Supplement your skincare with Miracle 10 Retinol, Mask, Enzyme, and Vitamin C! (part 2)

miracle 10 skincare review

A few weeks ago, I shared my first batch of review for Miracle 10. In addition, I was prescribed some additional products to help treat my main skin concerns, which were treating dehydration, reducing hyperpigmentation, and improving skin texture.

Miracle 10 Retinol 30 review

The first product was something I was excited but also nervous about – Retinol 30 (C$82) – is my first retinol product. It contains 0.30% retinol; Defensil Plus, a blend of oils and botancial extracts for skin repair; as well as vitamin B for hydration. I was told to use this one night a week to supplement my skincare (i.e., as a serum underneath moisturizer). After a few weeks of using this, I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture and an overall brightening effect (although that can be attributed to the Super C as well). I don’t have many fine lines or wrinkles, so I can’t tell if this is helping to improve them. While I like this product, I did feel like it was a bit too strong for me, especially at my current age, so I ended up passing this off to my mom who will likely see better results.

Miracle 10 Retinol 30 review

Miracle 10 mask review

Mask (C$65) contains aloe vera, a moisturizing ingredient safe for delicate skin; vitamins A, E, C, D3, K and B complex; and elastin to improve skin elasticity. I was told to use this two nights a week to help with exfoliating, hydrating, and firming my skin. This mask has peppermint oil in it, and that’s my biggest dislike about it – I really don’t like that cooling sensation, plus peppermint oil is a common skin irritant. Despite this, this clay-based moisturizing mask did leave my skin feeling more cleansed yet hydrated and supple at the same time.

Miracle 10 mask review
Miracle 10 mask ingredients and review

Miracle 10 enzyme review

Enzyme (C$77) contains papaya extract, porous fossilized rock particles to scrubs away rough skin, and hyaluronic acid. I was told to use this two nights a week, which I felt was a bit much because I was also using other chemical exfoliants at the same time. The Enzyme contains both chemical and physical exfoliants; the physical exfoliants are suspended in this pretty cool this gel that provides a cushion so that you never feel like it’s too abrasive. You want to be extra gentle with this one though, because if you do rub too hard, it will be too harsh on your skin. I made that mistake the first time I tried it, but I got the hang of it soon enough and I was left with amazingly silky soft skin. A little bit goes a long way, and because of the gel base, you can take as long as you want to gently massage your skin with the exfoliant and it won’t dry out or “fall off” your face.

Miracle 10 enzyme review
Miracle 10 enzyme review and ingredients

Miracle 10 super c review

Super C (C$92) is one of their most popular products, it is a 100% ascorbic acid concentrate that you can mix into your existing moisturizer. The concentrate comes in a powder form and it comes with a tiny spoon so you know the exact amount to use. The finely milled powder mixes in very well with my moisturizer, dissolving immediately so I don’t feel like I’m rubbing powder on my face. I was told to use this one night a week to help brighten my skin, and it really does work. My skin feels overall brighter and more radiant. Because you only need a tiny spoonful each time, and you only use this once a week, the 15g bottle is lasting me forever. One warning though, since ascorbic acid causes skin sensitivity, just make sure you use copious amounts of sunscreen every day and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Miracle 10 super c review and ingredients

Overall I’ve had a pretty positive experience with Miracle 10. As a beauty blogger, it’s a big hard for me to stick to one routine, but these supplementary products I will definitely continue to rotate into my regular routine. I particularly enjoyed using the Enzyme and the Super C, although I have to be a bit careful when using the Super C with other products that aren’t from Miracle 10 in order to prevent chemical reactions.

You can purchase Miracle 10 products from the Ten Spot locations across Canada, as well as online at Miracle 10.

Miracle 10 skincare review


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