Transform your skin in just 10 hours with Miracle 10 (part 1)

Miracle 10 Travel Kit review

Miracle 10 is a cosmeceutical skincare brand created by The Plastic Surgery Clinic, a non-surgical skincare clinic. The products utilize a variety of active ingredients such as Rapeseed Oil, Vitamins C and E, to Retinol, and EMC10. The brand’s products aim to reduce and slow the signs of aging, minimize pore size, heal the look of acne, and greatly improve skin elasticity, texture, and tone. Miracle 10 claims to produce noticeable results in skin smoothness and clarity in just 10 hours, improved discolouration and dullness in 10 days, and diminished pore size and appearance of wrinkles in 10 weeks.

Earlier this year, I met with two brand representatives over coffee to learn about Miracle 10, and I was also prescribed a personalized skincare routine based on my skin’s needs.

Miracle 10 Travel Kit review

My skin was defined as being dehydrated, with a focus on reducing hyperpigmentation and improving skin texture. I was prescibed with Travel Kit No. 3 (C$135) for Delicate/Dry skin to replace my regular skincare routine. The Travel Kit contains:

Cleanser I is a pH-balanced gel cleanser that contains Aloe Vera, a moisturizing ingredient safe for delicate skin; antioxidants, to protect cells against free radicals; and grapefruit extract, which contains refreshing and energizing properties. It foams up lightly and cleanses very well without stripping. My skin feels seriously smooth after using this, and it’s gentle enough to use both in the morning and evening. This is probably one of my favourites out of all the Miracle 10 products I’ve tried.

Toner is a pH balanced toner that contains witch hazel extract, known for its anti-irritant, astringent, skin clearing, softening, and soothing properties; aloe vera, a moisturizing ingredient; and allantoin, known for its therapeutic properties. This is one of my least favourite Miracle 10 products. The witch hazel is a bit too much for my skin, and I really dislike the cooling sensation. It tones really well, removes the last bits of makeup and grime off my face, but I just don’t like how it leaves my skin feeling.

AHA Cream is a cream exfoliator that contains lactic acid 6% – a gentle exfoliant derived from sugar; vitamin E, an antioxidant with hydrating properties; and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. I was prescribed this to use at night as a gentle cream exfoliator, which will help with lightening hyperpigmentation. I love this cream; I use this every other day in place of my night time serum, and I wake up with super clear, smooth, bright skin thanks to the lactic acid. I make sure I wear at least SPF30 every day because the chemical exfoliation will make my skin more sensitive to the sun, and I don’t want even more freckles to pop up while I use something to smooth out my skin tone.

Miracle 10 Travel Kit review

Light Serum was prescribed as my daytime moisturizer, which contains vitamins A, B, D3, E and K, which stimulate cell growth, increases enzyme activity and normalize cell division to improve the appearance of UV damaged skin; oligopeptides whch triggers collagen renewal; and hyaluronic acid. On its own, this serum is a bit too light and didn’t prevent my skin from looking flakey throughout the day, however I used this under a lightweight moisturizer and it was perfect – my skin felt plump and my foundation went on super smoothly.

Night Cream is a lightweight nighttime cream which contains hyaluronic acid; silicone to lock in hydration overnight; and allantoin. This cream is super lightweight, but definitely packs a punch. The gel-cream texture is perfect for use during the summer when your skin needs the extra hydration but you don’t want to wake up with greasy skin.

In general this is a greater starter kit, or travel set, to try out Miracle 10 products. It claims improvements in 10 hours, 10 days, 10 weeks, and I do have to agree, but mostly because of the products with certain active ingredients, such as the AHA Cream and the Light Serum. I could skip the other products, such as cleanser toner, and night cream, and just use my usual products, but I highly recommend checking out the AHA Cream and Light Serum. You can purchase Miracle 10 products online and at select The Ten Spot locations across Canada.

I will have a part 2 of my Miracle 10 products review coming up soon, featuring additional products with awesome active ingredients. Watch for it!


Miracle 10 Travel Kit review

Miracle 10 Travel Kit review


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