Why I am in LOVE with May Lindstrom Skin

May Lindstrom Skin review

I am an absolute skincare junkie. I am always on the lookout for new skincare, and in recent years I have been very fortunate because I rarely have to buy skincare for myself. However that just means when I do buy skincare, it’s something I am completely in love with. May Lindstrom Skin is a brand that I have been stalking for months but I never purchased anything from until recently. They are most known for their popular Blue Cocoon treatment which is good for repairing and healing all skin, especially sensitive and eczema-prone skin types.

For the last two weeks of June, the entire May Lindstrom team took some time off, so they took the opportunity to also promote the launch of their new product, the Pendulum Potion by offering a deluxe travel sized bottle of it with every $200 purchase. I jumped on this opportunity to try some of their popular products. May Lindstrom Skin currently only has seven products in her entire skincare line. May’s philosophy is that she doesn’t want to add too many unnecessary steps in your skincare routine, and only wants to include products that she would use herself in her own routine.

I want to emphaszie that purchasing from May Lindstrom directly is not a shopping trip but an actual experience. I felt really taken care of the entire time, from start to finish. If you are wondering how this is possible via an online order, May’s team contacted me within an hour of my order being placed, letting me know that they’ve received my order, and that they were very excited for me to start my May Lindstrom Skin journey. Keep in mind, I placed my order on June 28 when the team was supposed to be on vacation. I also received two additional follow up e-mails, giving me a status update regarding my order shipment, and then finally letting me know that my order had been shipped. While the team was on vacation and I had received an advanced note that my products won’t ship out until after July 1, I received an email saying my order had shipped on July 29, the day after I placed my order and more than two days earlier than I had expected.

I picked up the Honey Mud and the Youth Dew. The Honey Mud (US$80 for 100mL) is a honey and mud (duh!) based cleanser that can also double as a mask. The Youth Dew (US$120 for 20mL) is a 100% plant-based oil that can be used as a serum (for extra dry/mature skin) or moisturizer (for everyone else). My order also came with the deluxe sample of the Pendulum Potion, which is an oil-based cleanser which can also be doubled as a moisturizer (what? yeah I know).

In addition, I heard that May Lindstrom was extra generous with providing samples to try out the rest of her line, so I asked for a few samples, and they gave me travel-sized deluxe samples of all seven products in the line, including the products that I had purchased so that I can actually use these when I travel! In addition to the products I purchased and the new Pendulum Potion, I was most excited to try the Problem Solver mask, which is supposed to be an energizing, detoxing, soothing and deep-cleansing all-in-one mask that also improves blood circulation and calms sensitivity.

I’ll be slowly trying these out over the next few months. I’ve played with the products for a bit and so far I really like them, but for the price I definitely want to test them out over a longer period of time before I make any conclusions about them. So far, I am super impressed with my May Lindstrom experience, and I’m really excited to continue my skin journal with the brand!

May Lindstrom Skin review


3 thoughts on “Why I am in LOVE with May Lindstrom Skin

  1. What a coincidence! I’ve been trying out ML products over the past two months too. I have her Blue Cocoon, Clean Dirt, Problem Solver and Jasmine Garden. I am totally head over heels for her products – they work!

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