Odacité – facial oils that treat specific concerns & review of Marula-Neroli Serum Concentrate for skin elasticity

odacite Marula-Neroli review

In 2016 I’ve been on a natural skincare kick, and coincidentally I was recently introduced to the brand Odacité, which has made its debut in Vancouver at Nordstrom. Founded in the Los Angeles area, Odacité is a natural skincare brand that uses high quality sourced plant extracts and oils to create products that are suitable for most skin types. They are most well known for their Table of Pure Elements, which is a series of oil-based Serum Concentrates designed to treat specific concerns. There are 18 different Serum Concentrates in total, treating concerns from deep wrinkles, to sagging skin, sensitivity, dullness, and clogged pores.

odacite Marula-Neroli review

Odacité products are vegan, as well as cruelty and GMO-free. The ingredients are certified organic and don’t contain filters, parabens, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, PEG, synthetic perfumes, dyes, or phenoxyethanol. Their products are also made locally in California to ensure the highest ingredient quality.

Odacité is housed in the Advanced Skincare section at Nordstrom, and one afternoon after work I went to peruse the products. I tried on several of the oils on the back of my hand, and was very happy to see that the oils felt lightweight yet still hydrating. I was also very pleasantly surprised to find that they are not heavily fragranced at all, retaining only a little bit of the natural scent of the essential oils used in the serum. Odacité is also very generous with samples, as I walked away with several that I felt helped to treat my main skin concerns, which were dehydration, dullness, and overall lack of healthy radiance. I spend my days working in an office with bad circulation and dry office air, so my skin is always in need of an extra pick me up at night.

In addition to trying out the sample vials provided by Nordstrom (anyone can get them, just ask the sales associate when you walk by the Advanced Skincare section), I was also sent a bottle of the Marula-Neroli Serum Concentrate based on my self-assessment of my current skin situation. Due to constant stress, fatigue, and dehydration, my skin has become quite flat, for lack of a better word. I miss the days when my skin looked plump and youthful, so I had high hopes for this oil-based serum.

This is probably a good time to also mention that historically I have had really bad luck with facial oils in the past – they just don’t seem to cooperate with my skin. I’ve used several mid and high end facial oils before and they all just sit on top of my skin, making it a greasy mess. I’ve had better luck with facial oils recently when I discovered that you can combine one to two drops of the oil with your daily moisturizer, and it will absorb better. Luckily, these Odacité facial oils were also designed to be mixed with your moisturizer (or use on your own if you want a spot treatment), so these work way better for me.

odacite Marula-Neroli review

I’ve been using the Marula-Neroli Serum Concentrate (US$42/C$52 for 5mL) usually every other evening for the last few weeks, mixed in with a gel-based facial moisturizer. I have noticed an improvement in the overall well-being of my skin; it doesn’t look as dull or sad, and it actually looks plumper and healthier. It has a very subtle floral scent, but it is extremely subtle and dissipates after 10 seconds. One drop is optimal for me, otherwise it can feel a bit greasy at first. Even though it does eventually all absorb, I do feel anything more than 1 drop per evening is a bit overkill for my skin. I also can’t use this two nights in a row or more because it is too heavy and I notice some clogged pores and minor breakouts on the morning after the consecutive evening.

When I use this “right” (i.e. one drop in my moisturizer every other night), I wake up in the morning with skin that feels plumper, more nourished, and more well-rested. Even though I haven’t found this to be a necessity, per se, it’s become a great addition to my evening skincare ritual. The neroli scent is also therapeutic and helps to relax my spirits. Overall, my experience with the Marula-Neroli Serum Concentrate has been very positive.

I do urge that if you are going to try this one of Odacité’s Serum Concentrates, see if you can get some samples to try out first. I tried four different formulas (Passionfruit-Orange, Green Tea-Lemongrass, Blueberry-Jasmine, and Marula-Neroli), and out of the four I found that the Marula-Neroli worked the best on me, whereas Passionfruit-Orange didn’t do much for my skin. By contrast, I heard from Angela that she had a good experience with Passionfruit-Orange, so your results do vary from oil to oil depending on your skin type and needs. Odacité is available in Vancouver at Nordstrom and LYNNsteven, and online at the Detox Market and Petal and Post.

For other opinions of Odacité Serum Concentrates, check out reviews written by Angela and Rae.

Ingredients of Marula Neroli Serum Concentrate: Highest-grade cold-pressed wild-crafted certified virgin Marula (Sclerocarya birrea) oil, Neroli, Lemon-Myrtle, Petitgrain, Rose (Citrus aurantiu, Backhousia citriodora, Pinus sylvestris, Rosa damascena) essential oils, Certified GMO- free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil.

odacite Marula-Neroli review


What types of moisturizers can the oil serums be mixed with?
You can use any moisturizer or toner of your choice – we recommend something more natural! Even a splash of water works! We highly recommend Odacité Beautiful Day Moisturizer or NEW Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Cream. 

Are there certain ingredients (in third party products) that should be avoided when using the Odacite oil serums?
There are no serious contraindications or red flags but some oils may react differently on clients depending on the skin care product they use, skin type, medicinal skin care products, pregnancy etc. We try to educate clients as best as possible and always advise them to consult their doctor should they have any major concerns. 

The website says you can use different serums on different parts of the face, but can you mix the serums together (for example 1 drop each of two different serums and then mixed with a moisturizer)?
Exactly, you can use the serums all over or as spot treatments depending on your goals. They all blend so nicely together and allow for a customized approach to skin care. 

What’s the difference between “cold pressed” essential oils, and just normal essential oils?
Here is a great resource! http://www.lalaessentialoils.com/cold-pressed.html and https://www.naha.org/explore-aromatherapy/about-aromatherapy/how-are-essential-oils-extracted/

How many times a week should you use the oil serum?
You can use them every day! They help to supercharge you skin care regime! We suggest having a few at home so you can mix and match! You don’t eat the same food every day! Your skin will respond well to new nutrients on rotation! Some like having morning serums, night serums.. some have seasonal serums… there is no right or wrong! 



4 thoughts on “Odacité – facial oils that treat specific concerns & review of Marula-Neroli Serum Concentrate for skin elasticity

  1. Ahhh I am SO late with this comment, but thank you for the link love, Maddy! I’m so happy to hear that this one helped plump up your skin, but it’s a bummer that regular or heavy use clogged your pores!

    If you get the chance, I think you might like the Ca+C oil. It’s definitely lighter than this one, but with nightly use, I bet it would help balance out your dry skin 😉

    • Ooh thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into that. I think I like using this as a booster on nights when I need a bit more of a bump in hydration, but normally I’m happy with just my normal routine. I definitely love incorporate facial oils in my routine though, it just makes it so much more luxurious!

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