Happy environment – clean your house and be eco-friendly with Bleu Lavande’s new LOFT household cleaners

Bleu Lavande Loft household cleaners review

If you know me personally, then you know that I am currently in nesting mode. I’m all about hoarding household goods at the moment, and Canadian-company Bleu Lavande‘s new range of biodegradable household cleaners are at the top of my “to hoard” list. Bleu Lavande, for those who aren’t familiar with French, translates to Blue Lavender. The company, founded in 2004, based out of Quebec, and available in ten Metro stores in Ontario. The company grows their own lavender in the Eastern Townships. Their products are developed and manufactured in Canada, not tested on animals with no parabens, petroleum products and artificials fragrances. Bleu Lavande is also 100% free of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Bleu Lavande Loft household cleaners review

I received their new LOFT collection of household cleaners for a test drive. This collection includes a Lavender Surface Cleaner, Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and Lavender and Rosemary Hand and Dish Soap. This line of products are biodegradable, and contains the purifying properties of lavender and rosemary. The products also do not contain chloride and phosphates.

I really enjoyed using these cleansers, not just because they are biodegradable so I feel good about using them, but also because they don’t contain harsh chemicals so I don’t have to worry that I’m burning the inside of my nostrils and lungs while I am cleaning. The subtle lavender scent is quite pleasant, and makes the cleaning process a lot more relaxing than my historical experience.

My favourite products of this range is the Hand and Dish Soap – a tiny bit goes a super long way, and it also feels very gentle on the hands. My hands are very dry so when I wash the dishes, I always need to pile on hand cream after. With this product, I don’t notice as much drying and also my dishes get very clean, again without the use of harsh chemicals. The Surface Cleaner is a close second favourite because of the spray nozzle, I can easily use it to clean any surface at home without leaving streaks. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is great for mopping, or I can also add a spray nozzle to that to help with cleaning my toilet and sink as well. The possibilities are endless.

I highly recommend this LOFT collection by Bleu Lavande. The Hand and Dish Soap and the Surface Cleaner are my top choices, but the Multi-Purpose Cleaner is also a good flexible option. Cleaning is always such a chore, but I think with the LOFT collection, I feel less stressed out by it and I can almost enjoy the process!

Bleu Lavande Loft household cleaners review


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