Swatches + thoughts – MAC x Star Trek collection


I was at San Diego Comic Con last week and got a sneak preview of the MAC x Star Trek makeup collection that had a pre-launch sale there for one day. I steathily swatched everything in store for you while I was deciding what I wanted to buy. Sadly, and regrettably, I did not get anything, even though the Trip the Light Fantastic Powders are seriously out of this world (ha ha).

Trip the Light Fantastic Powders


From left to right: Luna Luster (sheer wash of soft rose shimmer), Strange New Worlds (sheer wash of golden coral pearl) and Highly Illogical (sheer wash of golden plum with fine pearl)

The textures of the Trip the Light Fantastic Powders were my absolute favourite out of all the products I swatched. Luna Luster is a great highlighter for light skin tones, Strange New Worlds is a gorgeous golden coral, and the quality was just super smooth and pigmented. Highly Illogical is a beautiful plum that would look amazing lightly dusted over any skin tone, especially in the fall. I seriously regret not buying one – the boyfriend and I were in a rush to meet some friends before a panel, and I couldn’t make up my mind over what to buy, so I just left and thought I would come back later, but of course I did not. Not I gotta wait until September, which is a long time away. I suspect this collection will sell out quickly too!

Pressed Pigment Eyeshadows


From left to right: Bird of Prey (dark olive green with sparkle — frost), Midnight (cobalt blue with pearl sparkle — frost), The Naked Time (taupe pearl with sparkle — frost), and To Boldly Go (reddish copper with sparkle — frost)

I wasn’t a fan of these as I felt like they mostly swatched patchy, dry, and not super pigmented. To Boldly Go was the only exception, as it had the most pigmentation and rich colour. The Naked Time swatched a lot more sheerly, and barely looks taupe (even though it’s taupe in the pan). It would look great layered over other shadows, though, for a pop of glitter.

Lipsticks and Lip Glosses


Lipsticks from left to right: Kling-It-On (deep purple with fine pink glitter — frost), Where No Man Has Gone Before (pink with gold pearl — lustre), and The Enemy Within (neutral gold shimmer — frost), not swatched is LLAP (icy rose champagne — frost).

Glosses from left to right: Set to Stun (light silver with gold pearl), Khaaannnn! (berry with red reflects), Warp Speed Ahead (plum with blue and pink reflects), and Pleasure Planet (muted gold shimmer).

Personally, I’m not a gloss person, and I especially dislike MAC’s glosses because they are quite sticky and thick, so these are all passes for me. The lipsticks were all pretty frosty, and not super wearable for me, so I also didn’t consider these. If you like frosts and shimmery lipsticks, you will definitely like these. They applied pretty sheerly, and felt lightweight on, so they may be great for layering as well.

I didn’t get a chance to photograph the display or the packaging, but you can see the packaging of these products on BeautyGeeks.

Overall I would recommend going for the Trip the Light Fantastic Powders as your top purchase choice. I seriously could not decide which one to buy, so I guess the answer is all of them… the MAC x Star Trek collection launches September!


5 thoughts on “Swatches + thoughts – MAC x Star Trek collection

  1. Ok, I was all ready to pass on this collection BUT, I’m thinking that I need one of the Trip the Light Fantastic Powders. It’s between Strange New Worlds and Highly Illogical… those shade names!

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