweight texture is super easy to spread, and immediately I can feel my skin becoming plumper. Vichy recommends using this for 5-10 minutes, but I’ve been reading that people are using this as overnight masks too, which I think is an awesome idea. I left mine on for about 20 minutes, and after washing it off, my skin just felt so plump and bouncy!

I recommend the Quenching Mineral Mask for all skin types. Seriously, anyone can use a dose of hydration, and this one is so lightweight that even the oiliest of skin types can use it to help balance out their skin. The slightly cooling effect is great as an after-sun treatment as well.


Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask ingredients

In terms of scent, all of these have that very faint fresh scent that’s a signature of Vichy’s products. It’s not overpowering at all, and washes away completely with the mask.

Even better, these masks are available for just $34! And you get 75mL of product, which is pretty generous. Do I recommend these? Absolutely! The Vichy masks offer great efficacy at a pretty affordable price. You can purchase the Vichy masks at Shopper’s Drug Mart, London Drugs, and everywhere else Vichy is sold.

Vichy Mask review

Vichy provides some ideas for ways you can use these masks to multi-mask:

Vichy mask

Lastly, Vichy is offering readers of Maddy Loves a 25% discount off your entire order until September 30 with the code MaddyNormaderm, when you purchase two or more Normaderm products.



4 thoughts on “Multi-masking your way to glowy skin with Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask, Pore Purifying Clay Mask, and Quenching Mineral Mask

  1. These sound so nice! If you mask everyday, do you still exfoliate as well? I’ve been thinking about masking more, but I’m just worried of overdoing it since I also exfoliate 3 times a week.

    • I still exfoliate, but very gently. I don’t always use an exfoliating mask, might be a nourishing one (like May Lindstrom The Honey Mask), so I will exfoliate beforehand for better effects 🙂

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