Hassle-free makeup with Blinc, featuring the Mascara Amplified, Eyebrow Mousse, Eye Shadow Primer and Eyeliner Pencil #thinkblinc

Review of Blinc mascara, eye shadow primer, eyeliner, and eyebrow mousse

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to try out Blinc, a brand that focuses on developing products that are smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, and flake-proof, while at the same time being easy to remove. Founded in 1999, this brand is ideal for those with active lifestyles (ex. long work hours, gym, golf, tennis, yoga, etc…), sensitive eyes (ex. Allergies, laser eye surgery, etc…), oily skin (oily skin does not affect or remove blinc eye cosmetics), living in harsh climates (blinc doesn’t budge for neither rain, nor sleet or snow), wear contact lenses or Glasses (no flaking = no issues), wear false lashes & lash extensions (our products do not breakdown glues), and those who want hassle-free products (those that don’t want to worry about re-applying or even sleeping with it on).

Blinc’s Eye Shadow Primer conceals imperfections & contains anti-ageing benefits of diminished fine lines (by 67% after just six weeks) and increasing skin moisture (by 53% after just one week). The shade I have is Light Tone, which is a good enough match to my eye lids. This primer is creamy but offers enough time to blend out with a brush before drying down completely. The colour is great because it helps to brighten my eyelid area while still providing priming benefits. I’m a fan of the wand applicator as it deposits just enough colour on each eyelid. I wore this under some Tom Ford eyeshadow, and despite my oily eye lids, my eye makeup managed to stay put for more than eight hours, with minor smudging at around hour ten. The only downside is that this primer is not sticky, i.e., if your eyeshadow has a lot of fallout or glitter, this won’t help it stay put.

Blinc’s Eyeliner Pencil claims to offer superior staying power and versatility because of its waterproof, smudge-proof and fade-proof formula that is also infused with antioxidants & vitamins (to help firm and condition skin while you wear it). The shade I have is Black. The formula is very creamy, depositing a good amount of colour in just one swipe. It dries down quickly so that it doesn’t smudge all over the place, making it ideal for use close to the lash line or even in the waterline. Pencil liners smudge like no tomorrow on me, but in combination with the Eye Shadow Primer, this Eyeliner Pencil wore for more than eight hours with just minimal smudging.

Review of Blinc mascara, eye shadow primer, eyeliner, and eyebrow mousse

Blinc’s Mascara Amplified offers buildable, glamourous volume & length that stays on as long as you want it to. The shade I have is Black. Sadly the flagship product of this brand is my least favourite. I have very finnicky Asian lashes that are stick straight and sparse. I also have monolids which make them look a lot shorter than they are, so I need a very volumizing, lengthening mascara that is curl-holding and also does not smudge. The good thing is, this did not smudge and was also very easy to remove with just some warm water and gentle rubbing. The sad thing is I felt like this was not volumizing, lengthening, or curl-holding.

The Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is a nourishing eyebrow makeup delivering flawless looking brows with vibrant color that stays in place all day, looking natural, without feeling stiff or crunchy. The shade I have is Light Brunette, which is too light for me and I end up having to overapply to get the same colour intensity as I would my normal brow makeup. Because I end up applying more, I do feel like it’s quick crunchy. The colour Dark Brunette would probably be a better fit for my colouring. Alternatively, I’ll end up using this as a brow finisher after I apply my usual brow pencil.

I highly recommend trying out the Eye Shadow Primer and Eyeliner Pencil. The Eyebrow Mousse is a nice concept but I didn’t have the right colour. I did not like the Mascara Amplified, which is disappointing because the brand is known for their mascaras.

You can purchase Blinc at Sephora.


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